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CryptoNews of the Week

CryptoNews of the Week by NordFX in General Cryptocurrency Discussion_69umSMU

- Cane Island Alternative Advisors analyst Timothy Peterson stated that 6 million of the 19.3 million bitcoins mined are irretrievably lost. ?This means that there are only 13.3 million BTC left, and only 1.7 million BTC to be mined over 100 years. Another million [coins] will almost certainly be lost during this time,? he wrote. According to Peterson, as new bitcoins are mined, old ones are lost. He called the 13 million BTC circulating today ?everything we are likely to have access to.?
Coinmetrics analysts calculated in April 2020 that 2.3 million BTC out of the 18.3 million BTC mined at that time were lost forever.

- Canadian artist Benjamin Von Wong, who created the Satoshi Skull mascot for Greenpeace, said his work was ?never intended to fight bitcoin.? ?I created the Skull believing that bitcoin mining was a classic black and white problem. I've dedicated my entire career to reducing hazardous waste emissions, and PoW intuitively felt insecure. Of course, I was wrong,? Von Wong wrote.
The artist noted that after talking with experts from the crypto sphere, he realized the prospects of blockchain technology. In his opinion, bitcoin ?could potentially become more environmentally friendly? without changing the algorithm. ?I am excited to hear from the bitcoin community that the first cryptocurrency could achieve negative CO2 emissions by the end of the decade,? added von Wong. And now, instead of fighting mining, the artist calls to join the crypto community and improve it from the inside.
On March 23, Greenpeace unveiled a mascot that represents the "dangerous amounts of pollution" caused by bitcoin mining. Will Foxley, director of media strategy at mining company Compass Mining, called the installation ?really cool? and put a skull image on the profile avatar.

- Venture investor and billionaire Tim Draper has published recommendations for asset diversification, including using cryptocurrencies. Draper wrote in a report aimed at entrepreneurs that companies "can no longer rely" on just one bank or regulator. ?For the first time in many years, governments are taking over banks at the risk of becoming insolvent. Bitcoin is a defense against the financial domino effect and mismanagement with excessive control,? the businessman said. He added that "many startups" turned to him for emergency help after the closure of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), Silvergate Bank and Signature Bank.
Draper suggested keeping short-term deposits for no more than six months in two separate accounts, at a local bank and an international bank. In his opinion, organizations should also transfer an amount equal to two salary funds into bitcoin or other digital assets. The billionaire stressed the importance of such a contingency cushion, as management is responsible for meeting payroll deadlines "even in times of crisis."

- Oliver Linch, CEO of Bittrex Global, links the recent bitcoin rally to the US banking crisis caused by the collapse of Silvergate Bank, Signature Bank and Silicon Valley Bank. At the same time, according to a CNBC survey among influential figures in the industry, the market remains bullish about the future of the first cryptocurrency. So Tether CTO Paolo Ardoino believes that bitcoin can ?retest? the all-time high of $69,000. And Marshall Beard, strategic director of the Gemini crypto exchange, predicts that the coin may reach $100,000 this year. In his opinion, if the first cryptocurrency manages to overcome the previous maximum, it ?would not take much time to rise even higher.?

- Bloomberg strategist Mike McGlone believes that gold and bitcoin will be the most popular instruments for investors in 2023. The precious metal will confirm the status of the safest asset. The cost of a troy ounce of gold will soon exceed $2,000. At the same time, the attractiveness of bitcoin, which is seen as an instrument independent of the traditional banking system, will increase. As the global economy worsens, the number of investors who prefer to keep their capital in BTC, gold, as well as in treasuries, will grow, according to a note prepared by McGlone.
The collapse of the banking sector is reminiscent of the crisis of 1929, so the Federal Reserve tightens monetary policy. After the latest rate hike, investment in bitcoin has increased, although many observers expected its value to fall, Bloomberg strategist emphasized. In his opinion, the BTC rebound can be seen as a positive signal, as more traders continue to buy cryptocurrency even amid global uncertainty.

- Place Holder partner and former head of Ark Invest crypto company Chris Burniske, like Mike McGlone, believes now is the time to buy bitcoin and ethereum, as they are created for precisely such crisis moments.

- An analyst with the nickname The Wolf of Crypto found the history of the posts of the famous ?gold bug? and bitcoin critic Peter Schiff and recalled that he buried BTC back in 2017. At the time, the coin was trading at $5,000, and Schiff promised that it would soon be completely worthless. Despite the past 6 years, the entrepreneur has not changed his position. And now, in March 2023, he stated that ?Bitcoin?s zero price hike just dragged on a bit.?
Analysts recalled that bitcoin quotes rose by 47% after Schiff announced the need to sell assets amid fears caused by a banking collapse caused by the fall of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB).

- Steve Hanke, professor of applied economics at Johns Hopkins University, criticized bitcoin, saying that the fundamental value of the first cryptocurrency is zero. He called bitcoin a highly speculative asset with no economic value or utility. It should be noted that Hanke himself is promoting initiatives related to the dollarization of Latin American countries.
Cake Defi CEO Julian Hosp responded to Hanke that BTC can be argued endlessly, but bitcoin definitely has value. According to Hosp, there are undoubtedly people who need bitcoin, so the claim that the first cryptocurrency has zero value is fundamentally wrong.

- The Central African Republic (CAR) will be the next country to legalize cryptocurrency at the state level, writes BeInCrypto. This decision was made after the discussion of the issue in the National Assembly. The debates were held behind closed doors, and after them, the President of the country, Faustin-Archange Touadera, supported the Central Bank's opinion regarding the FCFA cryptocurrency, which will have the status of legal tender in the CAR.

- Analyst Cory Swan has theorized that it was the founder of the Binance Changpeng Zhao (CZ) crypto exchange who was all this time the bear who tried to crash bitcoin to $12,000. ?CZ held a large short position against BTC, hoping for $12,000, and paying for his personal big trade with unsecured BUSD and unsecured altcoins,? Swann writes.
A user under the nickname Grinding Poet believes that ?Bitcoin at $12,000 is too optimistic. This is a big black swan and a retest of the 2018 lows is imminent. The new target is $3,150.?

Notice: These materials are not investment recommendations or guidelines for working in financial markets and are intended for informational purposes only. Trading in financial markets is risky and can result in a complete loss of deposited funds.

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CryptoNews of the Week

CryptoNews of the Week by NordFX in General Cryptocurrency Discussion_9TbKM4R

- UK-based crypto companies are having difficulty accessing banking services. According to Bloomberg sources, banks have begun to reject applications, block accounts and request more information regarding customer transactions.
The agency recalled the decision of HSBC and the Nationwide Building Society to prohibit retail customers from purchasing digital assets using credit cards. Payment service provider Paysafe has announced the termination of its partnership with Binance, citing a ?difficult? regulatory environment.
In response to the deteriorating situation, CryptoUK representatives have approached the government with a proposal to create a "whitelist" of companies registered in the country to ease restrictions. And according to Coinpass co-founder and CEO Jeff Hancock, problems with access to banking are contrary to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's plans to turn the country into a cryptohub.

- Cryptocurrency companies may change their jurisdiction from the US to Hong Kong amid increased supervision by US regulators. This was stated to The Wall Street Journal by Ambre Soubiran, the head of the Paris-based crypto asset data provider Kaiko. ?Today, the US is tougher on cryptocurrencies than ever, and Hong Kong's regulation [looks] more favorable, which is clearly shifting the center of gravity in investing and trading crypto assets towards it. We want to be where our customers are,? she said. According to Subiran, Kaiko plans to organize a team in Hong Kong, including through access to Chinese institutional investors.

- A cryptocurrency analyst known as Stockmoney Lizards analyzed the dynamics of the flagship crypto asset. In his opinion, the asset's monthly chart looks promising and indicates the potential for further growth. The expert's assumptions are supported by the readings of the RSI indicator. Stockmoney Lizards believes that the current market situation is very similar to the period from 2017 to 2020, when a steady upward trend began to form, and that bitcoin will soon be able to reach the key $47,000 mark.
Another well-known analyst, Michael Van De Poppe, shares this view. According to the expert, buyers are still in control of the situation. If bitcoin quotes remain above $25,000 for some time, we can count on a potential increase up to the level of $40,000.
In turn, representatives of the Derebit platform informed that open interest in bitcoin derivatives continues to grow steadily. They stressed that most of the positions are open to buy, as investors continue to believe in the potential of the crypto market's flagship.

- Experts from the analytical company Glassnode spoke about the friendliest countries in terms of cryptocurrency taxation in 2023. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) turned out to be the leader. This came as no surprise, as Dubai has made a lot of efforts over the past year to attract crypto companies and other industry participants. In a short period of time, special commissions to regulate cryptocurrencies, separate tax legislation for the digital asset sector, and many other innovations have been created there. All this allows Dubai to claim the title of the world's crypto capital.
The honorable second and third places in the Glassnode list were taken by such states as Malta and Belarus. Next came Monaco, Panama and Malaysia. Among the major countries of the European Union, Germany ranked 7th. Singapore, Switzerland and El Salvador followed closely behind.

- Charles Edwards, founder of digital asset hedge fund Capriole Investments, noted a ?familiar? bullish signal on the SLRV Ribbons metric in his tweet. SLRV Ribbons is a tool to measure the potential return of bitcoin. It analyzes the interaction of two moving averages. When the short-term 30-day MA crosses the long-term 150-day MA, bitcoin is in the beginning of a bullish phase. This metric is ?as simple as it gets,? Edwards wrote. ?It is currently repeating classic bullish behavior with a crossover in early 2023.? The specialist added that SLRV Ribbons, although a relatively new tool, has been tested and shown to be reliable and able to increase the return on investments in BTC.
SLRV is not the only metric that gave the founder of Capriole Investments a sense of d?j? vu this month. The Bitcoin Yardstick tool shows a retracement of bitcoin's market value relative to hashrate, but still classifies BTC as "cheap" at current prices. ?Bitcoin Yardstick is drawing a very familiar signature to the 2019 lows,? Edwards commented on the indicator readings. At the beginning of that year, after exiting the ?cheap? zone, BTC/USD saw only one brief drop during the crisis caused by the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020. At the moment, according to indicators, price targets for BTC are fixed at $35,000.

- The head of largest crypto exchange Binance, Changpeng Zhao (CZ), believes that competitors to the trading platform pay news agencies and opinion leaders to increase fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) about his company. Zhao shared this sentiment as reports surfaced online that he had received an Interpol Red Notice (International Arrest Request). According to the head of Binance, the rumors are not true and are the next wave of FUD.
?All this looks like news leak paid for by another crypto exchange. Amazing. Thus, they [the organizers of the attacks] harm the industry and themselves. We have enough of those who attack us from the outside. At such moments, the cryptocurrency industry should [on the contrary] unite [rather than attack other market players],? Changpeng Zhao wrote in his blog. He did not specify which crypto exchange Zhao believes is attacking Binance.

- According to the analytical company Glassnode, despite the fall in the value of the leading digital currency, its attractiveness as an asset class continues to grow. Thus, the number of unique addresses on the bitcoin network with a balance of at least one coin has reached 992,243. The number of addresses controlling from 100 to 1000 BTC is 14,004. The four largest whales hold between 100,000 and 1 million BTC, including the Binance and Bitfinex exchanges, which control 248,597 and 178,010 bitcoins, respectively. At the same time, it is possible that one of these four whales is the US government. According to the Dune analysts, the total stock of the first cryptocurrency by the US authorities is 205,515 BTC: more than 1% of the coin supply. Most of these assets were obtained when they were confiscated from criminals.
Glassnode experts note that a surge in trader activity was recorded in the second half of last year, when bitcoin fell to $15,000. It was at this time that the number of BTC wallets with a non-zero balance increased sharply, a similar trend is observed in 2023.

- Cybercriminals have stolen $255.8 million in digital currencies since the beginning of the year. "Only" $8.8 million was stolen in January, 3.5 times more - $35.5 million in February, and the figure rose to $211.5 million in March. In total, hackers committed 26 hacks during the first month of spring. The largest amount was stolen during the attack on the Euler Finance DeFi platform, about $197 million, but later the hacker apologized and returned $182.7 million to the project. The reasons for this "nobility" remain unknown. He may have decided that the remaining $14 million would be enough for him.
In addition to cryptocurrencies, $31.5 million worth of NFTs were stolen in three months. A significant part of the stolen tokens was sold on the Blur and OpenSea marketplaces within the first two hours after the theft.

- Arthur Hayes, former CEO of BitMEX crypto exchange, has made a bold prediction about the rise in the price of bitcoin to $1 million. He was prompted to do so by the news that the People's Bank of China lowered the required reserve ratios (RRR) for all banks by 0.25%.
For reference: The required reserve ratio is the statutory share of a commercial bank's liabilities on attracted deposits. When this rate is lowered, the amount of funds that commercial banks can provide for lending or investment increases.

Notice: These materials are not investment recommendations or guidelines for working in financial markets and are intended for informational purposes only. Trading in financial markets is risky and can result in a complete loss of deposited funds.

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CryptoNews of the Week

CryptoNews of the Week by NordFX in General Cryptocurrency Discussion_RlWV8EP

- On April 11, bitcoin rose above $30,000, for the first time since June 2022. The main cryptocurrency continues to outperform other major asset classes such as gold or oil. This comes amid expectations that central banks will put a hold on rate hikes.
Several industry analysts have expressed their opinion on what happened. Michael Van De Poppe, a well-known strategist, and founder of the investment company Eight, noted that bitcoin successfully passed the $28,600 test, which led to a breakthrough in resistance and reached $30,000. An analyst with the nickname PlanB tweeted that all the goals he set back in October 2022 have now been achieved. At that time, the expert predicted that BTC quotes would overcome $21,000, $24,000, and then $30,000. And another popular blogger and analyst, Lark Davis, stressed that the time will soon come when buying bitcoins for less than $30,000 will seem as fantastic as buying BTC at $3,000 now.

- In terms of the number of requests, bitcoin has overtaken former President Donald Trump, famous musician Elvis Presley, and Disney World. In the United States, the number of requests related to the first cryptocurrency in the Google search engine reached 1.9 million, and in terms of the global indicator, the figure reached 12 million. This is stated in research by Ahrefs. According to Google Trends, Donald Trump was only two days ahead of bitcoin last month when reports of his arrest surfaced.

- In India, a 23-year-old employee of a large technology company tried to commit suicide after losing 3 million rupees (about $ 37,000) on investments in cryptocurrency. This is reported by The Times of India. According to the publication, a taxi driver noticed the young man on a bridge in Kolkata and reported to the police. As a result, law enforcement officers prevented him from jumping into the river. During the interrogation, the investor spoke about unsuccessful investments in the digital asset market. For this purpose, he used, among other things, his mother's pension and borrowed funds. Recently, he has been receiving threats demanding a refund.
Earlier, The Balance rehabilitation center in Spain began providing treatment services for addiction to digital asset trading. The course is four weeks long. The cost of treatment exceeds $75,000 (that is, twice what the failed investor from India lost).

- The head of the opposition party ?For Thailand? (Pheu Thai) and candidate for Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin has promised to allocate digital assets to every citizen over 16 years of age if he wins the elections in May. According to Bloomberg, each eligible resident will allegedly be able to receive 10,000 baht (~$290). It is not specified which cryptocurrency the ?state-owned AirDrop? is planned to be used in. The office of the incumbent Prime Minister is already concerned about the proposed action and is wondering where the funds (about $15 billion) for this AirDrop will come from.
It should be noted that such an initiative is not new. The El Salvadorian government has already given away bitcoins to its citizens who used Chivo wallets. True, the amount was 10 times more modest, about $30.

- ChatGPT artificial intelligence spoke about the formation of a recession-resistant investment portfolio. According to a document published by the Gold IRA Guide, the chatbot recommended allocating 20% for gold and other precious metals. The rest of its hypothetical portfolio consisted of bonds (40%), "defensive" stocks (30%) and cash (10%).
The chatbot did not mention cryptocurrencies, much to the delight of well-known bitcoin critic and gold advocate Peter Schiff. ?After all, artificial intelligence is pretty smart. It did not recommend any bitcoin deposit,? this investor wrote.
However, ChatGPT's response was not necessarily against digital gold in favor of physical gold. The ForkLog editors asked the chatbot for its opinion on both assets. According to the answer, the choice between them may depend on investment goals, risk level and personal preferences.

- This week, investors will have access to the second most popular cryptocurrency, ethereum, worth more than $33 billion (about 15% of the total). This will happen as part of the planned blockchain modernization, writes Reuters. A new blockchain software update called Shapella will allow investors to redeem their ETH coins they have invested and locked on the network over the past 3 years in exchange for interest.
Traders are now trying to figure out how this sudden flood of cryptocurrency can affect its price. Some market participants are concerned that the unlock could lead to a massive wave of sales, which in turn would drive the price down dramatically. However, the only thing that can be said for sure is that the hard fork will cause an increase in price volatility.

- Dieter Wermuth, an economist, and partner at Wermuth Asset Management, believes that the economy would be better and simpler without bitcoin. In his opinion, these risky investments are associated with social costs, and the cryptocurrency itself does not contribute to global prosperity.
The BTC market is highly centralized and primarily benefits the very first investors and miners. If we consider it as a currency, given the high volatility and lack of real use, BTC is doomed to failure, the specialist believes. In this vein, it makes sense to ditch bitcoin altogether: it could be good for shared prosperity, as investing in cryptocurrencies is wasteful and takes away funds from overall economic growth. In addition, bitcoin creates social inequality, allows for money laundering, tax evasion, and is very energy intensive due to mining. Dieter Wermuth even called bitcoin ?the biggest climate killer.?

- It turns out that Apple has been hiding the official description of BTC in every computer since 2018. Technician Andy Baio revealed on Twitter that he accidentally found a copy of Satoshi Nakamoto's official description of BTC on his Apple Mac computer, Business Insider writes. Baio explained it this way: ?Today, while trying to fix my printer, I discovered that a PDF copy of Satoshi Nakamoto?s bitcoin datasheet came with every copy of macOS since Mojave in 2018.? According to him, many of his fellow Mac users confirmed this fact: each of them had a file called "simpledoc.pdf".
Baio suggested the reason why, of all the documents, it was the original description of BTC that was chosen to be included in Apple's operating system: "Maybe it was just a convenient, lightweight, multi-page PDF file for testing purposes that was never meant to be viewed by end users."

- The US Department of Defense commissioned a study on the potential collapse of the economy due to the cryptocurrency market. Inca Digital, an analytical blockchain firm, won the competition for this work. A representative of this company noted in comments to the media that the banking system has increasingly intersected with the crypto market recently, and this connection makes this market a subject of national security: ?Cryptocurrencies are no longer an independent vertical. They rely on banks, the internet, and that's what people should be warned about: it's a single combined system that is widespread in everyday services." Defense Department officials, in turn, expect the development to shed light on whether hostile groups or nations can use digital currencies against the US.

- U.S. potential presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr called bitcoin a safe haven that, thanks to decentralization, is less exposed to the risks inherent in traditional finance. The politician is confident that the current ?financial bubble? will inevitably burst, and cryptocurrencies ?will allow people to hide from its splashes? and open up a ?way of salvation? for society.

? Lawrence Lepard, managing partner at Boston-based equity firm Equity Management Associates, believes that bitcoin will rise to $10 million due to the collapse of the US dollar. According to Lepard, the dollar will depreciate over the next 10 years, and citizens will begin to actively invest in cryptocurrencies, gold and real estate. The supply of bitcoins is limited, so the digital asset will become a highly sought-after investment vehicle and will benefit from the collapse of the fiat currency. ?I believe that the price of bitcoin will go up a lot. I think it will first reach $100,000, then $1 million and eventually rise to $10 million per coin. I?m sure my grandchildren will be shocked at how rich people who own just one bitcoin become,? Lepard said in an interview.
In connection with this forecast, the businessman fears that the authorities will put spokes in the wheels of the crypto industry, trying to slow down the growth in the popularity of digital assets. For example, officials could raise taxes on profits from bitcoin trading and tighten regulation of coins to make it harder for startups to enter the market. However, Lepard is confident that bitcoin will be able to overcome these difficulties and succeed in the long run.

- A well-known analyst under the nickname PlanB noted that bitcoin has left the deep bear zone and is at the very beginning of a new bull market. According to PlanB, the Stock to Flow (S2F) model he developed is still relevant. The expert claims that bitcoin fundamentals will eventually allow it to rise above the all-time high (ATH) of $69,000 set in November 2021. PlanB has previously predicted bitcoin will rise from $100,000 to $1 million after the 2024 halving.
Recall that the S2F (stock-to-flow ratio) model for predicting the BTC rate measures the relationship between the available stock of an asset and its production volume and has been repeatedly criticized by members of the crypto community.

Notice: These materials are not investment recommendations or guidelines for working in financial markets and are intended for informational purposes only. Trading in financial markets is risky and can result in a complete loss of deposited funds.

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CryptoNews of the Week

CryptoNews of the Week by NordFX in General Cryptocurrency Discussion_OFwLZQP

- Bobby Lee, founder of the Ballet app and former CEO of the BTCC China crypto exchange, noted signs of bitcoin recovery after the 2022 crypto winter in an interview with Bloomberg TV. ?It has been like this for a long time. Cryptocurrency has these four-year cycles [...] and now we're almost back on track. It looks inspiring,? said the industry veteran.
According to Lee, amid the banking crisis, digital currencies have demonstrated the qualities of safe-haven assets. ?People have begun to realize that their money in the bank is not necessarily in place. Institutions lend these funds to other enterprises and firms. And cryptocurrencies like bitcoin provide self-storage and full control over resources,? he said.
Lee also commented on the regulatory framework for US financial markets, calling it ?the most mature and established regulatory regime.? According to the head of Ballet, supervisory agencies like the SEC, after a decade of calls for tougher policies regarding the crypto industry, have changed it to a more favorable one. Lee was also enthusiastic about the adoption of digital asset regulations in Hong Kong. In his opinion, the decisions of the authorities of both jurisdictions demonstrate a global shift towards the recognition of cryptocurrencies.

- Anthony Scaramucci, former White House Communications Director and founder of SkyBridge Capital, said he has not lost his enthusiasm for bitcoin. The investor added that he is more optimistic about the first cryptocurrency than ever.
Unlike Bobby Lee, he criticized the head of the SEC, Gary Gensler, for the "mess" in the department. Scaramucci believes that the first cryptocurrency should be classified as a commodity and not subject to regulation by the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

- Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz named the condition for bitcoin to reach $40,000. In his opinion, the quotes of the first cryptocurrency will rise to this level when the US Federal Reserve starts to reduce the key rate. ?The most profitable trades have been and will continue to be longs on gold, euro, bitcoin and Ethereum: these assets will do well when the Fed stops raising [the base rate] and starts lowering it,? Novogratz said. He also predicted a reduction in loans amid the collapse of US banks. In his opinion, this could lead to a credit crisis, and the Fed, against the background of a ?slowdown in the economy?, will have to cut the rate more aggressively than expected.
Galaxy Digital CEO called the CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) lawsuit against the Binance bitcoin exchange, filed at the end of March, and its accusation of intentionally violating the rules established by the agency as the main uncertainty for the cryptocurrency market.

- Ark Invest has looked beyond Mike Novogratz and has announced the timeline for bitcoin to reach $1 million. ?In the next decade, the value of bitcoin could reach $1 million as the digital economy grows,? said Yassine Elmandjra, an analyst at the company. He acknowledged that the 30x coin price growth forecast looks incredible, but it is ?quite reasonable? if you look at the history of cryptocurrency development.
According to the Ark Invest analyst, statements that it is now too late to invest in BTC are wrong. The expert noted the impressive performance of bitcoin in recent times, which now makes digital gold an attractive component of investment portfolios. According to Elmandjra, a reasonable share of bitcoin in institutions should be between 2.5% and 6.5%, depending on the overall return of the portfolio and risk appetite.

- Robert Kiyosaki, author of the popular book Rich Dad Poor Dad, spoke again this week about the inevitability of financial turmoil and called on investors to invest more in bitcoin, gold and silver. The businessman promised that he would increase reserves in digital currency in the near future, as he does not trust the US Federal Reserve and the economic policies of the Joe Biden administration. ?Why buy more gold, silver and bitcoin? Because the Fed, Treasury and Biden are liars!? Kioysaki said. According to his forecast, if large capital becomes more active in physical and digital gold, their price will rise to $5,000 and $500,000 by 2025, respectively.

- According to a report by Matrixport researchers, the price of bitcoin hit its predicted low in November 2022. The analysts explained that BTC historically bottomed out 515-458 days before the next halving. This event is scheduled for April 2024; hence the predicted low was between November 2022 and January 2023. That's what happened. This gives reason to expect that this model will continue to work further, and the value of the coin will rise to at least $63,160 by the spring of 2024.
In addition, the experts noted an interesting point. Their observations showed that American investors are more willing to invest in bitcoin, while their Asian counterparts prefer ethereum.

- Analyst Nicholas Merten is of an opposite opinion. He announced in a new video on DataDash to his 511,000 subscribers that it's time to sell bitcoin, as the first cryptocurrency has grown by almost 100% since November 2022. Merten believes that the first cryptocurrency's latest breakthrough could be a trap, as crypto markets were overbought.
The expert disagrees with those who believe that bitcoin will follow the 2019 scenario, when it rose by 300% in a few months. According to him, the scenario of June 2021 is likely to be repeated, when BTC reached its historical high and then collapsed.

- The creators of the famous chatbot ChatGPT have banned it from directly providing cryptocurrency forecasts.  It turned out that it is very often wrong, and it is still unknown which algorithms it uses for its predictions. In addition, AI is not able to correctly interpret a lot of important data. These include, in particular, new posts on social networks by well-known analysts. Namely, many traders and investors rely on them when making decisions. Also, ChatGPT is unable to predict the occurrence of certain significant events on the crypto market, which reduces the accuracy of its forecasts significantly.
Based on the foregoing, it becomes obvious that the chatbot can only be used as an auxiliary tool, nothing more. It is extremely risky to create trading strategies and make trading decisions based on it. However, despite this, some users use various tricks to get around the ban, in the hope that a miracle will happen and ChatGPT will open their way to wealth.

- Owners of Android devices are at risk of becoming victims of a new virus that pretends to be the CoinSpot crypto exchange. This is reported by Cyble researchers who identified the Trojan. The list of the virus's functionality includes the ability to steal user credentials, cookies, and SMS messages.
Fraudsters also steal credit card information under the guise of subscribing to a chatbot. It was reported earlier that attackers began to distribute viruses under the guise of desktop versions of the ChatGPT chat bot from OpenAI. Thus, the Android and Windows operating systems were at risk.

Notice: These materials are not investment recommendations or guidelines for working in financial markets and are intended for informational purposes only. Trading in financial markets is risky and can result in a complete loss of deposited funds.

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CryptoNews of the Week

CryptoNews of the Week by NordFX in General Cryptocurrency Discussion_VQRVhKC

- According to experts from the British bank Standard Chartered, bitcoin could reach $100,000 by the end of 2024, which indicates the end of the so-called "crypto winter", writes Reuters. Standard Chartered believes that at the beginning of 2023 bitcoin profitably took advantage of its status as a "brand haven" for savings and a tool for money transfers. Its further growth will be facilitated by recent turmoil in the banking sector, stabilization of risky assets due to the end of the US Federal Reserve's interest rate hike cycle and increased profitability in crypto mining.
In addition, support for the main cryptocurrency may be provided by the adoption by the European Parliament of the first set of EU rules on the regulation of crypto-asset markets. According to JPMorgan experts, the growth of BTC will also be affected by halving in April 2024.

- The Bitcoin Archive press service reminded that there is less than a year left until the next bitcoin halving. As of April 24, 2023, this procedure is scheduled for April 06, 2024. However, this date is not final and may change, as it has already happened many times before.
A number of market participants believe that this event will be very important for the future value of the flagship cryptocurrency. In their opinion, the cycles for the cryptocurrency are unchanged, and BTC quotes will reach new all-time highs a year or a year and a half after the halving, as happened in previous cycles. Other experts note that the market situation has changed. Bitcoin has become a mass phenomenon and now "other laws and regulations have started to work" for cryptocurrency, so other factors will be decisive, rather than halving.

- Former Goldman Sachs top manager and macro investor Raoul Pal says that the crypto sector will increase from the current 300 million to more than 1 billion users during the next bull cycle. According to him, risky assets like cryptocurrencies are facing an "inevitable wave of liquidity." And such an influx of capital will "illuminate" the industry with new innovations.
The macro investor believes that the Fed has most likely already completed the interest rate hike. He also speaks about the approaching recession, which will force the regulator to "change course" and support the markets by printing money. "This is exactly what happened in 2019 after the Fed's reversal in 2018. The agency will pause very soon or has already done so," Raul Pal explained.

- According to a recent study by DaapGamble, more than a third of TikTok crypto influencers have posted misleading videos about cryptocurrencies and investing in them. Influencers sometimes share unverified misinformation in an attempt to convince inexperienced viewers to invest their money or their parents' money (since many TikTok users are young people) in cryptocurrencies, which leads to a loss of funds. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, who was ordered by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to pay a fine of $1.26 million for promoting EthereumMax (EMAX), have been criticized.

- After reports of the activation of a bitcoin wallet with 1000 BTC worth more than $27 million, which has been asleep for 12 years, the host of the CNBC program "Crypto Trader" Ran Neuner expressed concern about what was happening. He fears hacking wallets by a special generator, the work of which is based on Artificial Intelligence. "Activating these old BTC addresses can be a really scary phenomenon," Ran Neuner was alarmed. - I hope it's not about hacking. Otherwise, all this can have catastrophic consequences".
It should be noted that such a case of unexpected awakening is far from being the only one. So, an awakened bitcoin whale of the Satoshi era has recently suddenly scattered 400 BTC to several new addresses. And last week, the Whale Alert service reported that another whale with 1128 BTC, after 10.5 years of inactivity, transferred more than 279 BTC worth $7.6 million to new wallets.
These strange events are taking place against the backdrop of a general surge in activity on the bitcoin network: according to Glassnode, the number of transactions exceeds 270,000 per day at the moment, approaching the average monthly cycle highs.

- Billionaire venture capitalist Chamath Palihapitiya believes that US regulators have "strangled" the cryptocurrency sector, which is now "on the verge of survival" in the United States. This is done out of concern that digital assets could undermine the dominance of the dollar. However, this will only lead to the fact that American crypto companies will be pushed abroad, and the country will be deprived of opportunities for innovation.
"Cryptocurrencies are dead in America. SEC Chairman Gary Gensler blames crypto assets even for the banking crisis, so it's safe to say that the United States authorities have firmly pointed their weapons at them," Palihapitiya said. The billionaire added that now the main blow of regulators is being taken by good players in the crypto industry, who pay for the collapse of the FTX exchange and the bankruptcy of cryptocurrency hedge funds that "planted a stain" on the reputation of the industry.

- An analyst aka DonAlt, who has repeatedly given an accurate forecast for the price movement of bitcoin, believes that the coin is now ready to return to the level of $30,000. At the same time, he allows a correction up to $20,000, which, in his opinion, should be considered a good level for replenishing the stocks of the main cryptocurrency. At the same time, DonAlt excludes its fall to the lows of November 2022 around $15,400.

- An expert and trader under the nickname Doctor Profit recalled his words that bitcoin groped the bottom at the level of $15,400 and it is unlikely that we will see a repeated decline to this mark. According to him, this dump in November 2022 was a complete capitulation, including for bitcoin miners, some of whom were forced to sell the mined coins and their equipment at a loss.
In his opinion, the market is neither in a bull nor in a bear market now, but in an accumulation phase. At the same time, Dr. Profit has advised traders to closely monitor the correlation between the Chinese stock market and BTC. He believes that China will lift the ban on cryptocurrency and legalize it, which will have a very positive impact on the price of cryptocurrencies in the long run.

- Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Jamie Coutts predicts a rise in bitcoin to $50,000 even before halving in April 2024. "The price of bitcoin sinks to the bottom when there are 12-18 months left before the halving. The structure of the current cycle is similar to the previous ones. Nevertheless, many factors have changed: the network has become noticeably more stable, but bitcoin has never experienced a long economic downturn, "said Coutts. If his prediction turns out to be correct, bitcoin will rise in price by about 220% by April 2024 from the bottom reached in last November.

- A popular analyst under the nickname PlanB, known for his Stock-to-Flow model, expects bitcoin to grow significantly. "My predictions continue to come true within the framework of the S2F model. Before halving, you should expect $32,000 per bitcoin, then $60,000. Then [after halving] $100,000 will be the minimum, and the maximum rate can reach $1 million. But, on average, after the next halving, the BTC rate should reach $542,000," PlanB wrote. At the same time, the analyst stressed that the behavior of the crypto market is fully consistent with S2F, so its critics are simply untenable.

- Legendary investor Warren Buffett has called bitcoin "rat poison squared." And he has recently stated that BTC is a token for gambling, noting that "it has no intrinsic value." However, statistics show that the well-known entrepreneur has been wrong in his judgments. If Buffett had added just 2.5% to his portfolio in bitcoins in 2014, this would have increased the investor's total return by 20%.

Notice: These materials are not investment recommendations or guidelines for working in financial markets and are intended for informational purposes only. Trading in financial markets is risky and can result in a complete loss of deposited funds.

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CryptoNews of the Week

CryptoNews of the Week by NordFX in General Cryptocurrency Discussion_ILPf5zg

- The idea of launching a digital dollar CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) in the US has faced active criticism from Republican politicians. In February, Congressman Tom Emmer introduced a bill to protect "financial privacy" when using central bank digital currencies. He also stated that CBDC technology offends American values and may contribute to "financial control" over citizens.
In April, another Republican senator, Ted Cruz, called the launch of the digital dollar "extremely dangerous" for society, as the government would gain access to every transaction. At the same time, he praised Bitcoin and talked about his investments in the asset.
Best-selling author of "Rich Dad Poor Dad" and entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki joined the chorus of Republicans, consistently urging people to buy "more gold, silver, and bitcoins." "In his book '1984,' George Orwell warned, 'Big Brother is watching.' Biden's CBDC is that Big Brother," Kiyosaki wrote.

- Jenny Johnson, CEO of investment firm Franklin Templeton, which manages assets worth $1.5 trillion, criticized bitcoin, stating that it is the biggest distraction from real innovation - blockchain technology. She also warned that the crypto industry should prepare for tighter regulatory rules. The head of Franklin Templeton further cautioned that bitcoin will never be able to become a global currency, as the US government will not allow it to happen. "I can tell you that if bitcoin becomes so important that it threatens the dollar as a reserve currency, the US will restrict its use." In contrast to the US, Johnson listed Singapore, Hong Kong, and the United Arab Emirates as crypto-friendly jurisdictions.

- The White House released a report last September stating that cryptocurrency miners consume more energy than the entire country of Australia and account for between 0.9% and 1.7% of the total electricity consumption in the United States. In response to this, the Council of Economic Advisers under President Joe Biden (CEA) has proposed a 30% tax on miners to discourage their negative impact on the climate. This new measure is expected to generate approximately $3.5 billion in revenue for the government over the next ten years and serve as another method for authorities to exert pressure on an industry they consider a threat.
According to Republican Senator Cynthia Lummis, President Joe Biden will sign a law within the next 12 months that will establish new regulations for the cryptocurrency market.

- Legendary trader, analyst, and head of Factor LLC, Peter Brandt, believes that bitcoin will soon outpace other digital assets. "I hold the view that bitcoin will bury all the pretenders. In the end, there will be only one king of the hill," he wrote.
The expert drew attention to the Bitcoin dominance chart, which tracks the share of the first cryptocurrency in the total market capitalization of the crypto market. According to Brandt, the indicator is preparing for a breakthrough after a two-year consolidation in the form of a large rectangle. While the trend is in a "constraining range," the breakout from this range will be crucial for the asset, the analyst explained. Over the past five years, BTC's share has dropped to 32.4% in 2018 and risen to 71.9% in 2021. At the time of writing, it stands at 47.0%. The indicator likely needs to surpass the 50% mark to initiate a bullish movement.

- Investor and billionaire Ray Dalio admitted that although he owns bitcoin, he prefers gold. In his opinion, the first cryptocurrency serves as good inflation insurance, but not a full-fledged alternative to the precious metal. "I don't understand why people lean more towards bitcoin than gold," he wrote. "At the international level, gold is the third-largest reserve asset for central banks, following dollars, euros, gold, and then Japanese yen."
According to Dalio, the precious metal is "timeless and universal." Bitcoin, on the other hand, requires close attention from investors due to its volatility. "You have to be prepared for a significant drop, around 80% or so," the billionaire warned.

- Coinbase Business Director Conor Grogan claims to have found a "jailbreak" (vulnerability) in ChatGPT's software. This "jailbreak" allows for obtaining AI (artificial intelligence) predictions concerning various events. "ChatGPT predicts the future on absolutely any topic (including a person's time of death) and quantifies the probability of the event," Grogan wrote, adding that "ChatGPT clearly sympathizes with BTC while being much more sceptical about altcoins." According to its forecast, there is a 15% chance that BTC will lose 99.9% of its value by 2035 and become irrelevant. In the case of Ethereum, the chances of such a scenario are 20%, with LTC - 35%, and with DOGE - 45%.
ChatGPT stated previously that the price of bitcoin could reach $150,000 by 2024, after which it would increase on average by $25,000 per year and reach $300,000 by 2030. However, the AI honestly warned that it cannot confidently predict cryptocurrency prices. There are many factors that the chatbot cannot account for, such as regulatory changes, government actions, wars, catastrophes, and more. Therefore, while it may be interesting to consider ChatGPT's forecasts, relying on them when developing trading strategies would be unwise, to put it mildly.

- Bitcoin could surge by $20,000 if the US defaults on its debts, according to Geoff Kendrick, Head of Currency Research at British bank Standard Chartered. In an interview with Business Insider, he stated that this could happen in July 2023 if Congress does not approve raising the debt limit to a new level. However, the expert called such a default an "unlikely event" but with "massive consequences."
Kendrick believes that bitcoin will not grow linearly. More likely, after the default, its price will fall by $5,000 in the first days or a week, then sharply increase by $25,000. As for Ethereum, which the analyst considers to be traded like stocks, it is more likely to fall in the case of a default. Kendrick's optimal trading strategy involves opening a long position in bitcoin and a short position in ethereum.
Previously, the Standard Chartered analyst stated that the first cryptocurrency could rise to $100,000 by the end of 2024. Among the main reasons, he cited a banking crisis, halving, and a loosening of the US Federal Reserve's monetary policy.

- Research firm Chainalysis discovered that an anonymous hacker has identified 986 crypto wallets allegedly belonging to Russia's Main Intelligence Directorate, Federal Security Service, and Foreign Intelligence Service, and has begun hunting for their digital assets. Initially, the hacker destroyed over $300,000 worth of bitcoin stored in these wallets. To do this, they used the OP_RETURN script, which marks transactions as invalid and effectively burns the coins. However, after the start of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, the hacker changed their attack strategy. Instead of liquidating digital assets, they began transferring them to wallets owned by organizations providing support to Ukraine.

- Trader under the nickname Bluntz, who predicted the bottom of the BTC bear market in 2018, believes that the leading cryptocurrency is unlikely to sustainably consolidate above $30,000 in the foreseeable future. His opinion is based on the fact that BTC has already completed a five-wave bullish trend on the daily chart. Bluntz believes that Bitcoin is currently in the middle of an ABC correction formation, and this could lead to a drop to around $25,000. According to the trader, this drop will be followed by a rise in BTC to $32,000, which will occur in the second half of 2023.

Notice: These materials are not investment recommendations or guidelines for working in financial markets and are intended for informational purposes only. Trading in financial markets is risky and can result in a complete loss of deposited funds.

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CryptoNews of the Week

CryptoNews of the Week by NordFX in General Cryptocurrency Discussion_u4hN0eO

- The flagship cryptocurrency market has been under significant selling pressure in recent days. Experts from the WhaleWire publication note that transaction fees in the bitcoin ecosystem have reached global extremes for the third time in history (similar occurrences were observed in 2017 and 2021). Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange, has twice suspended bitcoin withdrawals due to network congestion. To expedite the processing of the accumulated transactions, Binance raised its withdrawal fees. The situation is exacerbated by an investigation that US authorities have launched against the exchange. According to Bloomberg, it is suspected of violating sanctions imposed on Russia due to its invasion of Ukraine.
All of this has caused fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) among cryptocurrency market participants, leading to a decrease in the number of active addresses to yearly lows. Against this backdrop, bitcoin has plunged below $28,000. Analysts believe that a "head and shoulders" pattern is forming on bitcoin's daily chart, and the possibility of a deep correction down to the $24,000 mark cannot be ruled out. However, CoinGape experts emphasize that the supply of bitcoin on centralized platforms is at its lowest level since 2017, indicating that the upcoming correction may be of a local nature.

- People may be losing faith in the dollar, but that doesn't mean bitcoin can become the world's reserve currency. Billionaire Warren Buffett made this statement at the annual Berkshire Hathaway shareholders' meeting. He clarified that he does not see any candidates to replace the US dollar as the global reserve currency. At the same time, Buffett called the continued money printing "madness," while simultaneously expressing confidence in the person responsible for it: US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell. According to Buffett, nobody understands the situation with government debt better than the head of the regulatory body.
The legendary investor also believes that the top management of First Republic Bank, Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank, and Silvergate Bank should be held accountable for the issues that have arisen in the operations of these banks.

- Representatives of CNBC criticized Warren Buffett for his extremely negative attitude towards bitcoin. In response, Six Sigma Black Belt founder James Ryan stated that it's not right to criticize the wealthiest investor. However, Ryan emphasized that Buffett does not believe in gold either, as he thinks that "the precious metal does not produce anything and does not generate cash flow."
- Best-selling author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad and economist Robert Kiyosaki often reiterates that the American and global economies are heading towards difficult times. This time, he told his 2.4 million Twitter followers that the sharp increase in the yield of one-month US Treasury bills indicates that a recession is likely approaching. "Does this mean the global banking system is collapsing? [...]", wrote the crypto enthusiast. "So, now focus on gold, silver, and bitcoin." It is worth noting that Kiyosaki predicts that the price of bitcoin will soon rise to $100,000.

- Michael Van de Poppe, an analyst, trader, and founder of the consulting platform EightGlobal, analysed the relationship between the banking sector and the crypto market.
Shares of American banks fell in response to US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell's attempt to calm the financial markets. Within a few hours after the official's speech on May 3, shares of the banking holding company PacWest Bancorp fell almost 58%, and Western Alliance dropped more than 28%. Other financial institutions in the market also experienced declines, such as Comerica (-10.06%), Zion Bancorp (-9.71%), and KeyCorp (-6.93%).
Using a 30-minute chart, Van de Poppe showed that while bank stocks were falling in price, bitcoin and gold were growing in value. According to the EightGlobal founder, uncertainty and distrust towards authorities' statements are growing among bankers. Such sentiments may lead to even greater problems in traditional markets and trigger further growth for both digital and physical gold.

- According to Justin Chapman, Senior Vice President at Northern Trust, institutional investors lost interest in cryptocurrencies after March 2022. Their appetite did not return even after the bullish growth this year. Executives of major financial institutions have shifted their focus to blockchain technology, particularly its potential in tokenizing real assets such as gold for clients.
"Since 2022, things have calmed down on the institutional side," Chapman said. "Before that, we saw traditional fund managers eager to launch crypto funds, ETPs in Europe, which are the equivalent of ETFs in the US ? all of that has subsided. Even hedge funds, which are quite active in the crypto market, have definitely reduced their presence."

- The government of Liechtenstein will allow citizens to use bitcoin to pay for government services. This was announced by the country's Prime Minister, Daniel Risch, although he did not specify a timeline. According to him, the government will accept cryptocurrency from citizens and exchange it for the national currency. A similar approach is already used by some Swiss municipalities, particularly the canton of Zug.

- More and more Latin American (LATAM) countries are considering the possibility of adopting bitcoin as a legal means of payment for goods and services. Some of them want to follow in the footsteps of El Salvador, which has already done so at the legislative level. Among these countries are Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, and Argentina. However, experts point out a key barrier to this initiative: the rise in transaction fees, which could make the move impractical.

- The Governor of the Central Bank of Ireland (BCUS), Gabriel Makhlouf, has urged citizens to be sceptical about investing in cryptocurrencies, calling such investments high-risk and dangerous. He stated that the value of crypto assets is not backed by anything, which means they have no social or economic value. Moreover, they are not properly regulated, causing numerous disagreements among lawmakers and officials. "Investing in such products is like buying a lottery ticket: you might win, but most likely, you will lose. Therefore, it's hardly appropriate to call them investments. 'Ponzi scheme' provides a more accurate definition of cryptocurrencies," said the head of the Irish Central Bank.
Makhlouf's speech took place just a few weeks after the European Parliament voted for a bill on regulating cryptocurrencies in the EU (MiCA). The Irish official assured that he welcomes the document, but he doubts that MiCA will be fully implemented by 2025.

- Trader and analyst under the pseudonym Altcoin Sherpa suggested that the price of the leading cryptocurrency could soon drop to $25,000. According to his opinion, this price largely coincides with the 200-day EMA, the Fibonacci 0.382 level, and serves as a level that was previously tested twice as support/resistance. If the bearish trend continues in the coming days, he wrote, the BTC price will fall to the $26,800 support level. If this support is breached, the next target will be the $25,200 level.

- Researchers from DocumentingBTC have named bitcoin the best investment of the decade. An investor who bought BTC for $100 exactly 10 years ago would now have $25,600 in their account. In second place are NVIDIA stocks - $8,599. The honourable third place goes to Tesla - $4,475.
Apple investors could have received $1,208, Microsoft - $1,111, Netflix - $1,040, Amazon - $830, Facebook - $818, and by purchasing Google stocks, investors would now have $504 in their account. Finally, investing in physical, not digital, gold would have turned the initial $100 into just $134.

- Artificial Intelligence ChatGPT has joined the quest to unravel one of the biggest mysteries in the crypto universe: it attempted to identify the creator of BTC, Satoshi Nakamoto. According to the chatbot's calculations, there is a 60% probability that Satoshi is indeed an individual, rather than a group of developers, and most likely, it is Nick Szabo, a well-known computer scientist and cryptographer. It was this scientist who once proposed the idea of smart contracts and the BitGold protocol, which many consider a predecessor to bitcoin.
Szabo emerged as the winner on ChatGPT's list of contenders, with 30%. Hal Finney and Craig Wright ranked second and third, respectively, with 20% and 10%. However, the chatbot acknowledged that it cannot provide any direct "evidence". You can read more about each of these individuals on the NordFX website.

Notice: These materials are not investment recommendations or guidelines for working in financial markets and are intended for informational purposes only. Trading in financial markets is risky and can result in a complete loss of deposited funds.

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CryptoNews of the Week

CryptoNews of the Week by NordFX in General Cryptocurrency Discussion_Crypto-News-17-05-2023

? According to a survey conducted by Bloomberg, in the event of a US default on its national debt, 7.8% of professional and 11.3% of retail investors would opt for the primary cryptocurrency as a safe-haven asset. Meanwhile, 7.8% and 10.2% would rely on the US dollar, respectively.
Gold tops the list of safe-haven assets. Despite the current price of the precious metal being close to its historical high ($2,000 per ounce), about half of the surveyed investors from both categories have chosen it. The report highlights the current shortage of alternatives to gold for hedging purposes.
US Treasury bills ranks as the second most popular asset, with 14-15% of respondents opting to purchase them. Journalists see a certain irony in this, as it is precisely these debt securities that might be subject to default. Bitcoin comes in third, closely followed by the US dollar, with the Japanese yen and the Swiss franc trailing behind.

? Debates have erupted online over the first purchase made with BTC. A version has emerged claiming that the first purchase was not, in fact, the legendary pizza. A story is being discussed on Twitter about a user by the name of Sabunir who tried to sell a JPEG picture for 500 bitcoins in 2010, which was about $1 at the time. Evidence provided includes a screenshot with the date of January 24, 2010: four months before Laszlo Hanyecz bought two pizzas for 10,000 BTC. It is also claimed that a certain user named Satoshi Nakamoto even tried to participate in the transaction.
However, it was unclear whether the transaction had actually taken place. Therefore, Gige Energy co-founder Matt Lohstroh decided to conduct his own investigation. It turned out that the transaction did indeed occur. According to on-chain data, 500 BTC (about $13.3 million at the current exchange rate) were indeed transferred to Sabunir's wallet on January 24, 2010. This means that this image is actually the first item purchased with BTC.
Does this mean that instead of celebrating the annual Pizza Day on May 22nd, crypto enthusiasts will have to mark January 24 as JPEG Image Day? But what about the "Bitcoin Pizza" pizzeria owned by Morgan Creek co-founder Anthony Pompliano? You have to agree, "JPEG Pizza" doesn't sound quite as appetizing.

? About half of North Korea's missile program is funded through cyberattacks and cryptocurrency thefts, according to CNN, citing White House officials. They say that US intelligence services are working to identify the companies and individuals associated with this, while the Treasury Department is tracking the stolen cryptocurrency.
At the same time, Nikkei newspaper reported that since 2017, hackers from North Korea have stolen cryptocurrencies from accounts opened in Japan amounting to approximately $720 million. About $540 million was stolen from Vietnamese citizens, and another $497 million from US citizens.

? According to data from analytics firm Glassnode, the number of bitcoin addresses holding at least 1 BTC has increased by ~190,000 since February 2022 and surpassed the 1 million mark. The most notable increases occurred during the sharp decline of bitcoin in June 2022 (the bankruptcy of crypto fund 3AC, preceded by the collapse of the Terra ecosystem) and after November 11 (the FTX crash).
As for forecasts, Glassnode is "confident in a medium-term target of $35,000 as external pressures ease." "The Fed will pause rate hikes in June [...] - optimal for an upward movement [of bitcoin] during the summer. The dollar index has crossed below a significant moving average - explosive movements ahead," the agency's analysts explain.

? Mark Yusko, founder and CEO of cryptocurrency hedge fund Morgan Creek Digital has reaffirmed his forecast of an inevitable bull rally in the digital asset market. He believes that the "crypto-summer" will likely begin in mid-June. According to him, bitcoin could make a significant breakthrough right now, as a technical reversal pattern is forming on the chart. "If you look at the chart [starting from May 2022], you'll see a beautiful inverted head and shoulders at the $27,000 level," Yusko writes. "It's a really interesting technical pattern. And you know, I think we need some good news to give it a boost."
As for the collapse of several US banks this year, the CEO of Morgan Creek believes that the destabilization of the sector was provoked to facilitate the smooth implementation of a central bank digital currency (CBDC).

? Paul Tudor Jones, head of hedge fund Tudor Investment Corporation and a consistent advocate for investing in bitcoin, has stated that the premier cryptocurrency has become less attractive in the current regulatory and economic climate. He noted that bitcoin now has "real problems, because in the US, the entire regulatory apparatus is against cryptocurrencies." In addition, the billionaire anticipates a decrease in inflation in the US, which makes hedging assets less attractive. Bitcoin is often perceived precisely as an asset for protection against inflation.
Paul Tudor Jones himself continues to hold a small amount of bitcoin and has no plans to sell the cryptocurrency even in the distant future. However, he had previously planned to invest up to 5% of his fortune in bitcoin, but it seems that he has now abandoned such plans.

? Billionaire Chamath Palihapitiya believes that the devaluation of the dollar actually stimulates the US economy. According to this venture capitalist, the dollar's dominant position in the global economy remains indisputable, despite trends to move away from this currency. It's important to remember that approximately 187 countries rely on the dollar. A weaker dollar allows these nations to purchase American goods at a more favourable price. They all see that importing goods becomes cheaper, their economies improve, and as a result, the dollar still feels strong.
Palihapitiya also believes that in the long run, the US government will likely not be able to avoid devaluing its currency. According to the billionaire, the best way to deal with this trend is to invest in risky assets, such as stocks and cryptocurrencies.

? An Indian YouTuber decided to visit 40 countries in 400 days, using only bitcoin. Paco De La India, as he calls himself, has already visited 7 countries from different regions of the planet. He managed to raise the necessary amount for his travels by selling all his furniture and also through crowdfunding. As a result of his voyage, he was able to draw a few conclusions:
1. Paco believes that the volatility inherent in the market deters people from bitcoin. People are much more willing to use stablecoins, such as USDT, for transactions, while bitcoin is kept in HODL mode. In general, acceptance is happening, but this process needs to be accelerated.
2. The traveller noted that people are usually more generous during a bull market, which makes it easier to receive donations. Paco started his journey when bitcoin was trading around $50,000 and was moving towards an all-time high of nearly $69,000. "Donations were coming in, everyone was very happy... but gradually everything started to shrink," Paco says. "I couldn't travel as freely, so I was always looking for those who could take me in their homes. And this also gave me an idea of the local people."
Unfortunately, Paco's exciting journey had to be interrupted due to the fall in the BTC price and regulatory uncertainty, which affected some of his sponsors (primarily due to the closure of the Paxful trading platform). However, Paco is hopeful and intends to continue exploring where in the world it is most convenient to pay with bitcoin.

Notice: These materials are not investment recommendations or guidelines for working in financial markets and are intended for informational purposes only. Trading in financial markets is risky and can result in a complete loss of deposited funds.

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CryptoNews of the Week

CryptoNews of the Week by NordFX in General Cryptocurrency Discussion_Crypto-News-24-05

? Romanian crypto investor Daniel Nita purchased 10,000 pizzas for 1.01 BTC (~$26,800 at the time of purchase) to celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day. Nita made the purchase at Vintage Pub in Bucharest, paying through Binance Pay. He then organized a party where he handed out pizzas on the city streets.
It's worth recalling that every year on May 22, the cryptocurrency community celebrates Bitcoin Pizza Day. This holiday was inspired by a landmark event in the industry when, in 2010, programmer Laszlo Hanyecz was the first in the world to buy two Papa John's pizzas, paying for them with 10,000 BTC. However, the primacy of this purchase is now being disputed. In our previous review, we detailed that four months before Hanyecz, someone named Sabunir might have sold a JPEG image for 500 bitcoins, which was about $1 at the time.

? The United States is at risk of losing its leading position in the cryptocurrency industry, potentially giving way to the UAE, South Korea, Australia, and Switzerland, warns ARK Invest analyst Yassine Elmandjra. In his view, the ambiguous regulatory environment negatively impacts existing companies and deters new players. The expert noted that the recent flight of market makers Jane Street and Jump Trading from the United States is a sign of this negative reaction. Citing data from Coin Metrics, he also added that over the past two months, the volume of Bitcoin trading in the country has fallen by 75% - from $20 million per day in March to $4 million in May.
Recall that just in 2023, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has brought claims against crypto exchanges Bittrex, Coinbase, Kraken, Gemini, and Genesis. The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has also filed a lawsuit against Binance and its CEO, Changpeng Zhao.

? Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy, believes that the upcoming halving and regulatory intervention in the crypto industry will positively impact bitcoin and strengthen its dominance. Saylor pointed to the growing interest of investors shifting towards bitcoin from other tokens. According to him, BTC's competitors naturally fall away after more stringent industry regulation. This became particularly noticeable after SEC Chairman Gary Gensler stated that "everything except bitcoin" falls under the securities laws.
"Crypto tokens and crypto securities will be regulated, and they might even cease to exist. Bitcoin is the only commodity that the SEC does not intend to regulate. Bitcoin is the safest network and the safest asset," stated the MicroStrategy CEO. In his opinion, a steady outflow of capital from the rest of the crypto space into Bitcoin will soon begin, and he already sees the start of a new bull cycle.
For reference: As of April 4, 2023, MicroStrategy, along with its subsidiary companies, owned about 140,000 BTC. The company paid a total of $4.17 billion for them. Thus, the average purchase price amounted to $29,803 per bitcoin.

? Obi Nwosu, CEO of the crypto platform Fedi, like Saylor, has stated that bitcoin's superiority over other cryptocurrencies is apparent in all aspects. The specialist expressed confidence that Bitcoin has the fastest, cheapest, simplest, most decentralized, and safest ecosystem. By the end of 2023, this will become even more apparent, as effective solutions for network functionality development are increasingly emerging. However, unlike Michael Saylor, Obi Nwosu believes that there will still be a place for other cryptocurrencies in the crypto space.

? Bloomberg analyst Mike McGlone expects a collapse in the bitcoin exchange rate to support at $7,366. This forecast is based on the downward movement of the 52-week moving average (MA) on the BTC chart. McGlone notes that before the massive pump in 2020, this line, on the contrary, was moving upwards.
According to the expert, the negative trend will continue, and the cryptocurrency will face hard times. "The U.S. Federal Reserve continues to raise interest rates, despite the banking panic. The drop in commodity prices may argue in favor of the potential for deflation of high-risk assets. The simultaneous increase in the cost of bitcoin and a rally in the stock market seems unlikely," McGlone said.
It is worth noting that not so long ago, at the end of last year, he gave a completely opposite forecast. Then, according to him, bitcoin was supposed to appreciate to $100,000.

? A trader known as Dave the Wave, known for several accurate forecasts, believes that bitcoin is currently consolidating in the "buy zone" of the logarithmic growth curve. This curve evaluates the long-term highs and lows of the leading cryptocurrency throughout its entire life cycle, ignoring short-term volatility.
The analyst notes that, based on the current market structure, a rise above $32,000 will signal a breakthrough of the consolidation channel. Therefore, according to Dave the Wave, any purchase below $31,000 remains a great deal. In his conservative estimate, the target price of bitcoin by the end of the year should be around $40,000.

? The online publication BeInCrypto decided to find out whether BTC could continue to rise, or if the prolonged sideways trend would end with another drop. Opinions within the crypto community were divided. For example, a forecast from popular blogger CryptoKaleo does not rule out Bitcoin updating its local maximum. Signals that allow betting on the coin's growth were also seen by the trader known as DaanCrypto. He noted BTC's rebound from the weekly moving average (MA200). From a technical analysis perspective, this behavior of the cryptocurrency could indicate buyer strength.
Crypto blogger Nebraskangooner, on the other hand, sees signals for a decline on the chart. His forecast does not rule out the cryptocurrency falling to $25,500. This, the blogger believes, is indicated by the coin's exit from the symmetrical triangle formed on the chart. The negative Bitcoin forecast was supported by typically optimistic analyst Inmortal. He also does not rule out a BTC drop to as low as $22,000. However, Inmortal is confident that the cryptocurrency will be able to quickly recover its positions.
There's a well-known saying that goes, "So many people, so many opinions." In this case, it can be paraphrased as, "As many analysts as there are forecasts."

? Prominent investor and former Coinbase CTO, Balaji Srinivasan, is once again in the news. He previously made headlines with a sensational bet of $1.5 million that bitcoin would reach a value of $1 million within 90 days. This prediction was made in March 2023, but Srinivasan prematurely admitted his loss in early May.
Now, Srinivasan has declared that "if Twitter was the central theme of the presidential election in 2016, in 2024, for the first time, it could be bitcoin." As evidence, the investor cited statements from U.S. President Joe Biden that he does not intend to agree to a deal with the Republican Party aimed at protecting wealthy individuals and cryptocurrency traders who evade taxes. Srinivasan believes another proof of his correctness is the ongoing debates among American legislators over cryptocurrency regulation and the Web 3.0 space.
Interestingly, another Democratic presidential candidate, Robert Kennedy Jr., has challenged Biden by hailing Bitcoin as a tool to support democracy.

? Michael van de Poppe, an analyst, trader, and founder of the consulting platform EightGlobal, has told his Twitter followers that a successful retest of the $26,280 support level (MA200) could signify the end of bitcoin's correction and consolidation. Therefore, he believes this level is a good one at which to accumulate bitcoin.
"If we look at past periods, a retest of the 200-day moving average has always been a great time to accumulate bitcoin. Over the past six months, bitcoin has spent a lot of time below this indicator, making it [BTC] undervalued. The next week will be key: a quick retest and bounce upward will signify the end of Bitcoin's correction," the crypto analyst reasons. Michael van de Poppe is confident that, for bitcoin's future growth to be confirmed, it needs to secure a level above $27,000: this will demonstrate the bullish sentiment of investors. However, if BTC fails to conquer and hold this level, it is likely to roll back to $26,000.

Notice: These materials are not investment recommendations or guidelines for working in financial markets and are intended for informational purposes only. Trading in financial markets is risky and can result in a complete loss of deposited funds.

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CryptoNews of the Week

CryptoNews of the Week by NordFX in General Cryptocurrency Discussion_Crypto-News-31-05

? Michael Saylor, the CEO of MicroStrategy, conducted a Twitter poll on the importance of the U.S. presidential candidates supporting cryptocurrencies for the upcoming 2024 elections. As of May 29, the poll had garnered participation from 31,200 users. Nearly 84% of the respondents answered "yes," while only 16% voted against it.
It is worth noting that in recent times, some American politicians have increasingly expressed their willingness to foster the development of the crypto industry if elected as president. Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida recently stated his opposition to the implementation of a digital dollar and voiced his support for Bitcoin. He criticized the approach of the Joe Biden administration towards crypto assets, believing that overly stringent regulatory measures could stifle the industry's growth in the country.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the Democratic Party candidate, is also convinced that Bitcoin can save people from financial collapse. The politician pledged to protect the rights of Bitcoin owners and miners if he becomes president.

? After significant and tumultuous events in the crypto space in 2022 and early 2023, such as the FTX crash in November and numerous other bankruptcies including Celsius, Voyager Digital, and Three Arrows Capital, bitcoin managed to reduce its losses and grow by over 60% since the beginning of this year. Business Insider gathered expert opinions on what could happen to the leading cryptocurrency by the end of 2023.
Charmyn Ho, Head of Analytics at the crypto exchange Bybit, believes that bitcoin won't be able to reach a new all-time high until the macroeconomic environment becomes clearer. This depends on the forecast of a potential recession in the US, Europe, and other major economies due to an inverted yield curve combined with a range of other unfavourable macroeconomic factors such as inflation. Another factor to consider is the halving, although it is expected to occur in April 2024.
According to Jagdeep Sidhu, President of the Syscoin Foundation, despite several crypto storms, the ecosystem's resilience remains evident. The market has recovered from the FTX debacle, showcasing its ability to absorb shocks and evolve. If inflation in the US decreases and there is more regulatory clarity regarding digital assets, bitcoin could reach $38,000 by the end of the year, roughly 40% higher than the current value.
Based on Tim Shan's scenario, Chief Operating Officer of the crypto exchange Dexalot, bitcoin will trade in a range of $25,000 to $32,000 by the end of 2023. However, if inflation remains high, it may return to the lows seen earlier this year.
David Uhryniak, Director of Ecosystem Development at TRON, is confident that bitcoin will finish the year above $35,000. According to him, traders are not rushing to invest significant amounts of money and want to assess the direction of the leading cryptocurrency and the market as a whole. By the fourth quarter of 2023, much of the uncertainty should dissipate.

? According to analysts at JPMorgan, the price of bitcoin is expected to rise to $45,000. This is indicated by the current price of gold, which is nearly $2,000 per ounce. Analysts state that these two assets typically move in tandem. JPMorgan strategists estimate that the value of physical gold held outside central banks is currently valued at approximately $3 trillion. This implies a price of digital gold around $45,000 per coin, assuming that the volume of bitcoin in private investor portfolios aligns with the volume of the precious metal.
However, the $45,000 price is considered by JPMorgan analysts as the upper limit for bitcoin, suggesting limited potential for the asset. Nevertheless, this calculation does not take into account the halving event and the increased costs for miners. The upcoming halving in 2024 will automatically double the cost of bitcoin mining to around $40,000, and historically, this figure has served as the lower bound for the asset's price.
Regarding Ethereum, JPMorgan notes that the altcoin may face some selling pressure and is expected to lag behind bitcoin in terms of growth in the near term.

? Renowned cryptocurrency analyst, Tone Vays, believes that bitcoin is exiting its consolidation phase, with many investors having already "bought the bitcoin dip," indicating that the leading cryptocurrency is gearing up for further growth. However, in order to continue this upward trajectory, bitcoin needs to overcome resistance at the $30,000 level. If the bulls manage to do so, BTC is poised to reach new price highs.
"It is indeed time for bitcoin to rise," says Vays. "Although, when looking at the weekly chart, the bulls lack strength. [...] There is still time to overcome resistance. We need to surpass $30,000, reverse the Lucid SAR indicator, and then we will rise to $34,000, where another resistance level awaits."
For reference, the Lucid SAR indicator is a variation of the Parabolic SAR indicator. It is a trend-following indicator that combines price and time to calculate trends and determine entry and exit points.

? Arthur Hayes, the former CEO of BitMEX, believes that 2023 will be highly volatile for bitcoin due to the actions of the US Federal Reserve, but he does not expect the cryptocurrency to reach new records. "I don't think bitcoin will reach $70,000 this year. It is more likely that we will surpass this level next year, after the halving. Bitcoin will continue to grow in 2025 and 2026. And then, I expect an apocalypse. This situation will not occur when everyone expects it... We are currently sitting on a powder keg - the US has printed a huge amount of money, there is no trust in it, and people are trying to earn a living," muses Hayes.
It's worth noting that these are the personal opinions and speculations of Arthur Hayes, and they do not represent a guaranteed forecast for the future performance of bitcoin. Cryptocurrency markets are inherently volatile and subject to various factors, making it challenging to predict their exact trajectory.

? Researchers from VanEck have presented three price scenarios for Ethereum in 2030. In the base case scenario, the coin would be valued at $11,849. In the bullish scenario, the ETH price would reach $51,006, while in the unfavorable bearish scenario, the coin would plummet to $343. "Our estimates are based on the assumption that Ethereum will become the dominant global open-source settlement network. A significant portion of the commercial activity of high-profit potential business sectors will be conducted on the platform. The dominant platform is likely to capture the lion's share of the market," write VanEck analysts.
The report also notes that Ethereum is likely to become a store of wealth similar to bitcoin but with some differences. "We argue that ETH goes beyond being a transactional currency or a commodity similar to oil or gas. We believe that the coin is not a full-fledged store of value like Bitcoin due to the potential for code changes in Ethereum and the overall utility-focused nature of the project. However, this cryptocurrency can become a savings asset for government organizations seeking to maximize human capital.".

? The government of Bali, Indonesia, implemented strict measures at the end of May against cryptocurrency payments for goods and services, reminding tourists that the Indonesian rupiah is the only legal tender. Crypto tourists will face severe consequences, including administrative sanctions, deportation, and even criminal prosecution. As a result, some members of the crypto community have reconsidered their plans to visit Bali.
Tourism plays a crucial role in the island's economy, contributing 28% of its revenue. If a portion of tourists stops visiting the resort, it could lead to various economic problems, including increased unemployment and a decline in people's income.

? Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy, believes that the bitcoin network can be an effective tool in combating bots and fake accounts. The businessman cited the use of bots on social media as an example. According to him, the digital "civil war" in modern society is fuelled by billions of fake accounts that sow hatred among real users. With the rapid development of Artificial Intelligence, creating deepfakes has become much easier, while detecting them has become more challenging.

The head of MicroStrategy believes that decentralized identity (DID) solutions can address this issue, increase trust, and ensure secure and independent data exchange. For example, if someone wants to launch billions of bots on Twitter, it would cost them billions of transactions. By integrating cryptocurrencies into social networks and leveraging the capabilities of the decentralized bitcoin network, such actions would become costly and have serious consequences, according to Saylor.

? According to popular analyst Credible Crypto, bitcoin could replicate the impulse waves of growth observed in previous bull cycles and set a new price record as early as 2023. "I keep hearing that it's unrealistic for Bitcoin to set a new price record this year. But I think we need to compare it to the last impulse in 2020. Remember, it took Bitcoin about three months to surpass the $10,000 level. But within the following two months, it grew by an additional 90%. And just four months later, it set a price record, increasing fivefold from $10,000. So don't tell me that anything is impossible for Bitcoin. We'll likely see it at new highs, possibly even this year," wrote Credible Crypto.

? Nova, a specialist in tracking crypto whales' activities, has discovered an average trader who has become a major holder of digital assets in just five months. Trader 0x743 has executed successful trades since January of this year and now boasts a record realized profit of over 10,000%, with their current portfolio valued at approximately $578,345. Nova noted that the crypto whale's success is attributed to a successful trading strategy rather than mere luck. 0x743 did not make reckless purchases and demonstrated "discipline and good trading behaviour."
It's worth noting that the crypto market is highly volatile, and extraordinary profits come with inherent risks. Individual trading outcomes can vary, and it's important for traders to exercise caution, conduct thorough research, and make informed decisions when engaging in cryptocurrency trading.

Notice: These materials are not investment recommendations or guidelines for working in financial markets and are intended for informational purposes only. Trading in financial markets is risky and can result in a complete loss of deposited funds.

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CryptoNews of the Week

CryptoNews of the Week by NordFX in General Cryptocurrency Discussion_Crypto-News-14-06-2023

? American bitcoin exchanges are likely to be required to register with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as brokers, and all cryptocurrencies will be classified as securities. These conclusions were drawn by strategists at JPMorgan bank. According to experts, such a situation will exert significant pressure on the industry. However, they believe that this approach also has positive aspects, as digital assets will be subject to the same legislation as traditional ones.
JPMorgan analysts noted that the actions of the SEC highlight the need for U.S. lawmakers to develop a clear regulatory framework. According to them, otherwise, the crypto industry is likely to leave the United States and relocate to other jurisdictions, while venture financing in the sector will decline. The new rules will "rid the industry of bad practices and dishonest players, which, in turn, is necessary for the industry to mature and witness more active institutional participation."
It is worth recalling that earlier, the SEC filed lawsuits against Binance and Coinbase, accusing the platforms of selling unregistered assets. In the court documents, the SEC named over a dozen tokens as securities. According to experts, a regulator's victory could lead to the delisting of these coins and limit the potential development of their blockchains. In total, over 60 coins have already ended up on the regulator's blacklist.

? According to the analytical platform Glassnode, investor behavior has noticeably shifted the distribution of Bitcoin across regions. Experts from the company have reported a significant decline in the share of American players, whose dominance peaked between 2020 and 2021. The downward trend has been observed since the sharp drop in BTC price last year, with the share of Americans decreasing by 11% since mid-2022. During the same period, the share in the Asian region increased by 9.9%.

? Adam Back, the creator of the Hashcash algorithm and CEO of Blockstream, is considered one of the key figures in the field of modern cryptography and the crypto industry. In a recent conversation with Decrypt, this prominent scientist stated that the cryptocurrency market is "anti-fragile." Like water, it flows and, when faced with obstacles, finds alternative paths. Therefore, if any major crypto exchange operating in the United States stops serving its customers due to regulatory pressure, the industry will eventually find a way out. In the event of restrictions on bank transfers in the US, bitcoin traders would simply shift towards opening bank accounts in other jurisdictions in euros or Swiss francs and engage in trading using a different currency.

? Journalists from conducted a survey with six popular AI chatbots regarding the potential of Bitcoin becoming a global reserve currency. The experiment involved ChatGPT 3.5 and ChatGPT 4 from OpenAI, Bard from Google, Claude Instant and Claude 4 from Anthropic, as well as the creative mode of Bing AI.
ChatGPT 3.5 struggled to assess the potential of bitcoin and other digital assets, citing existing "issues and uncertainties." According to its response, the likelihood of achieving reserve currency status depends on "current events and the evolution of the crypto currency ecosystem." However, it noted that its information was based on data available until September 2021.
Bard emphasized the need for wider adoption of bitcoin by central banks and other financial institutions, as well as the improvement of price stability and advancements in blockchain technology. The bot stated, "If bitcoin can overcome these challenges, it could become a global reserve asset within the next decade. However, it is also possible that this may never happen or that it will take much longer to achieve this goal."
Claude Instant, pointing out "significant obstacles" for bitcoin in terms of stability and recognition, considered it unlikely for BTC to become a reserve currency in the next 5-10 years. As for the 10?15-year horizon, Claude 4 estimated the probability of such an event to be in the low to moderate range. ChatGPT 4 also stated that it would take "several years or even decades" for bitcoin to achieve reserve currency status and warned that it "cannot confidently predict the future."
Bing AI took a "creative" approach and listed a range of factors that will determine the future of bitcoin. These factors include widespread adoption of the asset, including by financial institutions, innovation and improvement of technology, scalability and user-friendliness, regulation and legal status management, taxation and compliance with regulatory requirements, and competition and interaction with other crypto assets and fiat currencies.
In summary, it can be said that all six Artificial Intelligences behaved like experienced politicians and did not provide any specific answers to the question posed.

? According to The Wall Street Journal, the actions of hackers associated with North Korea have caused $3 billion in damage to the crypto industry. Half of this amount was reportedly used to finance a program for the development of ballistic nuclear missiles. As per the statement by U.S. authorities, North Korea has formed a "shadow" army of thousands of IT specialists around the world for these purposes. Cybersecurity experts believe that the "arms race" with North Korean hackers has only just begun.

? Peter Brandt, known as the "Mysterious Market Wizard," has been successful in accurately predicting the crypto winter of 2018 and many other market movements in the digital asset space. Now, this legendary trader and analyst has virtually "buried" all coins except bitcoin. "Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency that will be able to finish this marathon. All others, including Ethereum, are counterfeits or scams," wrote Brandt.
Many members of the crypto community were puzzled by the fact that a respected analyst placed the second-largest cryptocurrency, ethereum, in the same category as fraudulent projects. In response, Brandt stated, "Silver to BTC's gold is ETH. ETH will likely survive, but the real legacy is BTC."

? Vitalik Buterin, the founder of ethereum, believes that the success of his blockchain depends on three main "transitions" that need to happen almost simultaneously. According to him, the leading altcoin is "failing" without sufficient scaling infrastructure that would make transactions on the network cheaper.
Another factor is related to the transition to smart contract wallets, which has been challenging in terms of user interaction. Moreover, these wallets will need to protect data to fully align with the concept of zero-knowledge (ZK) privacy. The last factor for ethereum's success that Buterin mentioned is privacy. In his opinion, significant improvements in identification systems and the implementation of hidden addresses are necessary.
"Achieving scalability, wallet security, and user privacy is crucial for the future of ethereum. It's not just about technical feasibility but also about practical accessibility for ordinary users," concluded the network's founder.

? Benjamin Cowen, the founder of Into The Cryptoverse, has noted that liquidity in the crypto market has dried up for quite some time, and many people have been blaming the SEC for what is happening. Most of them believe it is the end for the entire industry. According to Cowen, altcoins will face retribution, while Bitcoin dominance will continue to grow.
A similar sentiment was expressed by renowned trader Gareth Soloway, who compared the crypto market to the dot-com bubble. He stated that the collapse that occurred in the early 2000s would repeat itself in this industry. Soloway asserted that the "system needs to be cleansed of garbage" in order to thrive. According to him, 95% of all tokens "will strive toward zero."

? ARK Invest CEO Cathy Wood has doubled down on her bitcoin forecast, stating that the leading cryptocurrency will reach seven-figure values. In an interview with Bloomberg, she reaffirmed her confidence that the $1 million target for BTC will be achieved.
According to Wood, the current global economic environment increases her trust in the flagship crypto asset. "The more uncertainty and volatility in the global economy, the more our confidence grows in Bitcoin, which has been and remains a hedge against inflation," she stated. The head of ARK Invest believes that the greater risk lies not in inflation but in deflation, which she sees looming over the world. In this case, the primary cryptocurrency would act as an antidote against the crisis in the traditional financial system.

? Prominent investor and founder of venture firm Eight, Michael Van De Poppe, has analyzed the market capitalization chart of the crypto market and arrived at discouraging conclusions. According to the analyst, the current situation is not what one would want to see. He noted that a breakthrough below the support of the 200-week moving average (SMA) indicates a continuation of the downward trend.

Notice: These materials are not investment recommendations or guidelines for working in financial markets and are intended for informational purposes only. Trading in financial markets is risky and can result in a complete loss of deposited funds.

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CryptoNews of the Week

CryptoNews of the Week by NordFX in General Cryptocurrency Discussion_Crypto-News-21-06-2023

? Bitcoin experienced an unexpected surge from June 15 to 21, smashing through resistance levels of $25,000 and $26,500, and ultimately peaking at $29,000. This represents an impressive six-day growth of approximately 17%. Following in the footsteps of this leading cryptocurrency, altcoins also witnessed similar uptrends. For instance, Ethereum recorded a roughly 12% appreciation.
This notable ascent cannot be attributed to a single catalyst. Rather, bitcoin's rise coincided with a sequence of positive developments within the industry. Investment heavyweight BlackRock submitted a proposal for a spot bitcoin trust, aimed at streamlining institutional entrance into the crypto market. Deutsche Bank, one of Germany's most formidable financial conglomerates, declared its foray into the digital asset sector, taking on cryptocurrency storage duties. Wall Street powerhouses, Citadel and Fidelity, joined forces to launch a decentralized crypto exchange named EDX Markets on June 20th. Invesco, another investment juggernaut, overseeing $1.4 trillion in assets, has lodged an application to roll out a spot Bitcoin ETF. MicroStrategy has even speculated that such a spot Bitcoin ETF could absorb trillions of dollars. One additional factor potentially fuelling bitcoin's rise could be the minting of a fresh batch of Tether stablecoins (USDT).

? It's worth noting that the surge of the flagship cryptocurrency occurred despite the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC) crackdown on the digital market. Recall that the SEC previously filed lawsuits against Binance and Coinbase, accusing the platforms of selling unregistered assets. In court documents, the SEC classified more than a dozen tokens as securities. Experts believe that a victory for the regulator could lead to the delisting of these coins and limit the potential development of their blockchains. In total, over 60 coins have already made it onto the regulator's blacklist.
Preston Pysh, a popular author on investment books, believes that this regulatory pressure was part of a planned campaign. The goal being to give major players the opportunity to enter the digital asset market under favourable conditions. He substantiated his perspective with the daring moves made by Wall Street giants, as previously mentioned.

? TV host and billionaire Mark Cuban and former SEC executive John Reed Stark discussed the ongoing crackdown on the crypto industry. Stark believes the SEC's actions are necessary. According to him, the regulator is trying to protect investors from potential fraud and scams in this sector. He's also convinced that the SEC's actions will ultimately benefit the industry, by weeding out dishonest participants and increasing transparency.
As for Mark Cuban, he drew a comparison to the early days of the internet. In the billionaire's view, "90% of blockchain companies will fail. 99% of tokens will fail. Just like 99% of early internet companies."

? El Salvador could potentially clear its debts through bitcoin and geothermal cryptocurrency mining. This viewpoint was expressed by Max Keiser, the CEO of Volcano Energy. The former trader and television host moved to El Salvador in 2022 and now serves as an advisor to President Nayib Bukele. Keiser asserts that, owing to its legal framework regarding cryptocurrency and energy resources, El Salvador could become a global centre for bitcoin mining. This could create new jobs, boost the country's GDP, and enable it to settle its debts with creditors.
As for Volcano Energy itself, Keiser believes that the company's market capitalization will grow to $50 billion, exceeding El Salvador's GDP, which is estimated at $29 billion. According to him, this growth will be driven by bitcoin's price rising to $1 million per coin.

? Author of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad," Robert Kiyosaki, is convinced that the crisis in the banking sector is far from over. Last week, he warned of an impending crash in the real estate sector. According to the expert, California-based mortgage lender LoanDepot is already on the brink of bankruptcy, and the looming real estate market crash could likely be far worse than the 2008 crisis. In light of this situation, Kiyosaki once again advised his followers to prepare for disaster by accumulating precious metals and bitcoin.

? Galaxy Digital's CEO, Mike Novogratz, has compared the recent crypto crash to the collapse of Lehman Brothers during the financial crisis of 2008-2009. The billionaire believes that the industry needs to be legalized. In that case, it will become transparent, and regulators will be able to ensure investor safety. As it stands, regulators lack sufficient levers to control the movement of funds in digital currencies. Novogratz made these remarks at a summit organized by Bloomberg.
The CEO of Galaxy Digital also believes that in the fight against inflation, demand for alternative instruments will intensify, one of which is bitcoin. He foresees that the price of bitcoin will reach $500,000 in the long term.

? Placeholder venture partner Chris Burniske is known for accurately predicting the crypto bottom in 2022. He also noted that cryptocurrencies often surge when the Nasdaq 100 Index (NDX) takes a breather. A cooling down in stocks triggers a capital flow into riskier assets, prompting a bullish rally for BTC.
In this context, Burniske referenced data from Glassnode founders Jan Happel and Yann Allemann. According to their observations, starting from 2019, bitcoin has shown strong growth whenever the NDX showed signs of bullish exhaustion. Currently, bitcoin is just a few steps away from outperforming the NDX again, as the index is nearing its local peak. 

? Popular investor and founder of venture firm Eight, Michael Van De Poppe, believes that the market situation makes the realization of negative BTC forecasts impossible, particularly those predicting a drop in cryptocurrency to $12,000. In his opinion, investors should now be "filling their pockets" in anticipation of further growth.

? BitMEX co-founder Arthur Hayes believes that U.S. authorities are not only hindering the development of the blockchain industry but are also creating conditions for it to shift to China. Last week, he published an article criticizing the U.S. crackdown on the industry. In his article, Hayes emphasized that China is more flexible than the U.S. and allows investors to enter the crypto sphere through platforms registered in Hong Kong. This metropolis is beginning to accumulate significant capital, which positively affects its financial development. Conversely, the American market is losing appeal, forcing companies and funds to leave.

? Former Coinbase CTO, Balaji Srinivasan, has issued a stark warning. He believes that since Apple, Microsoft, and Google have access to all user data on their devices, including private wallet keys, they could assist authorities in confiscating cryptocurrency from its owners if required. He argues that it would only take permission from the governments of G7 countries and China to do this. Srinivasan considers such permission quite possible, as authorities are interested in the development of CBDCs - digital currencies managed by central banks - and the elimination of their competitors in the form of Bitcoin and various altcoins.

? Prominent analyst Benjamin Cowen has warned of a potential fall in Ethereum compared to the leading cryptocurrency. ETH/BTC could plummet by 45% from its current value of 0.066 BTC. "As far as I can tell from the chart," he wrote, "we constantly see lower peaks in ETH/BTC, at least in the short term. However, in the longer term, we see even lower peaks in 2017 (0.036 BTC). And this is where the level of recovery might begin." At the same time, the analyst notes that the likelihood of a "bull rally" in this pair without a downward correction is quite low - first, the "bears" need to complete this movement. "Only then will we be able to assess the prospects for ETH/BTC," Cowen concluded.

? For the first time since 2021, BTC's market dominance has approached 50%. This means that half of the entire market capitalization is attributed to a single asset. The index last rose this high two years ago, in May 2021. The current rise is associated with SEC pressure on altcoins and the application for a spot Bitcoin trust by BlackRock.
MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor believes that bitcoin's dominance will reach 80% in the coming years. There are now about 25,000 tokens of varying quality in the market, and this confuses large investors. After the SEC helps remove excess assets, large capital will be more willing to invest in the leading cryptocurrency.

? Cybersecurity analysts have discovered that 95% of users of hacking software for stealing NFTs are schoolchildren. They are responsible for stealing tokens worth $73 million. They then spent these assets on purchasing skins in Roblox, branded items, food delivery, and gambling. According to The Block, high school students do this without fully realizing the crime. They perceive the theft as a game. The peak activity of young criminals occurs during the summer holidays when they have more free time.

Notice: These materials should not be deemed a recommendation for investment or guidance for working on financial markets: they are for informative purposes only. Trading on financial markets is risky and can lead to a loss of money deposited.

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CryptoNews of the Week

CryptoNews of the Week by NordFX in General Cryptocurrency Discussion_Crypto-News-28-06-2023

? Robert F. Kennedy Jr., nephew of the 35th President of the United States and participant in the current election race, outlined his plans regarding bitcoin and financial independence of citizens in an interview with The New York Post.
The candidate promised to make decisions that "support bitcoin and transaction freedom, allowing people to manage their own wallets." He clarified that he would create a relaxed regulatory environment in the U.S., which would incorporate "strict control to prevent money laundering." Kennedy also voiced opposition to a digital dollar. "I oppose central bank digital currencies because they are tools of control and oppression, and they are likely to be abused," explained the politician.
He also identified the search for ways to globally regulate Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies as a significant challenge. Citing remarks by Elon Musk, he noted that "AI will first take away jobs, then it will kill us."
For reference: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is an American environmental lawyer, radio host, and writer known for his anti-vaccination advocacy and conspiracy theories.

? Peter Schiff, President of Euro Pacific Capital, a gold enthusiast, and a fervent critic of bitcoin, claimed that there is "nothing lower quality than cryptocurrencies." "Until recently, the rally in highly speculative assets had excluded Bitcoin. Now that it has finally joined the party, it is likely to end soon," he wrote. According to Schiff, such rallies usually end when the "lowest quality things," such as digital assets, finally join them.
Recall that in March, the President of Euro Pacific Capital urged the sale of the leading cryptocurrency and buying gold amidst the issues with Silvergate Bank.

? Cameron Winklevoss, one of the founders of the cryptocurrency exchange Gemini, announced on Twitter that both institutional and retail investors have begun purchasing bitcoin. Notably, according to him, institutions are extremely interested in buying Bitcoin ahead of the approval of spot ETFs.
It's worth noting that the investment giant BlackRock recently filed an application to launch a spot Bitcoin trust, intended to simplify institutional access to the crypto market. Another investment behemoth, Invesco, which manages assets worth $1.4 trillion, has applied to launch a spot Bitcoin ETF. (MicroStrategy believes such an ETF could absorb trillions of dollars).
"The window to buy bitcoin in advance is closing. Bitcoin was the most obvious and profitable investment of the last decade. But it will remain just as beneficial in this decade!", claimed Cameron Winklevoss. Hugh Hendry, the manager of the hedge fund Eclectica Asset Management, agrees with him, suggesting that bitcoin could triple its capitalization in the medium term.

? Matt Hougan, Chief Investment Officer of Bitwise, stated in an interview with Bloomberg that the cryptocurrency market has shown incredible resilience in the face of constantly increasing regulatory pressure. The recent application by BlackRock, the largest asset management company, to launch a Bitcoin spot ETF is just one of the reasons for a new bull cycle.
"In fact, bitcoin has been gradually rising since November of last year when FTX collapsed. Meaning, cryptocurrencies grew despite all the growing anxiety. Now we have BlackRock, who has raised the flag and declared that BTC matters. That it's asset institutional investors want to invest in. I believe we've entered a new era of cryptocurrency, which I call 'prime,' and expect a multi-year bull trend that's only just beginning," argues the businessman.
The CEO of Bitwise predicts that not only cryptocurrencies will flourish, but also companies working in this industry. The businessman is expecting a multitude of new crypto firms to enter the stock market, as well as companies with large cryptocurrency reserves.
As early as 2021, Matt Hougan said that the futures-based cryptocurrency ETFs, which exist in the US market, are not particularly suitable for long-term investors due to their high ancillary costs. Only when spot exchange-traded funds for bitcoin emerge will institutional investors begin substantial capital injections.

? Popular bitcoin maximalist and advisor to the President of El Salvador, Max Keiser, believes that SEC Chairman Gary Gensler has sufficient technical and political tools to assign XRP and ETH the status of a security, which would ultimately kill these altcoins. "The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) works for the banking cartel, racketeering on behalf of financial structures," Keiser wrote in his blog.
The crypto enthusiast thinks that the mere fact of XRP and ETH's fate being in the hands of regulatory bodies already suggests that these assets are too centralized and incapable of surviving without losses in the lawless and conflict-ridden environment where the SEC operates. Some opponents of the SEC argue that computer code, by definition, cannot be a security. However, Max Keiser considers this a weak and dead-end argument since the functionality and purpose of the crypto asset will play a significant role in its classification.
Recall that the Commission classified Solana (SOL), Cardano (ADA), Polygon (MATIC), Coti (COTI), Algorand (ALGO), Filecoin (FIL), Cosmos (ATOM), Sandbox (SAND), Axie Infinity (AXS), and Decentraland (MANA) as securities. The crypto community practically did not react to this regulator's statement. Moreover, several cryptocurrency platforms took the SEC's statement as guidance for action and delisted to avoid possible claims.

? The next bitcoin halving, which is expected to occur in April 2024, will reduce miners' rewards from 6.25 BTC to 3.125 BTC per block. According to an analyst operating under the pseudonym InvestAnswers, such a reduction in supply from miners could catalyse a significant bullish surge.
The expert believes that further institutional adoption, including BackRock's application for a spot Bitcoin ETF, will also increase demand for the asset and further reduce supply. Apart from BlackRock, Fidelity, Deutsche Bank, Credit Agricole, Citadel, and Invesco have also shown activity in the crypto market. Together, they manage assets totalling $27 trillion. And bitcoin's market cap is just a little more than $0.5 trillion. Only a tiny part of this half-trillion is being traded in the market. This implies that "demand for Bitcoins is growing, and the supply is drying up. And that means the price is rising," explained InvestAnswers.

? The main altcoin has secured its position above the key $1850 mark, and a number of analysts believe that ethereum has the potential to realize bullish momentum in the near term. For example, popular expert Ali Martinez points out that ETH may face serious resistance near the $2,000-2,060 zone, as over 832,000 addresses previously opened sales in this range. However, if ethereum overcomes this zone, it has every chance of reaching $2,330 on a sharp impulse. And in perspective, a path opens for further growth up to $2,750.
On the other hand, specialists at Santiment believe that the altcoin is currently unstable. This is due to a significant battle between buyers and sellers near the $1,900 region. However, the overall supply of ethereum on centralized platforms has decreased by 9.2%. In theory, this could provide additional support to the main altcoin.

? Futures contracts for ethereum and bitcoin will expire on Friday, June 30. According to AmberDate, more than 150 thousand BTC options will be liquidated by this deadline on the Deribit Exchange, amounting to approximately $4.57 billion. Another $2.3 billion will be allocated to ETH contracts. Experts from CoinGape believe that this could be a trigger for a serious increase in volatility in July and provide significant support to these assets. However, a lot will also depend on the macroeconomic statistics coming from the U.S.

? Morgan Creek Capital's founder and CTO, Mark Yusko, believes that bitcoin and the crypto markets have entered a bullish trajectory. In his opinion, this trend may last up until the next halving. "I think the rally is just starting. We've just entered the so-called crypto-summer season," the specialist wrote. However, he warned that a speculative explosion caused by halving is usually followed by an excessive reaction in the opposite direction, known as a crypto winter.
According to the head of Morgan Creek Capital, bitcoin is digital gold, and it is ready to replace what physical gold has done for 5,000 years. As for ethereum, Yusko thinks of it as a substitute for fiat currency.

? Ten years ago, Davinci Jeremie posted a video on YouTube in which he strongly recommended his viewers spend at least one dollar on Bitcoin, and explained why BTC would grow in the coming years. At that time, this forecast from Jeremie either angered or amused most investors who did not want to heed the recommendation. Now, they bitterly regret it - the $1 invested at that time could have bought more than 1,000 BTC, which today are valued at $30 million.
Jeremie noted in a recent interview that bitcoin should be bought even now. According to him, only 2 percent of the world's population owns cryptocurrency, so it still has time to please its investors with new records. "However, there is also one problem here," says Jeremie. "Everyone wants to have a whole Bitcoin. No one wants to go to the store and say, 'Can I get one trillionth of an apple'. So even though Bitcoin is divisible, this property is essentially its Achilles heel. The solution to the problem is to make the display of small parts of BTC more comprehensible. For example, do not write amounts like 0.00001 BTC, but replace them with an equal number of Satoshi, that is, the smallest indivisible particle of 1 bitcoin worth 0.00000001 BTC."

Notice: These materials should not be deemed a recommendation for investment or guidance for working on financial markets: they are for informative purposes only. Trading on financial markets is risky and can lead to a loss of money deposited.

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CryptoNews of the Week

CryptoNews of the Week by NordFX in General Cryptocurrency Discussion_Crypto-News-05-07-2023

? Numerous Twitter users, including many cryptocurrency traders and investors, have voiced complaints against Elon Musk. The discontent was tied to the billionaire and new owner of the social network implementing a series of restrictions. Starting from July 1, 2023, verified users are able to view up to 6,000 posts per day, while unverified users are limited to only 600. At the same time, this limit is further reduced to 300 posts for new accounts.
According to several experts, these new restrictions may have a negative impact on the crypto market. Many industry participants have been receiving a large amount of important information via Twitter. However, it has now become significantly more difficult to obtain current data and news.
Musk himself assured that this measure is temporary and is necessary in order to reduce the load on the system's internal servers. He said that the limits will later increase to 8,000, 800, and 400 posts, respectively.

? The rapid fall in the price of the leading cryptocurrency is only a matter of time. This was asserted by the president of Euro Pacific Capital, "gold bug" Peter Schiff, adding that he had underestimated the "bubble potential of Bitcoin." In his view, most investors do not believe in the first cryptocurrency, they merely hope that someone will buy it at a high price.
The businessman believes that stories about people losing money on cryptocurrency will overshadow those about people getting rich from it. "The peak we saw in 2021, around $70,000, that's it, and ultimately bitcoin will burst," he predicted.

? "The adoption of spot bitcoin ETFs is a major event for the crypto industry," stated Michael Saylor, co-founder of MicroStrategy. "It's an important milestone on the path to institutional acceptance. I believe it's important, but I don't think bitcoin will rise overnight to $5 million."
"The approval of spot bitcoin ETF applications will make investors realize that the first cryptocurrency is a legitimate asset," the billionaire explained. "If the SEC approves applications for this asset, a user can press a button and purchase $10 million of BTC within 30 seconds." (The SEC is currently reviewing several applications for the launch of spot cryptocurrency exchange-traded funds. However, the Commission maintains that these applications are not sufficiently clear and comprehensive.)
For reference: MicroStrategy additionally purchased 12,333 BTC amounting to a total of $347 million between April 29 and June 27. Saylor's company now owns a total of 152,333 BTC, valued at over $4.6 billion, which were acquired at an average rate of $29,668.

? A survey revealed that 92% of Earth's inhabitants have heard of cryptocurrencies at least once. The study involved 15,158 individuals aged between 18 and 65 years from 15 countries across America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.
37% of the respondents consider this asset class as part of the monetary system. However, only 15% of Britons and 17% of Germans agree with this statement. Nigerians (65%) and Argentinians (56%) are the most interested in holding digital assets, seeing them as an effective means of preserving value. Analysts attributed this to the instability of local financial systems and state currencies. 26% of those surveyed consider crypto assets to be a scam. Primarily, Americans and Britons associate cryptocurrencies with fraudulent schemes.

? Most cryptocurrency exchanges do not allow minors to trade digital assets, but parents can open accounts on their behalf and allow them to participate in trading. Youth readily engage in this activity, and there are numerous stories of children investing in Bitcoin since its inception. For instance, Erik F. received $1,000 to invest in BTC when he was 12 years old, and by the time he turned 18, he had become a millionaire thanks to it.
According to data published last year by the platform Gohenry, 1.33 million children in the UK invested money in cryptocurrency. Moreover, a study titled "Parents, Kids, and Money," conducted by T. Rowe Price, showed that 57% of children aged 8-14 are familiar with digital currencies. They are better informed about cryptocurrencies than their parents, with only 47% of parents familiar with the technology - 10% less than their kids.

? Market participants should exercise more caution when trading cryptocurrency, warned CoinDesk researchers. The fact is that starting from Q4 2022, global fiat liquidity indicators have been rapidly declining, and the rise in BTC quotes in such conditions is an anomaly. The BTC rate hit a local price bottom of $15,500 in November last year and has since doubled in price to $31,000. Moreover, just since June 15, its value has spiked by over 20%. This occurred against the backdrop of news that major companies had once again submitted applications for the launch of spot Bitcoin ETFs.
According to Lewis Harland, portfolio manager at Decentral Park Capital, the situation remains complex. He confirmed that lately, tracked fiat indicators, such as the Fed's net liquidity and global net liquidity level, have significantly dropped. "This is the main reason why we are cautious about BTC, despite the market's optimistic consensus. We think that investors are overlooking this," Harland added.
The global net liquidity indicator, which takes into account the supply of fiat in several major countries, has decreased to $26.5 trillion - the lowest level since November 2022. Such data was provided by the platforms TradingView and Decentral Park Capital.

? Crypto strategist and trader known as Bluntz, who accurately pinpointed the bottom of bitcoin's bear market in 2018, believes that ethereum is showing all the signs of a powerful rally that could occur in the coming months. According to his words, the remaining part of 2023 may set ethereum on parabolic growth, allowing the leading smart contract platform to significantly outperform BTC.
Bluntz is considered an experienced practitioner of technical analysis and, in particular, Elliott Wave Theory, which allows forecasting price behaviour following the psychology of the crowd that tends to manifest in waves.
According to this theory, a bullish asset shows a five-wave rally, with the third wave signalling the steepest rise. Bluntz suggests that ethereum is already in the early stages of the third wave's surge, which could lead to ETH approaching $4,000 by the end of 2023.

? Crypto trader Altcoin Sherpa is confident that the leading cryptocurrency may rise to $32,000 first and then to the new 2023 high of $40,000. However, he's not certain about the latter. This should be followed by a significant downward correction.
Addressing the ETH/BTC pair, Altcoin Sherpa noted that ethereum is likely to fall relative to the flagship crypto asset and target the minimum range around 0.053 BTC, or $1,614.

? Well-known crypto analyst Benjamin Cowen made a forecast about the likely price trajectory of Bitcoin and altcoins. In his opinion, compared to current levels, bitcoin could grow approximately by 14% and reach a maximum of $35,000 in 2023. "In the short term, it's really hard to say whether bitcoin can rise a bit again. For myself, I set a target of $35,000," the expert said.
Cowen also talked about what will happen to other coins if the BTC price does reach this goal. He believes this will be insignificant news for the altcoin market, as it will most likely continue to crash in pairs with Bitcoin. "Upon reaching $35,000, Bitcoin at some point must go down," argues Cowen. "I think it will have to repeat some of these movements, as usually happens in the year preceding the halving. And at this point, the altcoin market will drop a little bit more, and the dominance of Bitcoin will continue to grow. Liquidity is drying up, so people see relative safety in Bitcoin compared to the altcoin market. But this does not mean that Bitcoin cannot fall, it means that it is somewhat safer."

? Marathon Digital CEO Fred Thiel reported that the global financial market is demonstrating a decrease in correlation between two assets that investors traditionally view as effective hedges against market volatility. While the price of Bitcoin is showing explosive growth, the price of gold is gradually decreasing. Fred Thiel suggested that this not only indicates a shift in priorities in favor of digital assets but also demonstrates the widening accessibility of bitcoin to a broader circle of investors.
In April, analytical company Kaiko cited data on the correlation between BTC and XAU within 50%. At the time, according to Kaiko analyst Dessislava Aubert, this represented the strongest link between the two assets in more than a year.

? According to technical analysis data, the main cryptocurrency's rate on the BTC/USD chart may form a new "bullish flag". This opinion was expressed by experts from Fairlead Strategies. "Bitcoin is digesting its gains during the consolidation phase," they said. "A new bullish flag might be forming, which will emerge when breaking above the weekly Ichimoku cloud around $31,900."
The experts explained that this figure consists of a pole and a flag. According to them, its pole represents the initial price rally, and the flag represents the subsequent consolidation, caused by a "temporary exhaustion of bullish sentiments" and the absence of strong pressure from sellers. According to the theory of technical analysis, once an asset breaks the price above the contour of the flag, it tends to grow by an amount approximately equal to the length of the pole.
In the case of bitcoin, the upward movement from the June 15, 2023, low at $24,790 to the June 23 high at $31,388 represents the pole, and the subsequent consolidation formed the flag. According to analysts, a potential BTC breakout will allow the cryptocurrency's cost to reach the next key resistance level at $35,900.

? Venture capitalist Tim Draper has revised the timeframe within which the price of the main cryptocurrency is supposed to grow to $250,000. "I think we'll have to wait a little longer," the billionaire wrote, adding that his forecast will come true by the end of June 2025 with a 100% probability.
Draper had previously predicted that the price of bitcoin would reach $250,000 by the end of 2022. When his forecast didn't come true, he extended the timeline for its realization by another six months to mid-2023. Now he has made a new "correction", adding that the BTC price will exceed his assumptions due to the adoption of cryptocurrency by women.
However, Draper expressed concern about the regulation of digital assets. "Law enforcement regulation is killing our economy," he wrote on June 20. "I think we have a real problem because the SEC is sowing fear, and all innovators are leaving the country... This forced regulation doesn't make sense."

Notice: These materials should not be deemed a recommendation for investment or guidance for working on financial markets: they are for informative purposes only. Trading on financial markets is risky and can lead to a loss of money deposited.

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CryptoNews of the Week

CryptoNews of the Week by NordFX in General Cryptocurrency Discussion_Crypto-News-12-07-2023

? As of the end of June, the primary cryptocurrency holdings belonging to Robert F. Kennedy Jr, the nephew of the 35th US president and a current electoral candidate, reached $250,000. This was revealed by a financial report discovered by CNBC. Kennedy's representatives confirmed that the funds are personally his.
Interestingly, during the Bitcoin-2023 conference, this presidential candidate called digital assets "a symbol of democracy and freedom," yet denied his investments in cryptocurrency. "I'm not an investor, and I'm not here to give investment advice," stated this electoral race participant at the time.

? Standard Chartered bank specialists predicted in April that bitcoin would reach $100,000 by the end of 2024. The figures from the July forecast look slightly higher. According to analysts, the price of bitcoin could exceed $50,000 this year, and by the end of next year, it might reach $120,000. "Increased miner profitability per mined BTC means they can sell less, preserving the inflow of funds, which reduces the net supply of the asset and leads to a price increase," explained Geoff Kendrick, the bank's analyst.

? The involvement of major investment firms in the race to launch spot bitcoin ETFs suggests that the leading cryptocurrency is no longer a "passing fad," stated Michael Sonnenshein, the CEO of Grayscale Investments. According to him, market participants are "responding positively to the inclusion of traditional financial institutions in bitcoin." "Recent news [...] underscores the resilience of this asset class in a broader sense, and many investors view [digital gold] as a unique investment opportunity," Sonnenshein added.

? Meta's new network Threads, often referred to as a Twitter clone, was launched on July 5. The user base of the new platform is approaching 100 million, largely due to Instagram users, though it is still far from matching Twitter's 450 million users.
It was previously reported that in the spring, eight popular cryptocurrency accounts on Twitter were hacked, resulting in the hackers acquiring nearly $1 million. It now seems that fraudsters have also turned their attention to the new network. Developers from the decentralized finance platform Wombex Finance reported the appearance of a counterfeit duplicate account on Threads, suggesting that extortionists may be operating there. Leonidas, one of the popular NFT bloggers, reported a similar case.

? Michael Van De Poppe, the founder of venture company Eight, believes that bitcoin is preparing for a surge to $41,000. The popular analyst bases his opinion on the recent rise in the price of the leading cryptocurrency and Fibonacci levels. According to him, "the previous annual high for BTC was overcome in April. And now we are seeing increasingly higher highs, as traders build upward momentum and positions." "To continue the upward trend that we call a bull cycle, bitcoin needs to reach a new and clearer high," explains Michael Van De Poppe. "There are several points that can help determine the potential for further growth using Fibonacci levels. And right now, I would say we're facing a rally up to $41,000."
"There are two scenarios - growth above the current high, followed by some consolidation and retracement before a new rise. Or consolidation at current levels, followed by accelerated growth over the next few months. For bitcoin, this is pretty standard behaviour. And then we'll move towards $41,000 or even $42,500," predicts the analyst.

? Robert Kiyosaki, an economist and the author of the well-known book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad," has made another bold statement. He asserts that by 2024, bitcoin will reach a value of $120,000 per coin. Kiyosaki bases his forecast on the belief that BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) will soon adopt the gold standard and release their own gold-backed cryptocurrency. This could undermine the dominance of the US dollar in the global economy and lead to its devaluation. He also warns that many traditional financial institutions may go bankrupt in the near future due to their imprudent decisions and corruption.
In light of this, Kiyosaki recommends protecting one's funds from inflation by purchasing physical and digital gold. He also believes that bitcoin is one of the best ways not only to preserve but also to increase capital amid the instability of the financial system.
(For reference: On July 11, the Russian Parliament passed a law establishing legal norms for the introduction of the digital rouble.)

? Markus Thielen, Head of Research at crypto financial service Matrixport, forecasts a similar figure, albeit not at the start but by the end of 2024. He stated in an interview with CoinDesk that the quotations of the premier cryptocurrency could exceed the $125,000 mark by the end of next year. "On June 22, bitcoin reached a new annual high. Historically, this signal indicated the end of bearish and the beginning of bullish markets," he explained.
According to Thielen, the price of bitcoin could skyrocket by 123% over 12 months and by 310% over a year and a half. With such growth, the asset's price would rise to $65,539 and $125,731 respectively. The expert's forecast is based on the average returns of similar signals in the past: in August 2012, December 2015, May 2019, and August 2020. Thielen deliberately ignores the first case with a growth of 5,285% over 18 months, describing it as "epic" and "disproportional."

? Guy Turner, the host of the popular cryptocurrency channel Coin Bureau on YouTube, believes that in the medium term, there are two factors in favor of a massive growth of ethereum. The main one is the EIP-4844 update, which is expected to introduce a preliminary sharding (segmentation) mechanism for the network of the main altcoin. This update will be extremely important as it could, theoretically, give Ethereum the ability to scale on par with centralized systems.
The show host also noted that the issue of privacy remains very important. According to him, the developers of the second-largest cryptocurrency remain extremely concerned about this issue. "The huge focus on privacy and security is not surprising if you think about institutional investors. For them, it's a cornerstone," Turner highlighted. He recalled that Vitalik Buterin has raised this issue repeatedly, calling it "one of the three problems that need to be solved, otherwise ethereum will collapse.".

? Analyst and trader Michael Pizzino believes that a fall in the US dollar could lead to price increases for cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, SOL, MATIC, XRP, Gala, and Render. In his opinion, the dollar is ready for a sharp devaluation. However, the expert does not consider an apocalyptic scenario of the collapse of the main global currency, since the dynamics of its exchange rate are slower than for other classes of financial assets.
Still, Pizzino predicts a steady downward trend for USD in the foreseeable period and a redistribution of funds in favor of digital assets. The macrographic chart suggests their upward trend, and considering the correlation between USD and BTC, a decline in the former could contribute to an increase in the value of the latter, which would then be followed by an increase in the value of other crypto assets.

? Lightning Labs, a company specializing in software development, has unveiled its latest product: a plugin for ChatGPT that allows sending Bitcoin payments. Lightning Labs also presented a set of tools for developers that allow AI models like GPT to carry out bitcoin transactions on the Lightning Network. This step aims to bring AI technologies closer to the world of cryptocurrency, paves the way for new innovations, and promotes the development of this field.

Notice: These materials should not be deemed a recommendation for investment or guidance for working on financial markets: they are for informative purposes only. Trading on financial markets is risky and can lead to a loss of money deposited.

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