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VIP Member Rank

What is it?

  • It is a special class of forum members that comes with certain benefits. See below for details.


  • No beginning moderation for new members. Typical members need 10 approved posts before they no longer get moderated. VIP skips this and can post right away without moderation.
  • No whitelisting requirement for VIP!
  • VIP members can be Fast-Tracked into the forum. They can skip the registration process entirely if they want by contacting Administration.
  • Forum signatures included - these are automatically appended at the bottom of VIP posts. It is a great way of advertising your own website or even a referral link!
  • VIP members get extra website traffic since they can set their own website link from within their profile. This link will show up next to every post they make. The link can direct to your own website, social media profile, or even a referral link. See attached video clip for an example.
  • 5000 FREE forum points!
  • Limited Gold title bar next to every post you make.  It stands out compared to regular members since the only other members that even have a title bar are Admin and Moderators!
  • Special Gold color in the 'Users Online' list that is unlike other ranks.
  • The VIP title will be on your profile page.

How to become VIP?

  • The only way to get this is to be a paid member.
  • The status cannot be earned like other ranks. It can only be assigned by forum administration.
  • If you are already registered at the Forex Zone, and then become a paid member later, just email '' or PM Admin to claim your VIP status.
  • If you are not already registered at the Forex Zone, but want to register, send an email to '' to be fast-tracked. You will skip the whitelisting requirement and be assigned VIP rank.


  • Please use the same email address used for your paid membership to avoid any delay or confusion in assigning you VIP rank.
  • Becoming a VIP member is considered a one-time process. So once you are VIP, you are locked in for the life of the forum account!
  • VIP rank should not be viewed as a license to break forum rules. Please do your best to obey all forum rules.
  • Your forum signature will be visible once per page to guests browsing the forum and to members who are currently logged out. However, your signature will be visible under every post to members who are currently logged in though.
  • Your forum signature will also be visible to anyone viewing your forum profile page.
  • Website links show up whenever someone clicks on your username next to your post. They are accessible next to every post you make.
  • See the membership page for full membership details. VIP rank is only one benefit included, but there are several other benefits included too.

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