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Forex Zone Trading Rebates

The Forex Zone forum operates a trading rebate system. Some may also call this a 'pip rebate' or 'forex rebate' system. The more you trade, the more you earn. The rebates are paid weekly to the method of your choice.




  • Real Earning - Earn for doing what you would already be doing anyways. The more you trade, the more you earn. There is no limit on earnings.
  • Residual Income Potential - Long-term traders who trade frequently may receive consistent residual income.
  • No Risk - Receive free trading money from the Forex Zone and use this to trade with. There is no risk involved since the money you received was free to begin with.
  • No Strict Requirements - There is no need to meet high trading volumes or to wait a long time for your rebates.
  • Flexible - Trade however you want, whenever you want, and for as long as you want. Simply obey any existing rules set by the broker and that is all.



  • You open a new trading account with one of the brokers listed above using the provided links. Existing accounts might also qualify, but you will need to contact the broker and ask them to switch you under our IB code. They usually do this no problem as long as you have not switched IB's before.
  • PM Admin or send an email to '' so a quick check can be made to see if the account was tracked properly.
  • Pass the broker's full KYC procedure (if any). You may be asked to provide proof (eg. screenshot) of this. This is a one-time process.
  • Fund your account. For free trading money, participate in one of the forum's promotions or contests (eg. Points System).
  • Start trading as you normally would.
  • When you are ready to receive a trading rebate payment, simply send a PM to Admin or email ''.


  • $2.50/week:  You trade with FxGlory with a very small balance. You trade EURUSD with the smallest lot size of only 0.01 lots. Each trade you make will earn you $0.05. You make 10 trades per day and trade 5 days per week.
  • $25/week: You trade with FxGlory with a medium size balance. Let's say you converted forum points for $150 free trading money. You trade EURUSD with a lot size of 0.10 lots. Each trade you make will earn you $0.50. You make 10 trades per day and trade 5 days per week.
  • $250/week: You trade with FxGlory with a larger balance of $500. You trade EURUSD with lot sizes of 1.00 per trade. Each trade you make will earn you $5.00 in trade rebates. You make 10 trades per day and trade 5 days per week.

Note: These are examples of what is possible. FxGlory has 1:3000 leverage and 50% deposit bonuses. So it is possible to make even more with FxGlory than what the examples show. Increasing lot sizes and the frequency of trading will increase trading rebates.


  • Bitcoin (ideal for larger payments)
  • Burst coin (fast and very low transaction fees)


  • FxGlory: Trades must be open for at least 7 minutes to count.
  • FxGlory: Cryptocurrency trades pay about half the commission as regular Forex trades.
  • CryptoAltum: Trades must be open for at least 1 minute to count.


Question) Can I convert forum points for free trading money and still receive trade rebates?

Answer) Yes

Question) If I trade with free trading money, can I still keep any profit if I want to stop trading and withdraw?

Answer) Yes, you can still keep any profit you make from trading and also keep trading rebates too.

Question) Where does the money come from to pay trading rebates?

Answer) Brokers have spreads/commissions for each trade a trader makes. Brokers share some of these spreads/commissions with the IB (eg. Forex Zone) who referred the trader to them. We pay half the the revenue earned from the broker back to you.

Question) How much can I earn from trading rebates?

Answer) This depends on the broker you trade with, the symbol you trade, the frequency of your trades, and the volume of your trades. The more frequent you trade then the more you will earn. Also, the more lots you trade with then the more you will earn. As a general example, let's say you trade with FxGlory with a small balance. You trade EURUSD with the smallest lot size of only 0.01 lots. Each trade you make will earn you $0.05. Now, let's say you make 10 trades per day and trade 5 days per week. You would earn $2.50 in trading rebates every week.

Question) Does opening an account using the link from Forex Zone affect my trading conditions?

Answer) No! You receive the exact same trading conditions as someone who does not open an account through the link. So spreads and commissions are the same, prices are the same, and so on.

Question) I want to save up my rebates and withdraw once per month instead. Is that possible?

Answer) Yes, the trading rebates will accumulate until you want to withdraw. Whenever you are ready to withdraw trading rebates, just contact Forex Zone admin.

Question) I received less Bitcoin than I expected. Why?

Answer) Bitcoin can be very volatile at times. Bitcoin transactions can also take a while to confirm. During this process, the price of Bitcoin may have moved greatly. Also, Bitcoin transaction fees are deducted from the payment. It is not uncommon for Bitcoin transaction fees to be around $5. So it doesn't make sense to request a small payment of $10 and pay $5 in transaction fees. Using Bitcoin is better for long-term traders who want to accumulate the rebates longer or high frequency traders. Otherwise, it's better to use Burst coin instead because Burst is very cheap and faster than Bitcoin.

Question) Where can I see the status of my current trading rebates?

Answer) The best answer to this is just to look in your trading history in your trading terminal. The trades you have opened/closed should generate trading rebates on our side as long as you obeyed any broker rules. There is no portal or back office provided by Forex Zone to check accumulated rebates. All rebates are manually reviewed and paid by Forex Zone.


  • Trading rebates are paid out upon request, but no more than once per week.
  • Trading rebates will continue to accumulate until requested and paid.
  • The minimum that will be paid out is $10 or equivalent.
  • Trades made should obey all broker rules. Examples: scalping, hedging, minimum time open, etc...
  • Trades that do not show up here or which are not credited for some reason are not eligible for rebates.
  • Bitcoin transaction fees will be deducted from the total rebate payments.
  • Traders who receive free trading money are also bound by the terms at Forex Zone Transfers To Brokers.
  • Trading accounts must be opened using one of the links on this forum. If the account does not show up here, the account does not qualify to receive trading rebates.
  • The sharing of accounts between forum members is prohibited. Only your own personal account may be used. Members caught sharing accounts or trying to receive money on behalf of another forum member will forfeit their trading rebates and may be ineligible for future contests or promotions. If you cannot open your own account as mentioned above, please do not participate.
  • This trading rebates program is operated by the Forex Zone forum. DO NOT CONTACT THE BROKERS MENTIONED ABOVE WITH QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS about our trading rebates program. This will be a waste of everyone's time. All questions or concerns regarding trading rebates should be directed to the Forex Zone forum. If we receive complaints, you may be excluded from trading rebates, other contests/promotions, and other disciplinary actions may be taken.
  • Participation in this trading rebates program is optional and done according to your own will.
  • You are responsible for the accounting and recording of your own income, if any, that you receive for tax purposes. We will not send out tax forms or get involved with your taxes unless it becomes legally mandatory to do so.
  • Under no circumstances will we be held liable for any damages or losses you incur by participating.
  • The terms and conditions may change at any time. You are responsible for checking back here for updated terms or conditions, if any.
  • If you do not agree with all the terms and conditions stated, do not participate.

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  • Forex Zone Trading Rebates in Promotions_index
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Two new sections have been added to the 1st post called "KNOWN BROKER LIMITATIONS" and "TRADING REBATE EXAMPLES". These only provide more clarity, but no changes have been made.
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