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SuperTrend with Chebyshev Filter Indicator

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SuperTrend with Chebyshev Filter


  • This indicator is based on the classic Super Trend indicator. It includes a Chebyshev filter, which reduces false signals and improves overall signal quality. The Chebyshev filter is a powerful mathematical tool which produces smoother and more responsive signals without additional lag. The indicator helps identify market trends and potential entry & exit points. It displays simple colored trend lines. The SuperTrend with Chebyshev Filter indicator can be used as a filter for existing trading strategies or even as a standalone strategy.


SuperTrend with Chebyshev Filter Indicator in TradingView - Pine Script Indicators_topic=4127

User Inputs:

  • Source
  • Mean Length
  • Mean Ripple
  • True/False to use Chebyshev or not
  • ATR Length
  • Multiplier


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