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YouTube Video Presentation

Hello friends, I am testing this Scalper 2025 EA and I would like to hear your comments on more systems. The goal of these tests is to find several EAs that give a real return of 10-20% per month and build a solid asset base that puts money in my pocket every month.

It is important that you have a balance of $1000 and that you open trades of 0.01, so that the risk is as low as possible.

I have made a video to explain the results of the two weeks that I have been using the system and I accompany it with statistics and investor password. If you know of other EAs that meet the requirements and that you have had good results please share with the community.

Investor: 0|10Xmx1IYJ&
Login : 500687311 

If you visit the youtube channel, subscribe and thus help me to do a better job. Thank you

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