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Please follow these simple and clear rules when posting in this 'Trading Signals' section:

  • You do NOT need prior approval before starting new topics in this section. Members are free to post new topics without receiving permission first.
  • Before starting a new topic, first check to make sure a similar topic doesn't already exist. If a similar topic already exists, post in that existing topic instead of creating a new one.
  • This section is only for posting actual trading signals used in Forex/Crypto trading. Trading signals should be based on a real trading strategy or system. Do not post content which is not an actual trading signal.
  • Only high-quality signals are wanted. If you would not trade your signals yourself with your own money, then do not post them here.
  • Members who submit signals are expected to either show proof (eg. indicator screenshot) of how the signal was produced or show the results of their signals. This cuts back on fake signals and also helps members know who is a good signal provider and who is not. Signals are considered incomplete until either proof is shown or the signal result is posted.
  • A good way to show your signal results is to simply modify your original post after the signal is complete and include a screenshot of the chart and/or the trading result. If you plan on posting many signals, another way is to start your own signal topic and include investor mode access (eg. view-only access) so members can login and see the signal results for themselves.
  • Anyone caught intentionally posting fake signals/results to mislead other members, to inflate their post count, or to gain more profile views, may receive disciplinary action. It's understood mistakes happen and nobody is perfect. All we ask is that you be honest and have good intentions when posting.
  • Advertising your trading signal service is allowed, but it's expected that real trading signals be provided. If you do not want to share free signals, post your service in the advertisement section instead.
  • Outbound links that may contribute to the content of the topic are allowed. Some examples of allowable links include links to screenshots or videos.
  • Do not create multiple forum topics about the same type of generated signals. For example, if your generated signals are for different time frames, there is no need to create a new topic for each time frame. Or if your signals are for EURUSD and there is already an existing topic for EURUSD, it's better to post in that existing topic instead of creating a new one. Try to post signals in the same topic or in as few topics as possible to keep the forum organized or uncluttered.

We reserve the right to remove or modify content which does not abide by the rules stated above.

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