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You may be concerned about why a email address is required just to register on this forum. This is a valid concern and below are the reasons why.

Unlike other forums and websites, the Forex Zone actually pays out to it's members. The Forex Zone provides several bonuses, contests, and promotions that pay out. They are very expensive to operate.


  • Points System
  • Posting bonuses
  • Daily Contest
  • Weekly Contest
  • Holiday Contest
  • Signa Faucet
  • and more...

Unfortunately, these unique benefits attract many cheaters. For example, without requiring a real email address, a single person could register many forum accounts in order to increase their chances of winning a contest. Another example is how spammers could create many fake accounts to post their spam messages. These problems plagued the Forex Zone in the past. So requiring a real email address helps prevent cheating. It is our goal to have real people join and to keep out all the bots, spammers, and cheaters.

The Forex Zone forum takes your privacy very seriously. We NEVER share or sell your personal information! We also do not send out advertisements, newsletters, or anything similar. Your email will only be used for forum related purposes and not for marketing or anything else.

Registering at the Forex Zone forum with a personal email address is OPTIONAL since you may still browse and download from the forum without registering. If you have any doubt about how your personal information is handled, please do not register.

Read some supplemental information related to this matter in our Privacy Policy.

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