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Thinking about joining the Forex Zone but still not sure? Just read below to have your mind changed.

Forex Zone Benefits:

  • Unlike other online forums and websites, the FOREX ZONE ACTUALLY PAYS out to it's members!
  • The Forex Zone offers unique ways to EARN (see below).
  • We offer several bonuses and contests.
  • No annoying pop-ups, pop-unders, or exit pops.
  • No forced downloads, malware, or viruses.
  • We are a commercial-friendly forum. That means, no bans just for posting a link and no waiting for permission to create a new topic. Just follow the simple rules and you can promote your product or service here.
  • We do not send out newsletters or marketing emails. You will only receive emails directly related to the forum (eg. new PMs, password reset, and so on).
  • The Forex Zone has a generous referral program with instant approval.
  • We use cookie-less analytics which is GDPR and PECR compliant.

Ways To Earn:

Did you know?

  • Getting whitelisted to join the forum is a one-time process. You can even use the same account for future bonuses and contests too.
  • VIP members get fast-tracked into the forum and skip whitelisting.
  • VIP members get special benefits which covers the cost of the membership over time. It pays for itself!
  • Every post automatically enters you into the daily contest. At the same time, this same post earned you points too. Also, FZT holders get an instant reward after every post. So you get double or even TRIPLE THE BENEFIT from the same post!
  • Guests do not get access to the full functionality of the forum (eg. searching, member profile pages, etc). So becoming a free member will unlock extra features.
  • Points can be converted into Bitcoin, FZT, or real trading money, whichever you prefer. If FZT, you get automatic daily payouts, receive posting bonuses, and also get entered into the weekly contest. If you choose real trading money, you get trading rebates in addition to all profit you make!
  • Each bonus, contest, or promotion this forum offers always has current details in the 1st post of that topic. Most of your questions will be answered already in that 1st post.
  • If you see a bold green "ACTIVE" in the 1st post, it means everything is currently operating as usual.

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