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Country of release - South Africa

What does the data mean to the market?  Higher interest rates are great for the value of the currency. Higher interest rates will create a BUY on ZAR Pairs and vice versa.

Historic Deviations and Their Outcome
We see deviations often. We have seen 4 deviations since November 2018.which is great from a two-monthly report.

April 2020 - We had a surprise cut of 1.5%, it was unscheduled, and the market wasn't ready to react. We don't have a chart for this, as it's an infrequent scenario.

March 2020 - An excellent cut of -0.50 gave a 1600 pip move over 3 mins. Not on the chart the data arrives 9 mins late, so the chart time is 13.09
See charts here.;i=16529;t=2020-03-19;r=M1

Today's Forecasts

Forecast No Change at 3.50%

Today's Trade Plan

If we see a 0.25 deviation, then we can expect the market to go into shock, and we would target a total move of at least 800 pips. Hopefully, this would provide multiple opportunities to enter and rack up some nice pips.

Tradeable Pairs

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