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Today there will be the minutes of the FOMC meeting on April 28-29, 2021, it is estimated that this will have a high impact on the USD. The minutes of the FOMC meeting are released 8 times per year, about 3 weeks after the announcement of the Fed's interest rates. This data reveals the final voting results and opinions of the FOMC members at the meeting. The difference between the voting results and the committee members' statements will have an impact on the USD. At its last meeting on March 17-18, The Fed kept its benchmark interest rate at the level of 0 to +0.25 percent, according to market forecasts. The statement stated that the Fed will continue to purchase bonds worth USD120 billion per month even though the increase in inflation and economic improvements have been seen.

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FOMC is an abbreviation of the Federal Open Market Committee, which is actually a collection of the Fed (US Central Bank) officials who have been voted in determining US monetary policy. The monetary policy produced in the Federal Open Market Committee meeting has a major impact on the US economy wheel. Investors and other market participants will always observe the Federal Open Market Committee, because USD affected by the Federal Open Market Committee verdict has a big role as a world currency.
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