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The annual Forex Zone Holiday Contest will be restarting later today at 10 PM UTC!

Make sure to read the 1st post for current details. Good luck to everyone!
#331 - November 01, 2023, 02:45:57 PM
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Good afternoon and Good days for everyone.

Finally, the yearly contest with grand prizes available again for this years. This was marked as successfully growth for Forexzone forum for past years. I wish to a congratulation speech to admin and teams to ensure the forum active and shared more knowledge to everyone to learns and sharing in this platform.

I hope everyone will support Forexzone more and bring more glory to the teams.
Even i not posted many in this forum, i still love to read the information shared in this platform which is bring me more knowledge to improve my trading skills analysis.

Thanks you to Admin and the team for the platforms.;D
I also hope i can win again this years, i'm attach the post that i win before to encourage others to participate and winning too. Good luck everyone.

#332 - November 11, 2023, 08:32:35 AM

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Tuesday, November 14 2023

As an opening, I would like to express my deepest thanks to the forum administrator, moderator and all those interested in this forum and do not forget also to all the members in this beloved forum.

It doesn't feel like we are already at the end of 2023 and it doesn't even feel like we are approaching Christmas and New Year celebrations. I am very happy right now, especially seeing the development of this forum which is increasingly showing its performance in becoming a forum for everyone to be able to learn about everything. related to forex and cryptocurrency and I see more and more forum facilities that pamper all its members.

 I feel that this forum will never be able to fail and what's even more amazing is the consistency that this forum provides for all of us and I have felt many benefits this year. Among them

 - I have several times received daily contests in the form of 1000 signa which are distributed randomly every day

 - I feel that every post is also paid with signa coins and it is also free and without delay.

 - I also redeemed my points several times for free trading money and tokens made by this forum, namely FZT, everything was paid instantly and with complicated and strict requirements.

-and what is no less interesting is that I get a sign every 4 minutes when investing in sFZT

 I am very grateful, especially to the forum admin and moderators who always maintain the stability of the forum and almost every year something is different, I am very proud to be part of this forum until now and hopefully forever. I hope and always pray for the best so that this forum will continue to exist forever and become an important part of the world community to be able to learn about the world of forex and crypto.

Finally, I would like to say thank you very much to everyone. Always good luck for the forex zone forum.

 November 14, 2023

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#333 - November 14, 2023, 09:50:08 AM

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As 2023 comes to a close, I just wanted to say how much I have learned from the Forexzone forum and how much it is appreciated.  I hope everyone has a great holiday season and a happy and prosperous New Year!

#334 - November 14, 2023, 04:39:27 PM
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Hello everyone, let me introduce myself as Ikhtiar and I have joined this forum since May 24 2023.
In my opinion, this forum has a variety of topics, ranging from hobbies, knowledge, to personal experiences. At first, I was just a spectator reading the interesting discussions, but over time, I felt more and more involved. has also been a great place to expand my knowledge. Forum members willingly share personal experiences, tips and useful information. I learned many new things and discovered different perspectives, which certainly enriched my knowledge.
This positive experience completely changed the way I view the forex trading community. This forum is not only a place to get information, but also a means to socialize, share stories and expand your network. I feel lucky to have found this community and to immerse myself in such a fun experience.
Apart from getting the opportunity to learn more, I also received prizes from several contests held at, which of course added to my excitement. One of the most enjoyable moments was when I won a daily contest and at that time I immediately got 1000 signs from the admin. , and from the posts I made I also got 5 signs per post.
Finally, on this occasion I would like to say thank you to forex.Zone and the Admin who have given me many opportunities to be able to achieve my success. I also want to wish all forum members a Merry Christmas and New Year.
#335 - November 17, 2023, 01:10:05 AM

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Good morning everyone,
I hope all our activities will be given ease and smoothness.

It doesn't feel like it will be long before we welcome the new year 2024 and of course there are many hopes and prayers that we will include and today is exactly one year since I joined this extraordinary forum.  I feel proud to be part of the family in this forum and I am very grateful to the administrator, owner and developer of this ForexZone forum because over time this forum is getting better and better with many interesting facilities.  I feel there are many benefits that we can take from this forum, there are many prizes, contests and education that we can get for free.  One of the advantages is that even if we don't register on the forum, we can still download indicators or EAs for free which we can use for our trading.  Some of the benefits I have felt this year when using the forum facilities are:

 - I get a daily prize in the form of 1000 random signum coins which we can exchange directly if we want to exchange it into another currency

 - I also feel a lot of benefits just by posting we get signum coins for free just by investing FZT according to how much we have.

 - I also get passive income from the FZT staking pool by investing some FZT and getting coin signum.

And several other benefits, but in essence all of this is thanks to the administrator's efforts to pamper the members who join here. Nowhere in the world is there a forum as loyal as ForexZone, therefore it is very important for us to continue to maintain the development of this forum well and  I hope that with the arrival of the new year 2024, this forum will be even bigger and develop more facilities that will be better in the following years, maybe that's all I can say here.  I would like to thank the administrator of this forum.  Hopefully we will all always be part of a family that can develop this forum together forever.  Finally, I would like to wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR FOREXZONE.
#336 - November 29, 2023, 07:02:12 AM

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Hello friends,

Today we have entered the month of December, where this month is the last month of 2023, of course we have to welcome this month cheerfully because apart from celebrating the big day of Christmas, we will also celebrate the new year 2024, just like this forum which always holds very big surprises.  It's interesting that this Forexzone forum always consistently holds very beautiful year-end contests and that definitely makes this forum popular.  This Forexzone forum is one of the international forums that exists to meet the needs of both beginners and professional traders. We will be presented with various kinds of education and contests that can be participated in for FREE!!!  that's why I believe there is no forum that can compete with this forum because we get so many benefits.  One of the benefits we can get here is:
 1. We can get free educational understanding here for those who want to learn forex for beginners
 2. Free indicators and EAs are provided which are very expensive out there and here we can download them for free.
 3. There are many other benefits such as contests, paid signum posts and trading rebates
 4. And what makes this forum special is that we can request to create MQL4 and MQL5 or EA code for free or for a fee if you want and there is also a trading rebate that you can use as additional income for those of you who are interested.

Because of the many benefits that we can get here, I am very sure that there is no forum that is greater than Forex Zone, there is no forum that can give lots of prizes like this and the great thing is that every year there is always something new, therefore I pray and hope that this forum will be even more successful.  every year and of course this forum will be more lasting because I am sure there will be many people who need this forum.  Maybe that's all I can say here. Finally, I would like to thank the admin, moderator and all members who have supported the progress of this forum.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2024


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#337 - December 01, 2023, 07:29:09 AM

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Forex Zone Holiday Contest in Forex Contests_Black-White-Modern-Happy-New-Year-FAcebook-Post

Sunday, 3 December 2023

Hi everybody,
First of all, I would like to thank the forum administrators who have held this holiday contest for the umpteenth time. I see that this forum is becoming more consistent and successful in running several contests and promotions. I see many significant developments in this forum, some of which I  What I know here after a while of reading is :

1.There are additional brokers who collaborate with this forexzone forum
2. There is a staking pool that wants to get signum payments every 4 minutes
3.There are members with VIP positions who will be like special members
4.There are various updated EAs and Indicators
And so forth

Maybe next year I will try to be active in this forum because it's a shame I'm too late to be active in the forum, in this forum we can learn a lot about forex and cryptocurrency trading for free. We also have the opportunity to develop our careers if we want to promote our business here and  What I like most here is the admin who is very friendly and always answers what we ask and the answers are very detailed and long, unlike other forums which are sometimes slow.  I can't give the best for this forum, but I am very happy with this forum. I only hope that this forum will always be there for the next year and can help us beginners who want to learn about the world of trading and investment.
Finally I want to say thank you Forex Zone I always love you.
#338 - December 03, 2023, 07:31:21 AM

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It doesn't feel like in a few weeks we will enter the new year 2024 where at that time we will start a new journey to be more successful than the previous year.

First of all, I want to thank the Forex zone forum because it has taught me a lot about the world of trading.  forex and cryptocurrency, although I am not active in this forum, I have also used this forum several times to learn and download free indicators and EA, which not all forums have.  Another great thing about this forum is that apart from being free, there are also many contests or promotions held every day, every week, even annually, such as this Holiday Contest.  I feel grateful to be able to join and take advantage of some of the facilities available in this forum and I feel honored to be here, plus the forum administrators are also friendly and do not act as they please with their members.

Here, of course, apart from learning about the correct way to trade, we also learn to invest, like FZT tokens, there is no international forum in the world that I know of that is capable of making its own tokens, therefore I am 100% sure that no one can compete with the greatness of this forum in terms of benefits and rewards.  , maybe I will start doing activities again in the near future and I hope that in the future this Forex zone forum will be even more powerful and developed, maybe that's what I can share here.

happy Christmas and New Year 2024 to everyone, I hope we all get ease in life This.  Thank you Forex zone
#339 - December 05, 2023, 06:56:02 AM

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Good morning all,
How are you all I hope you are always well and always given strength.

I am very happy because after this we all welcome the new year.  And as usual, the ForexZone forum always holds annual contests, from the beginning until now it has never been absent, and I actually participated last year.

This forum is special because of the many offers given including contests and promotions which are held until now. I also can't understand why there is a forum as great as this which pampers its members with various prizes. There are several promotions or contests that I like here, the first is money trading where  when we post and collect points when collected we can exchange them for free trading money without conditions, where out there you definitely have to meet certain lot or volume requirements, secondly there is a trading rebate we can get a rebate just by increasing the trading volume and I really like that and  the third is posting bonuses where at the same time apart from getting points when posting we also get signa coin bonuses as long as we hold some FZT tokens.

Here, basically there are complete indicators, EAs, knowledge that can be downloaded for free, there are also indicators or custom EAs according to request.  This is truly a great breakthrough.  Therefore, I always recommend supporting and joining this forum because this forum is unmatched.  Success always for ForexZone.Merry Christmas and New Year 2024, hopefully the future will be better.

Best Regards
#340 - December 07, 2023, 06:45:22 AM

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Forum admin
Forum moderator
All forex zone members

Thank God we can still meet today and head into the new year 2024. I see many significant developments in this forum, especially promotion and contest issues.  And for many times the Forex Zone routinely holds holiday contests every year, and this is one of the biggest forum contests ever. To be honest, I haven't found many forums like this, and there are several kinds of contests and promotions ranging from crypto to money trading.  One thing that makes this forum superior is the existence of sustainable income such as FZT tokens and trading rebates. I feel that even someone who is unemployed should be obliged to use this forum and use it as a business opportunity.
I just say thank you for being able to join this forum with great benefits.  I hope that in the future this forum will become a forum and facility for everyone who needs investment education and increase income through trading or crypto.

Thank you very much forex zone.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2024
#341 - December 10, 2023, 07:03:22 AM

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Hello forum.

In the near future we will change months and the new year 2024 will be before our eyes, we will all welcome it happily, this is the second time I have participated in a holiday contest on this forum.  And I think this forum is still the best until now.

Several promotions held by this forum make it stand out among other forums such as (daily contests, posting bonuses, free trading money and many others). Of course, we as members must really provide support for this forum.  I think this forum will last a long time and I'm sure every year there are new programs that's the greatness of this forum and in the near future maybe I will take part in some of these contests or promotions.  That's all from me, more or less, please forgive me. Continued success for the forex zone.
#342 - December 11, 2023, 07:16:37 AM

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December 13, 2023
Wednesday morning.
I want to say a lot of gratitude because we still met and I was given the opportunity to experience the new year 2024 which is only a few days away and Christmas next week.  I feel very happy about this forum because it always provides useful education for everyone.  I know this forum from social media and I am interested in joining here. There are lots of advantages and benefits that I personally feel, especially for the need for knowledge to learn trading where I can learn for free. Until now, sometimes I am embarrassed that I have not been able to contribute to this forum because I have  I've been helped a lot by the facilities of this forum, starting from several free indicators that I downloaded and several types of technical analysis and signals that friends have shared here.  I feel this forum is very complete in providing benefits to everyone, everything is in line with my expectations.  We can also learn a lot about the correct way to invest in foreign exchange or crypto and I hope that in the future this forum will further expand its wings in the international world in providing understanding, educating and producing new, reliable traders.  Apart from that, I would like to say thank you very much for everything so far.  Good luck with forexzone.

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#343 - December 13, 2023, 06:34:51 AM

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greetings to everyone.

I am very happy that in a few days we will celebrate Christmas and a week after that we will celebrate the New Year and I can't believe that this Forex Zone forum will be 6 years old next year and is still in existence now, even better. I read that there are several new promotions being presented here, I really like it.  I'm proud of this forum because what I know is that usually in other forums, the longer the forum gets, the more boring it is and the fewer benefits it has, but not with this Forex Zone forum. As the years go by, more and more promotions, contests and other benefits grow.  Here we can learn anything and get whatever we need. I fully support everyone who must join this forum because everything is complete.  For example, if we need education, we can learn for free in the education section. If we need free indicators or EAs, we just download them. If we want free trading, we can just post and then exchange points for free trading money. If we want to invest, we can invest in FZT tokens and what's even better is  For every post we are also paid signum coins automatically, so there is no need to doubt this forum. I hope that with all this, we will become reliable traders or investors together and thank you admin for creating the most perfect and most interesting forum in the world.  I hope God will reward your goodness.  Hopefully in 2024 we will be even better. Success for everyone.
Thank you Forex Zone

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#344 - December 16, 2023, 03:43:51 AM

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Hello my friends,
How are you all?
I hope everyone is healthy and given a long life.

Can't believe we have entered the second week of December and on the 25th tomorrow we celebrate Christmas. It has become a tradition in this forum that every year we always hold a contest with big prizes and this definitely makes all the members here very happy.  I really like this forum because it is simple, elegant but has many functions so it is not only for learning about the world of forex but we are presented with various kinds of investments and types of work.

Only here in this forum, apart from being smart about trading, we can also earn money and maybe even make it our main job.  For example, we learn while posting and then get points and exchange them for trading and later we get money or rebates and this is sustainable. I guarantee there is no other forum like this, let alone without conditions.  Most other forums definitely use lot requirements or turnover limits here, it's free without that, all of that is one example of the greatness of this forum.

I hope this forum can help all of you as a place for learning or a place to earn income. This forum will definitely be the best forum ever I found.
Merry Christmas 2023 to everyone.
#345 - December 16, 2023, 07:04:39 AM


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