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The Scalping FX!
MONITOR: (Working with 2.5% monthly growth target).
        The5%ers 100K Bootcamp Challenge 1.


My name is Murat Yazici. I have B.Sc. Statistics and M.Sc. Quantitative Methods degrees. I have several scientific papers, conference presentations in Texas, Toronto, London, Istanbul, books and book chapters studies, and many projects about mathematical and statistical modelling. I am also journal reviewer at some scientific journals.
Awards, papers, and others: Academic works list.

What is the Logic of the Scalping FX EA?
It is based on A Fuzzy Model developed by me.
Vague or fuzzy data and application several fields, such as psychometry, image recognition, artificial intelligence, etc. Some factors cannot be described accurately  the best description of these kinds of output is that they are fuzzy outputs [1][2]
  • initial_balance : Your initial balance must be written in here.
  • Time of allow trading to start: You can choose any times to start trading as an hour. || Suggestion:  8.
  • Time to stop trading: You can write any times to stop trading as an hour.                  || Suggestion: 17.
  • LotSize: You must write your lotsize.
  • _growth: For 2.5% growth monthly target, you must write 1.025, for 5% growth monthly target you must write 1.05.
                  You should work with a monthly target like above. The EA does not open any trades for that month
                  after touching the target.
You must run the Scalping FX EA together on the following pairs; eurusd, usdchf, gbpusd and audusd.
While during a backtest you must use all pairs. As you know, Metatrader 4 does not allow multicurrency backtesting.

The Scalping FX uses an indicator based on a fuzzy mathematical trend prediction model called the Pearson Trend.
You can write me any time!!
Murat YAZICI, M.Sc.
  • H. Tanaka, H.  Ishibuchi,  Identification of possibilistic  linear  systems  by  quadratic membership  functions of fuzzy parameters, Fuzzy Sets Systems 41 (191) 145-160.
  • H. Tanaka, H.  Ishibuchi, S. Yoshikawa, Exponential  possibility  regression  analysis, Fuzzy Sets Systems  69 (1995) 305-318

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