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Commercial Content Rules in Forex Advertisements_exclamation New!
Please follow these simple and clear rules when posting in this commercial content section:

1) You do NOT need prior approval before starting new topics in this section.

2) Your advertisement topic should be updated regularly. Do not post a new topic and never come back again. You should update your topic with new content, answer questions, and so on. We will remove any advertisements which become inactive.

2) Do not create multiple forum topics which advertise the same product/service and say basically the same thing. Only one topic per product/service is allowed. If you would like even more traffic and exposure, Paid advertisements are also available.

3) Before starting a new topic, first check to make sure a similar topic doesn't already exist. If a similar topic already exists, post in that existing topic instead of creating a new one.

4) This section is for Forex related advertisements only. Some examples may include Forex VPS, Expert Advisors for sale, or just a general Forex website that you want promoted. Do not post content which is not related to Forex.

5) All advertisements should contain unique content. Do not copy/paste content which you already posted on other forums or websites.

6) All advertisements should include useful information such as descriptions of what is being offered, screenshots, or examples. If you plan on posting a single line of text, which includes your website link, please do not waste your time.

We reserve the right to remove or modify content which does not abide by the rules stated above.

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