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Collosseum 2022 - A Hyper Trading Contest of FXCE

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A noteworthy contest this fall
Colosseum 2022 is a trading contest on FXCE Colosseum with a $50,000 prize pool. This is the biggest contest organized on FXCE Colosseum since its launch. It will take place in 04 weeks from October 10 to November 06. We design Colosseum 2022 for FXCE LIVE accounts depositing from $50 to take part. Trading on FXCE LIVE accounts is available manually and automatically (by EA). All comers are able to compete for the highest prize of +$30,000. Additionally, there are weekly and other final awards that deserve consideration.
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This article will introduce a deep dive into Colosseum 2022. Get yourself ready and win the prizes!
Huge prizes to win
The pool of 26 prizes in total is worth $50,000. After each round, Colosseum will rank the top talents according to the rules and reward prizes immediately. Prizes will be converted to FXCE tokens and distributed to the winner?s wallets on the FXCE platform.
The 1st position in the final round accounts for 60% of the prize pool, equivalent to $30,000. And, with many further prizes, we hope traders will find this the best contest ever.
There are certain criteria for traders to compete: weekly rounds and final round, Gain Score and Trading Volume. Here you can see detail in the figure below.
Collosseum 2022 - A Hyper Trading Contest of FXCE in Forex Advertisements_UGWjZjDe1de2IlT0eN-MmEb9SnImGJLnSAshDZvDB6tvS_o78C80hkhssE322BPAMom0UPZEycF5l2AVBvjLhBR4Zf8NJB5qBPwUcg_daU8pLuENZdBE2uoemLMveVt_QKQBKP9xotZEYJrqyU2HmIZ8PtHyqaynHteapG5QBfgzpVlYk1GmLVjB1A
Weekly prizes
Let?s say the first three weeks will witness weekly rounds. Every week, 5 traders with the highest Gain Score will share $1500 prizes ($300/trader). There you also can familiarize yourself with the environment and learn about competitors? capabilities. Think of it as your impressive warm-up or proper preparation!
Final prizes
Colosseum will determine these prizes in the 4th week ? the final round. Over 90% of the contest prize pool is distributed in the final round. This is where we find the breakthrough to happen and real talents to prove themselves.
♦ Main Prizes
The top 10 traders with the highest Gain Score will receive the corresponding prizes.
♦ Highest Volume
Only one trader with the highest Trading Volume will get the prize of $5,000.
Gain Score
In Colosseum 2022, we will apply Score Multiplier to calculate Gain Score. The score multiplier is a condition to multiply the trading account?s gain (%) by positive factors, as a result, increasing the score earned in a contest.
Collosseum 2022 - A Hyper Trading Contest of FXCE in Forex Advertisements_jhKW_8S4wLVolafiR-iRpH8jr9aoCo4dLY5p9GXUeFzPKmo58cGQedcjBgTGqjUzq6s0Y3Z_xsDtjUTmqHKfWw2lRF1YqWUoc2gcJoy84Gkh0cX15i_p0_bW_h999sXzZfB8aPHjY4qwWHQQ8tWVlp4f79SX3JHsJIvDh5t--N_-5PsS30R7bEALTQ
*Any trading account with an insufficient deposit (less than $50) is not eligible to compete for prizes.
Example: A participant deposits $250 and gets a profit of $30. The respective score multiplier is 1. So his Gain Score is 30/250 x 1 = 12%.
Trading Volume
Trading volume is determined based on standard lots. For gold & forex, a standard lot is the equivalent of 100,000 units of the base currency.

  • Time to register: September 05, 2022 - October 09, 2022
  • Time to Compete: October 10, 2022 - November 06, 2022
  • Deadline to Deposit: October 31, 2022
(FXCE Server Time | GMT+3)

Do not miss the time! Let?s register!

Visit website: and click ?Register? to see the trading account option then confirm your registration.
Collosseum 2022 - A Hyper Trading Contest of FXCE in Forex Advertisements_Nuvc5J4Jd_GrdqmvztiWYCPrKAy4tmvWWodQU3X-Q9HfcnlZnBqqnmC5ONEWTQrnXu2vdNED-ylyzK6s6h0HDGO3zzaWUT3Z_9DCSjatYa74qK459PCgC8cDKBAnuSR5CYXj62Hf3GTDwioyk91-fXFuY-pWVesb9VOV0Puw-ri9sU4pIOKdtt1KeA
Collosseum 2022 - A Hyper Trading Contest of FXCE in Forex Advertisements_LJExhiy9cIJEL_OGa99xKLDxuCWN6ek_bQl4bYcFOZtAKmQlqS8VCHLLfcM0Fd9Rwv_jvUq3chVBxLT_oNiBvI--VBhoULCxUkNacuIyvKiwtN138MvB9TKOLora9AsGhMtg_mAXt5LVFFRey1U1_mFdD1bGMGkXCeMNCegJ0Tp7Y9zbqgLZQX2Egg
Upon registration, we will send an email to inform you that your registration is successful.

In the end
No matter who you are, where you?re from, or what style your trading is, Colosseum 2022 is here for you to conquer. Traders with EA on FXCE MT5 are also acceptable. We do really appreciate your attendance and our EA staff are always ready to provide technical support. Deposit from $50, a winner will get at least $300 while the champion will win up to $35,900. Besides all the great prizes, the contestants can earn more from FXCE Copytrade Engine. Worth a try, isn?t it?

#1 How to register?
#2 How to deposit USDT for the contest?
#3 FXCE has been a prestige organizer of global trading contests since 2020.
#4 Is it possible to use EA at FXCE to Conquer Colosseum 2022?
#5 Value of FXCE token
#6 Why the name is Colosseum?

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If FXCE is totally new for you, don?t worry, it?s easy to start.
  • Go to and choose ?Create account?.
  • Fill in the form, check documents carefully, and agree.
  • Click ?Create account?, then confirm email to finish your sign-up

Or follow this video:
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FXCE has been a prestige organizer of global trading contests since 2020. Let?s take a look at what we've been through on this incredible journey.
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Is it possible to use EA at FXCE to Conquer Colosseum 2022?

Traders can COMPLETELY use the EA to compete in Colosseum 2022: FXCE's hottest trading competition with a total prize pool of up to $50,000.

With EA traders have the flexibility to change their trading strategies to win weekly and final prizes. EA will bring more chances to win, maximum flexibility and emotional control when participating.

Why should you use EA at FXCE to attend the contest?
In the race to become the champion of Colosseum 2022, traders will always want to find the optimal ways, taking advantage of the most multi-timeframe opportunities in the market, to scale their strategies. investment and profit optimization.

The solution using EA, which is a huge opportunity in a competitive environment, offers benefits that Traditional traders do not have:
  • The Expert Advisor will be active 24/7, which means that throughout the Colosseum 2022, trades will be automatically tracked and opportunities will be captured as soon as signals appear on all product pairs. This is also an advantage when trading with a large total of lots helps to win the prize of ?Top Traded Volume? of $5000.
  • Overcoming emotional barriers, EAs will help traders overcome barriers in trading psychology. Investment strategies, once established, will be maintained and accompanied by traders throughout the competition.
  • Saves a lot of time, Traders don't have to follow Charts, trading products, price patterns, etc constantly.
  • Better capital management, which is the strongest point when it is not necessary for traders to monitor the Drops of their accounts continuously. The input capital management parameters will be applied throughout the contest, helping to increase the winning rate, minimizing the probability of "burning out the account".
  • The opportunity to use EAs for new strategies, approaches and share experiences to the FXCE Social Trading community. Get support and companionship with the EA Dev Team with many years of experience.
  • Test performance in the real market to find the best EA setup solution.

The support from EA opens huge winning opportunities for traders participating in FXCE Colosseum 2022 with the ability to generate stable profits and good risk management.

Use the FXCE EA Library, GigaFactory and even available trading robots to conquer any challenge to become the ultimate champion and claim a total prize pool of up to $39,500.

GigaFactory - Configure EA and win other traders in FXCE COLOSSEUM 2022

GigaFactory is an extremely powerful tool not only in daily trading but also for competing in FXCE COLOSSEUM 2022.

Let's imagine there are three trading strategies for three accounts, instead of having to manually enter orders for each account, now participants only need to configure 3 EAs to operate 3 contest accounts.

GigaFactory offers many advantages in its journey to the $30,000 first prize:

  • Time saving: Traders only need to monitor and adjust input parameters while the entry process is operated by the EA
  • Fix trading psychology: Eliminate bad psychological states that affect trading such as overtrading, gambling, FOMO, etc.
  • Ensure capital management rules: All entry, stop loss and take profit will be done by the EA based on the rules of capital management prescribed from the beginning.
  • Flexibility to change strategies: Creating an EA easily in 5 minutes thanks to GigaFactory gives contestants the flexibility to change their trading methods if market conditions change.

Use GigaFactory to create effective EAs to win the highest possible prizes up to $35,900 each.
Link download EA GigaFactory:
it's totally free
Link to telegram group that supports EA:
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One thing to note for you is that the rewards of the contest will be given in FXCE tokens like before. If you do not know what FXCE token is, then read the article below.

What is FXCE token?
- As a cryptocurrency issued by FXCE, with current achievements and what FXCE Has - Are and Will do in the future, the potential of holding FXCE Token in the long term is huge!
- Especially, thanks to the policy of periodic token burning, reducing the total supply to deflate, increase the value and create growth momentum for the token in the long term. Users can safely hold FXCE tokens and enjoy the privileges that the token brings.

- FXCE token holders can optimally use all applications in the FXCE ecosystem. And enjoy VIP privileges when reaching a certain number of tokens.
- Enjoy an annual profit rate of up to 13.68% when participating in the Staking platform.
- Simultaneously earn double profit while enjoying staking interest and receiving profit when the price of FXCE token increases.

- FXCE token can be converted into fiat currency through P2P exchange. You can create buy or sell orders directly on FXCE's P2P exchange at the best price for you.
- Or you can use FXCE Token to borrow USDT for purposes such as Trading, contributing Pool Coin at FXCE or other financial purposes.

⚜️ With such outstanding features, the potential of owning FXCE tokens is huge! If you are looking for a long-term investment, the FXCE token is a completely stable choice for you.

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Why the name is Colosseum?
Colosseum -An arena that is likened to a fierce competition paradise for Gladiators to win valuable prizes and ranks, this is also a place regardless of any individual participants, to demonstrate their ability. and their skills.

FXCE Colosseum is a tool that makes it easy for anyone to organize exciting trading tournaments. This is where the Gladiators (Traders) go to war and take the ?trophy? from the matches (competitions).
Colosseum is a platform built by FXCE that allows users to organize a contest quickly, including from the general participation rules, the criteria for the rounds to the prize structure. All of the above conditions are encapsulated in a single organizational process.

FXCE's upcoming contests will be held regularly to give traders the opportunity to practice their trading skills and at the same time receive attractive rewards.
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