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I have unfortunately a small problem with the EA below.  :-X
I am new to writing EA's. I found the EA ( here in the forum.
I think the Expert Advisor has a lot of potential. I would like to have it trade on verified and proven zones, unfortunately I have not been able to successfully rewrite the code yet.
I would like to rewrite the EA so that it only executes an order after the zone has exited again. The price must enter the zone and only after exiting the zone again execute an order below or above the zone. See example photos.
Example photo 4, the price is in the zone but does not break out again downwards but upwards away.

Also, I wanted to include a trailing stop loss, but it only half worked....  :(
Should this be too much work I would pay the work of course.

Just write me.

Thank you and have a nice Sunday

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