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Investing in crypto, Here are few tips

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Crypto market is highly profitable as well as risky place, also high volatile, you investments are always on risks if not planned technically and without research.

Whenever you plan to invest into any crypto project make sure you have done proper analysis about it and make sure you will get the profits. When you do trading either on share market or crypto, the thing is to learn when to enter the market and when to exit.

Stay Safe

In crypto markets is full of bad groups who keep doing shilling and pump and dump, if you are not aware of these terms, pump and dump basically is method to make a sudden jump or drop in the price of any crypto coin, big whales or groups who just want to make quick fortune out of any token, they use this method, so be aware of such things, if you see the price of any coin is taking a jump all of the sudden, you need to investigate in deep, if you find something fishy you need to take a break.

"shilling is the method where bad actors creates a false sense of value for a project amongst others" reff: frontier wallet
so watch it, don't fall for shilling, take your own decision, do not decide in hurry.

now we come to the analysis part,

How to do Analysis

there are two ways of doing analysis of any crypto project

1- fundamental analysis: means you need to study about their roadmap, whitepaper, team and understand the real value of the token.
2- technical analysis: here you must have good knowledge of the charts, how to study them, what are various patterns and their significance also must know about the candles and their meaning.

Here is your Investment Check List

  • What is the value proposition of the project?/ What problem is it trying to solve?
  • What does the roadmap look like, and what has been accomplished so far?
  • What is the dev team like? What is their track record?
  • Who are their backers? How are they funded?
  • Who is their competition, and how big is the target market?
  • How does the token derive value for the holder?
  • Is there a staking mechanism, or is it transactional?
  • What are the weaknesses or problems with this crypto project?

Deep dive and trade safe

thank you

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