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T4T exchange is a re-innovation of a modern, reliable hybrid crypto exchange platform
This platform ensures retail traders benefit & protect their assets from all kinds of threats by providing a high-quality trading service with superior technical architecture.
Our mission is to provide everyone access to premium quality financial products & services for the Crypto world to become the new mainstream.

T4T Exclusive Features

T4T comes with three exclusive features.
    1. T4T wallet
    2. T4T Trading Education Platform
    3. T4T Staking Award

T4T wallet

T4T is going to be the best crypto wallet in the crypto world. This is the premium custodial wallet platform that is ?

     1. Insured.
     2. User-friendly.
     3. Institutional-grade security
     4. Automation, & management of crypto assets.

With our solutions, crypto assets are -

    1. Securely stored.
    2. Securely managed
    3. Accessed all the time, whether they are on block-chains, Defies, or exchanges.

T4T Trading Education Platform

T4T has a revolutionary Forex & Crypto trading education platform.
Where you can get -

    1. Forex & Crypto Trading Education
    2. Forex Signal
    3. EA (Expert Advisor)
    4. Copy Trading
    5. Social Trading

T4T Staking Reward

T4T staking reward 15% yearly. Which is one of the best ways to earn passive income.

Asset Classes

T4T platform technology has infinite possibilities for running various crypto assets. Such as-

The support list will be enlarged shortly in the future and we have plans to support fiat currencies such as USD, INR, etc.

We will provide the following multi-trading platform for clients.

Web-based trading platform, Android app, iOS app, MT4, MT5, cTRader, Social Trading Platform, and API for other platforms.

Our Market Experience

From 2011, we have extensive depth experience in the Forex industry with diversified assets such as Commodities, CFD, Crypto, and Bonds.
We have a proven record of experience in the FX market, Electronic trading products, Market conventions, and Technology & trends.

We have built many FX brokerage & developed brokerage strategies in well thought and designed intuitive products.
In 2015, we have heavily engaged ourselves in the crypto market & worked with various crypto brokers where maintain the blockchain and processing activities.

That?s why we have built a team of expertise in cryptography, coding languages for blockchain, blockchain architectures & web development.
Our team has extensive experience in the blockchain, database systems, cyber currency controls, resources, monitoring & management, and blockchain processing systems.

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