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Commission savings to 75% transferring USDT TRC-20

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The TR.ENERGY company currently presents the following solutions in the Tron ecosystem:

  • Staking TRX up to 22% per annum
  • Savings on transaction fees of 50% for private clients and up to 75% for corporate solutions.
  • AML verification of wallets/transactions

As a private investor, I was amazed by the opportunity to save on commissions when conducting transactions. This solution is safe for my funds, because there is no need to connect a wallet, transmit a seed phrase, etc.

The thing is that the tron ​​ecosystem is designed in such a way that energy and bandwidth are required to conduct a transaction.

The cost of conducting a transaction (for example, transferring USDT TRC-20) in the tron ​​network:
To pay for energy for one transaction: 14 TRX
To pay for bandwidth for one transaction: 0.345 TRX
Total: 14,345 TRX ($1.79)

If the bandwidth is restored every day to carry out only two transactions (I will not use it in further calculations, because in the absence of bandwidth, 0.345 TRX (0,043$)), then energy must be purchased on energy exchanges manually, or obtained through staking on your wallet. If you make a transaction without energy, then 14 TRX will be burned from the wallet (or 28 TRX, if the blockchain is under heavy load). 14 TRX = $1.75, 28 TRX = $3.50.
The project offers to rent its energy according to tariffs and the number of transactions with a discount of up to 75% (for a pair of transactions at a daily rate of 50%, and for a monthly rate of 75%).

The cost of conducting a transaction (for example, transferring USDT TRC-20) in the tron ​​network using the energy of the TR.ENERGY service:
To pay for energy for one transaction: 7 TRX
To pay for bandwidth for one transactio: 0.345 TRX
Total: 7.345 TRX (0,92$)

Everything is done for simplicity and automation, so that the client does not buy energy manually, does not suffer and does not waste his time. I paid the tariff once, indicating the number of transactions, indicated my public key (address), and the energy was delegated to the wallet. From now on, until the tariff ends/is used up, all energy will be automatically delegated (?transferred?) to my wallet. And I will be able to make transactions 50% cheaper.

Even for an ordinary investor, this is a 50% savings on each transfer. And if we consider this solution for corporate business, where the number of transactions per day is, say, 50, the discount will already be 75%... Visual calculation:

Monthly costs for a large business that produces, say, 30 transactions every day:

Just make a transfer from your wallet without delving into the savings:
30 (day) * 30 (transactions) * 14.345 TRX (cost commissions) = 12910.5 TRX (1613,46$)
Use TR.ENERGY energy rental services for a month:
30 (day) * 30 (transactions) * 3,5 TRX (cost commissions with 75% discount) = 3150 TRX (392,76$)

By making 3 clicks at the beginning of the month you could save $1220.

The project has many amenities in the form of auto-renewal/auto-replenishment of tariff/energy. Overall, the platform is customer-focused and saves a lot of time for users.
I also did not mention a feature of the TRON network, under the load of which the cost of commissions doubles, and for a regular transaction it will no longer cost 14,345 TRX, but 28,345 TRX. The service does not care whether the tron ​​network is loaded or not, it will supply as much energy as needed.

The service has API access and can work with many wallets. You can rent energy for several thousand wallets with just a few clicks.

Let's consider a situation where a person stakes TRX himself and receives energy for it. It turns out that he has free transactions. That's right. But in this case there are a number of significant disadvantages:
- You will have to freeze a large amount of money in order to receive enough energy daily to pay the fees for all transactions.
- If there are a lot of wallets, then you will have to stake on each wallet, and this is extremely inconvenient and pointless.

Instructions. How to start using it?
In your personal account, click "New wallet"
Enter a custom wallet name here, leave it static, enter your wallet address, enter the number of transactions and select a period (1 day/week/month). Next, click Create Wallet.
Click Top UP and top up your balance with the amount that was displayed to you when creating your wallet after specifying the number of transactions per day.
We indicate the amount and scan the QR code in your wallet, or manually copy the address and top it up through your wallet.
We return to the created wallet and click Activate so that the system begins to delegate energy to your wallet if it is not full.
You can open the explorer (tronscan) and see there that energy is being delegated to your address.
You will also see this in your TR.ENERGY personal account:
You can study your personal account more carefully. All the information is there. You can rent capacity for as many wallets as you like by adding them through the ?Load wallets? button, or use the API. Or how I do it manually)[/li][/list]

The TR.ENERGY product is cool and really useful. It has been on the market for more than a year, but there is little about it on the Internet. I know that the project was presented in Dubai.

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