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Coin98 -On Binance already!-Prize fund: 5000000 c98!(1 C98=1.7$)-Don't Miss

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Airdrop from Coin98 wallet -Coin C98 (BSC )-On Binance already!

C98- Next Safe pal!
Coin98 is a Non-Custodial, Multi-Chain Wallet & DeFi Gateway-with ALL features like dspps,swap,market etc,

Prize fund: 5,000,000 C98 [At the moment, the coin98 wallet is being updated and finalized, right after that you can see the rewards in the wallet]

1) Download the application COIN98-Android or IOS-
2) Click on the picture with the image of a person on the top left
3) Enter your mail and referral code: C989ETG2FS  ( no coins without code)
4) Then create wallet (on the main page of the wallet in the middle of the screen on the left side there will be "add")

The popular TWT and SafePal and the like - they all started the same way!
Dont Miss.

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