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[ANN] Unleash the Thrill of Crypto Racing with NASCAR Full Speed Token

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[ANN] Unleash the Thrill of Crypto Racing with NASCAR Full Speed Token  in Cryptocurrency Advertisements_GEx-9-W2-Xw-AEu-NPe

Official Links:
- Pre-Sale Launch:
- Official Website:
- Twitter:
- Telegram Group:

- Total Supply: 100,000,000,000 NASCAR
- Supply Breakdown:
   - 50% (51% Liquidity) allocated for Pre-Sale and Liquidity.
   - 25% for NFT Holders Rewards.
   - 5% for Airdrop Marketing.
   - 20% for Holders Rewards.
- Tax:[/b]
   - 0% Transfer Fees.
   - 1% Buy Fees.
   - 3% Sell Fees.

Pre-Sale Starts January 30!

About Us:
At Crypto Nascar, we're not just riding the crypto wave; we're hitting the track with the official NASCAR championship, offering you a unique experience that goes beyond traditional fandom. Here's why NASCAR Full Speed Token stands out:

In-Sync with NASCAR:
Buckle up as our NASCAR token mirrors the official NASCAR championship, offering exclusive perks and rewards during races. Your potential for exciting prizes revs up with the real-world engines.

Competitions for Holders:
Holders of the NASCAR token take pole position for exhilarating competitions and challenges, with chances to win exclusive rewards during live races. Your passion for racing just got even more rewarding.

Revolutionizing Collectibles:
Own a piece of racing history with our exclusive NFTs of the drivers. Each NFT is a unique digital collectible, and if your driver takes the checkered flag, so do you?with special rewards for the holders of the winning driver's NFT.

Rewarding Excellence:
Celebrate excellence as a holder of the winning driver's NFT. You're not just witnessing victory; you're reaping the rewards. Prizes, perks, and the satisfaction of backing a winner?all part of the Crypto Nascar experience.

Join us on this high-octane journey where the track meets the blockchain, and the roar of the engines mingles with the hum of digital innovation. Crypto Nascar ? where every race is a chance to win big! #NASCARFullSpeed #CryptoNascar #TokenSale #CryptoRacing

*Disclaimer: Details provided are subject to change, and users are advised to refer to official announcements from NASCAR Full Speed Token.*

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