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Ambassador program CRODO.

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CRODO is the new Launchpad on the Cronos network ( exchange network). The project is scheduled to start in 2 weeks.
At the moment, the project has an ambassador program in which each user can take part. To do this, you need to register and complete simple tasks to promote the project. 1,000,000 CROD ($180,000) have been allocated for the first phase of the Ambassador Program. These tokens will be distributed among all ambassadors, depending on their activity.

To participate in the program you need the following:

You must have a Metamask wallet installed.
Go => to the site and connect your Metamask, the site itself will offer to switch the wallet to the Cronos Testnet test network.
Register in the ambassador program (indicate your details, social networks and tell what you can do to promote the project). The form will contain a link to the Crodo telegram bot, connect it (you will receive a notification as soon as you are approved in the program).
While waiting for approval, join the => discord. There are also activities.
After you are approved in the program, you will need to go to your account on the website and receive tasks:

Currently available tasks include:
Create memes related to the project and publish them on your social networks.
Publication of a video about the project.
Writing articles about the project and publishing on your blog.
Reposts and retweets in social networks.
Creating a community in your language region.
In the future, they promise that the tasks will be updated.
Distribution of tokens between ambassadors:
A total of 1,000,000 CROD has been allocated for the first phase of the Ambassador Program.
When receiving points for tasks, you get a percentage of the total number of points and, accordingly, this percentage, you are credited with CROD tokens from the general pool.
Rewards for the first phase will be distributed on April 10th.

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