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Significance of Ripples partial win against SEC

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After almost 3 years of a long legal tussle, it?s now clear that XRP isn?t a security like BTC and ETH. So, what does that mean for the future of XRP and similar altcoins like ADA, SOL?

The first effect was a rise in the price of XRP (75%), SOL (25%), ADA (28%). Though, this is a partial judgement, we expect some bigger price movement over the next few weeks with increased liquidity and increase in confidence in crypto also. Now, the question is ?besides holders of XRP, is there any window of opportunity to gain from this big win??.

The answer depends on where and what you are looking at. For example swing traders like me are waiting for price consolidation to begin XRP trading but I guess there are other opportunities out there for everyone if we could look around diligently. A look around reveals some exchanges are hosting futures trading and others have regionally targeted events like the one attached in the link below for Philipines

Any clues on any other opportunities?

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