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Trading strategy with exact science

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Trading strategy with exact science in Trading Systems_xx
Greetings, friend, before I ask permission from the admin to open a new thread, hopefully it's useful for all.

The strategy that I will share here does not require any analysis or indicators. Just for the use of this strategy is hedging with multiples of lots as follows 0.01,0.03,0.06,0.12 and so on with 10 pip TP and 20 pip SL.
Note: the rule for OP 2 is the first OP multiplied by 3 while for OP 3 and so on, it is simply multiplied by 2.
- buy GBPUSD at the price of 1.3080 with lot 0.01, TP 10 pip and SL 20 pip.
- Sell stop GBPUSD at 1.3070 with lot 0.03, 10 pip TP and SL 20 pip.
Thus if after we first OP turns the price turns as far as 20 pips then our first OP will be exposed to SL -20 pips or - $ 2 and our second OP TP + 10 pips multiplied by 0.03 lot = + $ 3. so the profit from the second OP minus SL from the first OP ($ 3- $ 2 = $ 1). so on, so wherever our price moves we always profit 10 pips. but this strategy also has the disadvantage that our capital must be large enough because sometimes we need a large enough margin when the price is just back and forth under 40 pips, so my advice is to use this strategy when the market is trending and select pairs that have a large daily range

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