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I'm still driven by the dream of automated earnings in Forex. To achieve this, I decided to harness the power of modern services. One of them is the GPT chat.

Y 8) UTUBE: Creating Trading Robots with AI Chatbot(GPT)

I recently got acquainted with this exciting chat and even recorded a video showcasing my attempts to create a trading robot. The chat provided valuable advice and recommended some standard indicators. We formed the robot based on these recommendations.

chatGPT Expert Adviser in Trading Systems_topic=4137

After making several corrections and fixing errors, the code finally started working. I was pleasantly surprised by how effectively the robot analyzes the market and executes trades automatically. Now I believe that it is possible to achieve this.

I continue to refine my robot and test it in different markets and conditions.

The dream of automated earnings in Forex is gradually becoming a reality thanks to the power of modern technologies and the support of the GPT chat.

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this is first time i know chatGPT can using for trading
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bad method
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