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Please follow these simple and clear rules when posting in this 'Trading Journal' section:

  • You do NOT need prior approval before starting new topics in this section. Members are free to post new topics without receiving permission first.

  • Do not create multiple trading journal topics unless you are using different trading methods or different accounts for each. In this case, creating different topics for each is allowed in order to keep them separated and organized. Otherwise, only 1 trading journal per member is allowed.

  • This section is only for the posting of actual trades you have personally made or plan on making in the Forex/Crypto markets. This is not meant for posting trades made by someone else or for general trading strategy discussion. There are other forum sections for that. For example, if you want to share your technical analysis, but do not plan on personally trading, you can post your technical analysis in the 'Technical' section instead.

  • Trading journals should include useful content (eg. screenshots, statements, video) to show the results of actual trades that were made and/or the reasoning why your trades were made.

  • Trading journals should be updated regularly. If more than 1 month has passed and no activity has been made in your journal, it may be deleted without prior notice by Forex Zone Admin.

  • You may advertise your trading method or website here, but it's expected that real trading results be posted in this section. So if you do not want to show actual trading results, post in the advertisement section instead.

  • Outbound links that may contribute to the content of the topic are allowed. Some examples of allowable links include links to screenshots or videos.

We reserve the right to remove or modify content which does not abide by the rules stated above.

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