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I want to share an EA that I think is very good, this EA uses stoplots and takeprofit, suitable for use in five-digit brokers, this EA is not sensitive to spreads, in my opinion it can be installed on instaforex brokers, this EA is free,

EA logic is very simple but able to generate good and stable profits, in the future I will share accounts and investor passwords for forward tests

One of the uniqueness of this EA is using Anti martiangle, so it's the opposite of martiangle, if it's already profit, this EA will increase the number of Lot, if the result is minus EA it will reduce the lot number,

This EA is very good to use in the pound currency pair, and is only suitable for H1 timeframes, and does not require large capital, 10 dollars may be enough

let's discuss and test this EA, to find a good setting, if lovers and hunters of EA must have this EA, my goal to share is for those who are looking for a pretty good EA, maybe this EA may be tried

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