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Volume-Price-Patterns-Context & Catalysts - Example Charts & Analysis

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Volume-Price-Patterns-Context & Catalysts - Example Charts & Analysis in General Forex Discussion_MYX

As suggested, I will post the graph with analysis to follow.

I searched the Volume Control Bar and saved it to file. I have 2 searches
(1) For Today
(5) 5 days ago so we can search for any pattern.
Most VCB blades are priced in the bar the next day, this usually happens
A strong stem will continue for one or two days if there is a catalyst. GFC is clear.
But large volumes will cause a reaction.
So I have a watchlist that keeps changing, but every night it takes a few minutes to flip through and attract trade prospects if they appear. Trade that I found from eyeballing.

Instead of using my list, I think I will give it to those who are interested in choosing a chart to follow.
Just posted the code and I will see it. If it looks promising long or short I will include it in the list. Only 10 will enter
I've installed MYX No. 1 as doing exactly as the Explod suggests.

I expect a gap here to be tested
Rapid tests and rejection are very weak.
Content and no rejection are typical consolidations.
New high is a less likely scenario.

I will know when time is possible, but if there is something very interesting like trading, I will discuss it.

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As suggested, I will post the graph with analysis to follow.

very interesting from the graph we can see the movement before it, this can be developed automatically and no longer manually
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good scenario, and very helpful for us beginners traders.
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