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Story of an Fx Trader

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Chapter 1.

The seed.

I discovered it, the trading, when I was 13 years old, I was watching, on a local TV channel, a show regarding the financial market and people were talking about economy and the stock market. I was completely floored. I bought a book the day after about the technical analysis and learned the fundamentals of trading. But in those days the technology wasn’t like now and you couldn’t do trading with a smartphone, it didn’t exist yet and I was 13. Over time the passion for trading has given way to another passion, software programming and for a while I forgot charts, patterns and indicators.

Chapter 2.
The winter.

London, UK, a few years ago. I was a software developer working for a small web agency. I was crossing a small square just outside a crowded underground station and I passed next to a stand of a company with brochures and slogans in a sense familiar that caught my attention, but I didn’t stop. After some days, remembering the name of the company, I visited the website and the first thing I said looking at the home page was “what is going on here?“

Chapter 3.
Blooming time.

A smartphone, an app and a demo account. That’s all you need to start and it is free. Exited I started to learn from the beginning again the basic concepts of trading and practice using the demo account. Slowly slowly I moved from the basics to start building my own strategies. Doing trading means be able to build strategies that works and be ready to modify them and/or build new ones when the general market sentiment changes. Some strategies I made are not valid anymore, I deleted them. The strategies should be a representation of yourself, like an extension of your brain, you have to be comfortable with them and fit your lifestyle.

Chapter 4.
Growing and Growing.

After 3 years finally I opened a real trading account and put some of my savings. I currently have 3 strategies and they are still working fine overall. Yes, but what does it mean? It means that my percentage of success is around 60%, every 10 positions (trades) I open, 6 make money and 4 lose money. To make it short last year, 2018, I made 3% and this year (2019) I am up 8%. The most important thing in trading, in my opinion, is to be pragmatic, honest with yourself and a bit pirate. if the position is wrong there is nothing you can do, just close it an accept the loss. If the position is good let it run. It is possible to obtain that following two basic rules: having a solid risk management strategy and a risk reward ratio greater that 1:1. That’s it.

Chapter 5.

I think I am ready to share my experience as a independent fx trader with you. I trade the EUR/USD pair only. I open an average of 5 positions per months. I don’t decide that, the strategies I made give me the signals. I analyze every signal and double check it with the market condition and the data before opening a trade. Last month (October) I received 3 solid signals and I am happy with that, I feel at ease. I made the strategies to work in this way, to allow me to trade relaxed. The idea is to publish 5 posts per month on average where I explain my trades and share with you my considerations and signals about the EUR/USD pair.

I hope you enjoyed this post and my story and I wait for you to read my next post in the section Trading Area - Trading Signals. You can also join my newsletter on substack.

Thank You.

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Very good and useful trade education, thank you for sharing your knowledge, sir...
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Chapter 1.
for beginners to learn this education, almost all the seniors in accordance with you tell in the article.this is a trade motivation
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Chapter 1.

Your story is really impressive, in forex trading we sometimes lose and profit and I think all traders have experienced it. I have also been trading for 3 years, at the beginning of my trading I experienced a lot of loss, but now my knowledge about forex has increased by joining this forum
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Actually, focusing on one pair will make us more familiar with the pair, I agree with you who focus on only one pair, EURUSD.
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