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4 Ways when Entry Well

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The right entry will provide better potential risk / reward including adequate stop loss placement. Here are 4 tips for entries that can help improve trading results when applied consistently:

1. Using a Limit Order for Level Entry Accuracy

A limit order is a pending order that is determined above or below the current market price depending on the direction of the trade you are making. If you are trading long (will open a buy position) then you can open a buy limit entry below the current market price, and if the price moves down to the level of entry you want then the buy order will be executed. Conversely if you are trading short (will open a sell position) then you can open a sell entry limit above the current market price. If the price moves up to the level of entry you want then sell orders will be executed.

In addition to limit orders, other options for pending orders are stop orders, namely stop buy orders and stop sell orders. If you are trading long, you can open a stop buy entry above the current market price, and if the price moves up to the level of entry you want then sell orders will be executed, and vice versa to stop sell orders.

However, from the experience of traders, stop orders often occur slippage or price jumps, so you can get more expensive prices when buying and lower prices when selling. Slippage usually occurs when market volatility is high and only at stop orders (stop buy or stop sell), therefore traders prefer limit orders when using pending order facilities.

A limit order allows you to get an accurate entry price as desired. One method that is often used is the entry limit order at the 50% retracement of the trading signal (eg pin bar) because the probability of forwarding the trend at that level is usually high, so you can place a stop level with the smallest possible distance to get high risk / reward ratio.

2. Set Up Trade at Market Closure (New York Close)

Forex traders assume the closing price is the price when the New York market closes. At that time only the new Zealand market began to open and trading volume was relatively very low. To avoid market noise you can analyze and setup around that time, determine important resistance and support levels, see possible trading signals and predict price movement trends the next day. For analysis it is recommended to use a daily time frame.

3. TLS Confluence (Trend, Level, Signal)

Confluence or compatibility between the current trend, key levels (important support or resistance) and trading signals will provide a high probability of success. Here are some examples of entries with TLS configuration principles:

4 Ways when Entry Well in General Forex Discussion_index

On the GBP / USD daily chart above the important support 1.66679 as a key level. The trend clearly looks bullish, and the rejection pin bar forming a doji formation at the support level is a buy signal. The lowest level of the pin bar is around 50% of the retracement of the previous uptrend movement. Thus the TLS conference has been fulfilled. We can enter after a pin bar signal or with a pending order buy limit at the 50% retracement level (when the price starts retrace).

4 Ways when Entry Well in General Forex Discussion_index

On the daily XAG / USD chart above, the trend is clearly bearish, and the rejection pin bar formed at the important resistance level (key level) is a signal to sell. The highest pin bar level is around 50% from the previous retracement of the downtrend movement. TLS configuration has been fulfilled, and we can enter after a pin bar signal or with a pending order sell limit at the 50% retracement level when the price starts to retrace upward.

4. Checklist for Entry and Evaluation

Make a checklist to determine entry criteria, such as important support or resistance levels, trading signals with high probability, estimated entry level, risk / reward ratio and others. This checklist is also for evaluating trading results as a reference or to be corrected for the next trade. A checklist is needed to make it easier to recognize the characteristics of the movements of the currency pairs you are trading.

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how to enter the order position that we must pay attention to find the right moment so that we can directly get profit and good results
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thank you for sharing your knowledge sir, indeed in placement the entry was very difficult.
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in trading what is important is our mindset
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To be able to get a good entry, the first time a trader must carry out an analysis by making rational or realistic decisions so that we can tolerate targets and losses that occur.
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To trade correctly and correctly, of course we must always adhere to the system we use, where the system must have tested its probability. So if we run it with discipline, we can be sure that the open positions we do will always be right
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Entry rules in trading are commonly used but their accuracy depends on the trader's ability to identify valid signals and false signals.
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The entry strategy in the New York session is indeed quite effective because I have also proven that this session is often the center of attention of traders.
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These 4 methods are indeed quite good and effective, but we need to know that there are still many rules in making the best entry, but we can learn from the following strategies.
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Good entry rules are like that, but each strategy has additional rules for entry according to their respective trading systems.
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the right way of entry is to follow the correct and precise rules of analysis according to the trading system you have so that mistakes do not occur.
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trend, support / resistance and momentum are things that need to be taken into account because to get a target accordingly you have to go through these three things.
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the best and good entry is in accordance with the trading system that we use and don't forget to be well manage too
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in my opinion the best entry in trading is in accordance with our trading system, so we can trade according to the planning we have made
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to get entry well of course we have to be disciplined and patient in waiting and utilizing the signal we get from the system we have
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