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Where the NFTs used?

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NFTs allows artists to monetize their arts and reach to their users directly without any intermediary. NFT tokens are getting popular as the usecase of NFTs are growing into various segments, Check the list of the industries where NFTs are being used.

1- NFT in fashion
(People can buy NFT wearables and use them across various digital platforms)

2- NFT in gaming
(NFT provides a way to gamers to monetize their time)

3- NFT as a social identity
(NFT allow users to own their identity instead of renting it to centralized platforms)

4- NFT in event and ticketing
(Ticketing NFT combines the best use of paper tickets and QR codes)

5- NFT in real estate
(NFT can be linked to map, price, measurement, historical and ownership)

6- NFT in supply chain/logistics
(NFT allow manufacturers to create digital identity of any item)

7- NFT in music and entertainment
(NFT ensure the artists and music makers to fairly compensated for their work)

8- NFT in governance
(NFT finding usecase in decentralized governance with crypto ecosystem)

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Also as an investment!
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NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are not typically used in Forex trading, which is focused on trading currencies and other financial instruments. NFTs are primarily used in the digital art, gaming, and collectibles industries, where they allow creators to monetize their unique digital creations and buyers to own one-of-a-kind assets. However, there may be some potential applications of NFTs in Forex trading, such as using them as a means of payment or tokenizing trading assets. As the blockchain technology and digital asset ecosystem continue to evolve, we may see new use cases for NFTs in Forex trading and other financial markets.
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