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Philosophy or Basic Reasons for Technical Analysis

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There are three premises that underlie technical approaching:
  • Market action takes everything into account.
  • Prices move in a trend.
  • History will repeat itself.

You must understand that Technical Analysis does not provide a definite prediction of price. This only acts as the previous data analysis and predicts the potential results. Never assume what it is.

You must understand that there is no one absolute way to do Technical Analysis. Everyone has their own method, and there is no wrong or right here. As long as you succeed with your setup, no tools are considered wrong. Use other traders to observe / reference how they do analysis to find out what setup is best for you.

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The philosophy behind technical analysis in cryptocurrency trading is that historical price and volume data can provide insights into future price movements. Technical analysts believe that market trends and patterns can be identified and used to make trading decisions. Technical analysis is also based on the idea that market participants behave in predictable ways, such as buying on dips and selling on rallies. Additionally, technical analysis can be used to identify support and resistance levels, which can help traders determine entry and exit points for trades. Overall, technical analysis is a widely used tool in cryptocurrency trading and can provide valuable insights for making informed trading decisions.
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