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NotLarvaLabs founder reveals mastermind behind PEPE

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The identity of the mastermind behind the popular MEME token PEPE has been unveiled.

In recent developments, the multi-signature wallet linked to PEPE made a significant shift, altering the threshold from 5/8 to a mere 2/8. This alteration coincided with a substantial outflow of over 16 trillion tokens (equivalent to approximately $15.6 million) from PEPE's wallet, directed towards addresses affiliated with Binance, OXK, and Bybit. Consequently, the value of PEPE tokens experienced a significant drop.

As suspicions of the team's involvement in the token's decline and potential fleeing behavior emerged, revelations came to light. At 6:54 am on August 25, Pauly, the founder of NotLarvaLabs, exposed the mastermind behind PEPE.

The spotlight falls on Zachary Testa, who goes by the usernames @degenharambe on Twitter and @LordKekLol on Telegram. Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, Zachary orchestrated the PEPE saga. Evidently, he utilized the gains from PEPE to purchase a lavish purple Lamborghini valued at $865,000. Interestingly, his team chose not to compensate Matt Furie, the original creator of Pepe the Frog.

Pauly, the founder of NotLarvaLabs, further disclosed their interactions with the Binance Cocoin team and the SushiSwap team. This interaction ultimately paved the way for PEPE's listing on Binance.

Additional team members, who once operated under the Telegram usernames @billyoptions, @zerozevia, and @ekim222 (which have now been deleted), played integral roles in this intricate web.

Zach, who adopts the handle @degenharambe, has a history of self-centered actions. This is demonstrated by various wallet addresses associated with him, such as:

- 0x8d2a5bdfc692ad912af77016fc75b49856c369f1
- 0xea40b0f6BA2aD77fF2FedAe98Ca67EaefCBCBE4A (badussy.eth)
- 0x9c46a675350ce1f7ca616bf4fb4e0a542295e302
- 0x40962b448aa899196906646340cb4eb61a8d49b4
Source: (

The unveiling of these details highlights the intricate puzzle surrounding PEPE's MEME token and sheds light on its creators and their actions. 

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