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How many people buy their miners online?

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Hi there, I am a newbie and I am interested in miners business. I started with these unbox videos, but not sure they are helpful. How do you guys find your supplier and get your first miner? Please let me know which seller deserves the investment. Thx!

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If you are mining Bitcoin, you really have no choice but to buy dedicated mining gear (Antminer, etc.)  The BTC difficulty is too great for any standard computer to mine.  Etherium can be mined with a powerful computer +  GPU.  These are proof of work coins and will use a LOT of electricity.  It may not be cost effective to mine them unless you have a cheep source of power. 

Proof of capacity (e.g., SIGNUM, CHIA) uses very little electricity and can be done with a cheap PC and large capacity disks.  You can start with around 8TB (in my opinion).  I have 53 TB mining now.  The speed of the disk is unimportant.  
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It's difficult to estimate exactly how many people buy their miners online for crypto mining, as it depends on factors such as geographical location and access to hardware. However, online retailers such as Amazon and Newegg offer a wide range of mining hardware options that can be shipped worldwide, making it easier for individuals to get started with crypto mining. Additionally, many mining equipment manufacturers have their own online stores, allowing customers to purchase directly from the source. The convenience and accessibility of online purchasing have likely contributed to the growth of the crypto mining industry in recent years.
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