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How do play-to-earn NFT games work? 🧐

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The title says it all... but for a little bit more context, I'm interested in investing in play-to-earn NFT games and need a little help with setting the right foundations in my head, making sure I'm not misunderstanding anything 😆

So, how are NFTs used in the in-game economy?

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Play-to-earn NFT games are a type of decentralized application that allows players to earn cryptocurrency or NFTs by participating in gameplay. Players typically need to acquire NFTs or other in-game assets to progress through the game, and these assets can be bought, sold, or traded on decentralized marketplaces. The value of these assets is often determined by supply and demand, with rare or valuable items fetching higher prices. Play-to-earn NFT games have become increasingly popular in recent years, as they offer a fun and potentially lucrative way for players to earn cryptocurrency and participate in the emerging NFT ecosystem.
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