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CryptoNews of the Week by NordFX in General Cryptocurrency Discussion_xx

CryptoNews of the Week by NordFX in General Cryptocurrency Discussion_3xftVVI

- The strategist of the JPMorgan financial holding Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou has not ruled out a further decrease in the price of the first cryptocurrency, Yahoo Finance writes. ?We stated previously that the failure of bitcoin to break the $60,000 barrier will automatically lead to bearish momentum and further exits. This has probably become a significant driver of the current correction," the expert says.
In the medium-term perspective, Panigirtzoglou is confident that the fundamentally justified value of bitcoin is in the range of $24,000- $36,000. He has also expressed the opinion that the market crash in May has greatly weakened institutional demand, which is why the price of BTC cannot recover to its former levels.
?There is no doubt that the recent boom-and-bust dynamics is an obstacle to institutional acceptance of the cryptocurrency markets and, in particular, bitcoin and Ethereum,? the expert explains. - The rise in volatility, especially in relation to gold, presents a barrier for large investors. It makes digital gold less attractive than traditional gold. "

- Footage on the 16th film from the black-and-white film "Alien Autopsy", which allegedly depicts the corpse of an alien on the operating table, will be sold at the Rarible online auction. The starting price of the lot is 450 WETH (over $1,215,000 at the time of writing).
The 17-minute film focuses on the Roswell Incident, an alleged UFO crash near the American city of Roswell in New Mexico in July 1947. Conspiracy theorists believe that the US government then captured an alien on board the UFO.
The author of the film, a London entrepreneur Ray Santilli, stated that the film used real footage of an alien autopsy, which was allegedly provided to him by a retired military operator on terms of anonymity. However, there are also those who consider this film to be fake.
For reference: the WETH cryptocurrency is an Ethereum conversion and cannot be mined. The WETH rate is pegged to the ETH rate at a 1 to 1 ratio. 

- Paypal is going to allow its clients to withdraw cryptocurrencies to external wallets. ?The stored coins cannot be transferred to other users or withdrawn from Paypal accounts at the moment, but we are working to ensure that the corresponding option appears. The demand for cryptocurrency transactions has shown that the industry has a huge number of adherents who are ready to settle in digital assets or just buy them. Because of this, the appropriate option has become a necessity,? Paypal representatives say.

- The creator of the Cardano cryptocurrency and former Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson has named central banks slow, inefficient and thoroughly corrupt. In his opinion, traditional finance is a "frustration industry" and cryptocurrencies are the "antidote" to "this broken financial network."
The specialist emphasized that the growth of the world's population made the markets large and unmanageable, and innovations too difficult to implement. In his opinion, it is only cryptocurrencies that can cope with these problems.

- Max Kaiser, aTV presenter and founder of Heisenberg Capital, expects the bitcoin price to rise 500% in the second half of 2021 to reach $220,000. "This is an aggressive price target, which is explained by the serious problems of the US dollar," the TV host said. In his opinion, the policy pursued by the US Federal Reserve and the inflation of the US dollar stimulate the strengthening of the first cryptocurrency.
Kaiser also stressed that the price of bitcoin is not as important as the hash rate and other fundamental metrics of the network. According to him, the price only reflects the state of the dollar: when the dollar weakens, the rate of the first cryptocurrency rises, and vice versa. ?I don't look at the price, I watch the hash rate. And this indicator has been in a very predictable and stable bull market for the last 10 years,? he explains.

- While searching for a marijuana farm, police in the West Midlands County in Western England, discovered another farm, for mining cryptocurrencies, which had stolen electricity "worth thousands of pounds."
With the help of a drone, law enforcement officers noticed increased thermal activity near the local industrial zone. The police also found out that the territory is regularly visited by "suspicious persons". Assuming they had found a marijuana plantation, they received a search warrant, but instead of drugs, they found about a hundred computers. ?This is not at all what we expected,? Police Sergeant Jennifer Griffin admitted.

- The founder of the Binance exchange, Changpeng Zhao, believes that no amount of regulatory action can destroy bitcoin and the blockchain. "You can't destroy bitcoin anyway, because it's in the heads of 500 million people," he said.
According to Zhao, the fight against cryptocurrencies is reminiscent of the situation when the trading giant Amazon went online, and many were reluctant to embrace its business model. Cryptocurrencies were not created to "kill" traditional finance and government currencies. This is just a new tool for expanding financial freedom around the world. Therefore, it is much more effective to work out a clear regulation of cryptocurrencies, rather than trying to "erase" them.
This statement, according to a number of observers, is due to the fact that regulators began to pay increased attention to Binance.

- Despite the fall in May, the bitcoin rate may return to the $50,000 mark in the near future. Analysts of the American company Fundstrat have come to this conclusion, having studied the chart of the first cryptocurrency. In their opinion, the ?inverted head and shoulders? pattern may indicate a further recovery in quotes.
Earlier, Fundstrat co-founder Tom Lee said that the rate of the first cryptocurrency could exceed $100,000 this year, and of Ethereum - $10,000.

- The team of analytical company Glassnode has noted that the number of Ethereum wallets containing 0.01 ETH or more reached a record level of 15.71 million addresses. Such a large number is indicative of two things. First, the Ethereum ecosystem is growing and more users are joining the network to operate on various DeFi platforms or using ETH to pay in transactions with ERC-20 tokens. Second, it could mean that more retail investors are hoarding Ethereum on a long-term basis. They have blocked more than $12 billion tokens in the Ethereum 2.0 deposit contract so far.
Experts note that, despite the current price correction, the share of Ethereum in the total crypto market capitalization continues to increase, confidently moving towards 18%.

- A well-known cryptanalyst known as PlanB, known for applying the Stock-to-Flow (S2F) model to bitcoin, told his 517,300 subscribers that he considers his investment in BTC as a call option. "I will either bring it to zero or to $1 million," - he defined his position, noting that the upside potential of bitcoin exceeds the risks of a move in the opposite direction.
PlanB did not ignore the sale of bitcoins last month. ?So what happened in May? Weak hands sold about 1 million BTC at between $30,000 and $ 35,000, which they bought in April at between $55,000 and $60,000, and suffered a staggering loss of tens of billions of dollars. The good news is that this 1 million bitcoin is in strong hands right now."

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CryptoNews of the Week by NordFX in General Cryptocurrency Discussion_xx
CryptoNews of the Week

CryptoNews of the Week by NordFX in General Cryptocurrency Discussion_W2U9dsZ

- Tesla and SpaceX owner Elon Musk received a video allegedly from the Anonymous hacker group. It says that his tweets regarding cryptocurrency ruined the lives of ordinary working people, their dreams collapsed due to Musk's public tantrums.
The man in the video, in the group's familiar Guy Fawkes mask, changed his voice and called the billionaire a Bond villain who pretends to be a visionary, but in fact is a narcissistic rich man desperately in need of attention.
The video indicates that Musk abandoned bitcoin only because he feared Tesla would lose subsidies from the state. And the hackers called Musk's recent initiative to create a Council of Bitcoin Miners an attempt to take control of the industry.
The video, which has already garnered about 2 million views, ends with a challenge: ?You consider yourself the smartest, but this time you will play against an equal opponent. We are Anonymous! We are legion! Wait for us".

- Goldman Sachs bank experts have downgraded the "rating" of bitcoin from "gold" to "copper". According to them, it is still difficult to put the main coin on a par with gold, since it does not have such a powerful support as this precious metal. Commodities expert Jeff Curry explained that the volatility of the main coin is very similar in nature to the price swings of copper in the global market.
Previously, a similar point of view was voiced by JPMorgan experts. According to them, the main cryptocurrency is a cyclical commodity, and therefore cannot compete with precious metals or fiat. Investment companies are well aware of this, which is why they have portfolios that only consist of a few percent of bitcoin and other digital assets.

- The opposite point of view to bankers was expressed by the CEO of the crypto exchange Gemini and bitcoin billionaire Tyler Winklevoss. He believes that bitcoin is still in its early stages of development. ?Bitcoin is Gold 2.0,? Winklevoss said, ?and its market cap should be over $10 trillion, just like gold. It is currently at the level of $1 trillion, that is, growth may be at least 10 times more. "
In his opinion, even a rate of about $35,000 is an excellent opportunity to enter a long-term investment. With a capitalization of $10 trillion, 1 BTC will be worth $500,000, and this may happen within the current decade, or maybe within the next 5 years.
?We will hodl to at least $500,000, and even then, we will not have to sell the asset, because it can be lent, used as collateral, etc.,? the billionaire added. And then he flew into space in his fantasies, claiming that bitcoin could be used for transactions between planets in the future: ?Bitcoin is a project that continues to evolve and can achieve much more. It could become the global reserve digital currency of the world or even several planets when we get to Mars. "

- The MIT students who participated in the bitcoin research spent the cryptocurrency they had been given on textbooks and food. As Bloomberg calculated, they missed ... 13,000% of their profits.
In 2014, Bitcoin Core developer Jeremy Rubin and Nascent co-founder Dan Elitzer, while students at the university, launched the MIT Bitcoin Project. Each project participant received $100 in the first cryptocurrency (0.3 BTC at the exchange rate at that time) in order to create an ecosystem of digital currencies on campus.
More than 3,100 students joined the study. Every tenth student got rid of cryptocurrency in the first two weeks, and by mid-2017, every fourth student had converted it to fiat and used it for purchases and other expenses. The participants in the experiment spent digital gold mainly in the campus bookstore. They also bought beer and ordered food.
The rest kept the coins in their wallets, expecting further growth in their value. One of the project participants said that she wanted to spend bitcoins on a T-shirt that cost $35, but abandoned her idea, and did the right thing: the price of these coins exceeds $4,000 now.

- Billionaire Mark Lasry, founder of Avenue Capital Management, said bitcoin's explosive growth in 2021 has exceeded his expectations. He also expressed regret that he had not invested enough in the first cryptocurrency.
Commenting on his previous forecast regarding the rise in the price of the coin to $40,000, the investor noted that the cryptocurrency market has already formed, and nothing threatens it. ?If a market is created, it does not disappear anywhere. For this reason, I became interested in bitcoin. I thought that with the arrival of institutional investors, the price would start to rise,? he added.
At the same time, Lasry stressed that any movement of digital gold can be explained: ?To be honest, I do not know where bitcoin is going. I can justify why it will rise to $100,000, but I can also justify why it will fall to $20,000."

- Analytical software provider MicroStrategy Inc. announced a $400 million convertible bond offering maturing in 2028. Accredited investors will become buyers of securities. The company will use the funds raised from the placement to buy bitcoins.
According to Bitcoin Treasuries, MicroStrategy currently owns 92,079 BTC worth over $3.37 billion so far.

- Against the background of the market correction, bitcoin whales have increased their positions, and large Ethereum wallets continue to hold assets. Analysts of Santiment came to such conclusions.
According to the company, the number of bitcoin addresses with balances from 100 BTC to 10,000 BTC has been growing steadily for two and a half weeks. ?It seems that whales are buying confidently on the fall,? the experts concluded.
As for the addresses holding 1,000-100,000 ETH, their number practically does not change during the period when the asset fluctuates in the range of $2,000- $2,500. ?This group of investors is still holding on to the huge number of tokens that they have been accumulating at a rapid pace since last October,? the experts note.
The NVT indicator (a tool for identifying bubbles in the cryptocurrency market) indicates the continued bearish sentiment for the first cryptocurrency. The NVT confirms investor bearish sentiment for Ethereum as well, for the first time since April 2020.

- The American company Progressive Care began accepting bitcoin as payment for rapid tests for COVID-19. The service is available in PharmcoRx pharmacies, and one can pay for tests through a QR code.
The company stressed that they believe in the future of the blockchain and want to provide an opportunity for testing for coronavirus "to those who have an alternative view of payment systems."

- The Kalashnikov Concern, which produces the well-known AK-47 machine, would like to abandon the international payment system SWIFT and switch to using digital currencies. Such an unexpected statement was made by a rock singer, former Deputy Minister of Transport of Russia, and now the owner of the concern, Alan Lushnikov. ?We really need it,? he said at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF)
According to him, this alternative system is not tied to SWIFT and is not controlled by banks. For this reason, the company is less interested in central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).

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CryptoNews of the Week by NordFX in General Cryptocurrency Discussion_xx
CryptoNews of the Week

CryptoNews of the Week by NordFX in General Cryptocurrency Discussion_C1P4hhS

- According to Coingecko, bitcoin is up 12% on the back of another tweet by Elon Musk. Tesla's owner said the company will resume selling electric cars for BTC when at least half of the miners switch to renewable energy.
The tweet was a response to criticism from Magda Wierzycka, the head of Sygnia finance company. She said in the podcast The Money Show the Tesla founder was manipulating the price of the first cryptocurrency. In her view, the billionaire raised the price of digital gold deliberately and eliminated much of his position at highs. Sygnia's CEO emphasized that if Musk's tweets were about any public company, he would have already been targeted by the US Securities and Exchange Commission.
Musk called the words of the head of Sygnia inaccurate and recalled that the electric car manufacturer sold only 10% of its bitcoins to test the liquidity of the market.

- Venture capitalist and billionaire Tim Draper predicted in 2018 the growth of the first cryptocurrency to $250,000 by 2022 and called the blockchain one of the most outstanding inventions in human history. And he has confirmed his forecast now, albeit with some timing prolongation. Bitcoin will hit the $250,000 mark by the end of 2022 or early 2023, according to his latest statement, despite the sharp price fluctuations.
The reasons for the growth, which the billionaire named, are still the same: the limited emission of coins and the growing demand for digital gold. ?Give it [bitcoin] about a year and a half and all retailers will use OpenNode,? the investor said. As a reminder, OpenNode is a bitcoin payment processor created by a group of enthusiasts, in the development of which Tim Draper invested $1.25 mln.

- Tunisian Finance Minister Ali Kuli announced the need to change the country's legislation to ?decriminalize? ownership of the first cryptocurrency. He said the occasion was reports of the arrest of a 17-year-old for using digital assets.
Local media reported in May that Tunisian law enforcement had allegedly accused the young man of money laundering. The incident sparked outrage in the cryptocurrency community: some of its participants expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of clarity in the regulation of the industry.

- Tudor Investment hedge fund trader and founder Paul Tudor Jones said in an interview with CNBC that he would channel 5% of his capital into bitcoin. He is convinced that the first cryptocurrency contributes to the diversification of the investment portfolio through ?embedded mathematics.?
The billionaire currently reserves 5% each for gold, bitcoin, exchange contracts and cash. It will determine the scenario for placing the remaining 80% funds after analyzing the outcome of the June 16 meeting of the US Fed. The investor hinted that he could increase the share of "inflationary" instruments if the monetary authorities ignore the recent surge in consumer prices. In his view, it was of a ?very significant? character.
?For me, the first cryptocurrency is just a way to look fundamentally at how I protect my wealth over time. This is a great opportunity for diversification, for preserving capital, the billionaire explained. "If they [the Fed] say, "We are on the trajectory [of a temporary increase in inflation], everything is fine," then I?ll go all-in.?

- El Salvador's President Nayib Bukele proposed a "bitcoin law" to parliament last week. Cryptocurrency is recognized as legal tender and companies are required to accept BTC as payment, unless they are located in rural areas with no internet access. In addition, bitcoin trading is exempt from capital gains taxes.
And now Bukele has come up with another initiative. He instructed the head of state-owned electricity company LaGeo to develop a plan to mine Bitcoin using volcanic energy. ?Very cheap, 100% clean, 100% renewable energy with zero emissions. We will try to get things done quickly,? the head of state wrote on Twitter.
There are over 20 volcanoes in El Salvador, some of which are active. LaGeo is now using volcanoes to generate geothermal energy. And, for example, Genesis Mining in Iceland uses underground heat to generate electricity.

- According to the regular Millionaire Survey, 47% of wealthy millennials in the USA buy crypto assets. At the same time, 35% of them hold more than half of their investment portfolio in digital assets.
Millennials have shown greater interest in cryptocurrencies than owners of large fortunes overall. Those were only about 17%. Moreover, only every tenth of them invested more than 10% of their capital in digital assets.

- Banks in Texas (USA) have been authorized to accept and store customers' bitcoins, as well as handle their cryptocurrency transactions. Lending organizations also received the rights from the state authorities to collaborate with startups developing various services for digital assets.
It should be noted that of all American states, Texas was one of the first, as early as 2019, to move on the path to legislate this market.

- The Netherlands should immediately impose a blanket ban on mining and bitcoin operations, Pieter Hasekamp, director of the Economic Analysis Bureau at the country's Ministry of Economy, said.
The official listed a number of reasons why the authorities need to recognize the first cryptocurrency as illegal. In his view, digital gold has no intrinsic value, and the coin itself does not perform any of the three functions of money: the unit of accounting, the means of payment and the means of accumulation.
Hasekamp mentioned security issues, fraud risks and added that digital assets are used in criminal activities. At the same time, he considers the collapse of the crypto market inevitable.

- According to the New Indian Express, India's hostile stance on bitcoin is changing to a more loyal one. The authorities now intend not to ban but regulate the crypto sphere. India wants to create an alternative asset class that will include digital currencies. The regulatory framework will be created by the Securities and Exchange Council in partnership with the Ministry of Finance.

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