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United States Consumer Price Index (US CPI)

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United States Consumer Price Index (US CPI) in Fundamental_xx New!
This report is coming back into focus, in fact, Inflation around the world is being watched more closely than in previous months.

Today there are 4 main lines of data released, which are: - 

CPI - Core (M/M) ? Month on Month
CPI - Core (Y/Y) - Year on Year
CPI (M/M) ? Month on Month
CPI (Y/Y) - Year on Year

The focus is on CPI - Core (M/M)
I?m looking for a Deviation of 0.2% or greater in either direction from the forecast of 0.2% to take a trade.

So, an actual figure of 0.0% to Sell USD or 0.4% to Buy USD.

I will trade USDJPY

As long as CPI - Core (M/M) deviates by 0.2% or more and the other 3 lines of data (which come at the same time) do not conflict then we should expect a good reaction from USDJPY!

Check out last month?s 0.2 deviation, and bear in mind that I expect the same deviations to create a better reaction today!
See Charts here ->;i=28287;t=2021-02-10;r=M1

We can see a small but gradual move over one minute. Most of last year, the same deviations were not moving the market, as conditions were very different then but I believe the focus is back.

Here's an example of how poor the move was with similar deviations back in Nov 2020
See Charts here - >;i=24281;t=2020-11-12;r=M1

Good luck!
James Thatcher

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