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The FOMC schedule will be released today

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Several policies implemented by the Fed are generally related to the open market operations policy, second is determining the Reference Interest Rate or Discount Rate, and third is determining the percentage of reserve funds that commercial banks must have or Reserve Requirements.

The outcome of the FOMC meeting is described as hawkish or dovish based on their views and policy preferences regarding inflation and economic growth.

Hawkish is a view that shows a more cautious or aggressive approach to monetary policy. Dovish implies a more accommodative or soft approach to monetary policy

The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) schedule will be released today at 8:00 pm. Will the FOMC get a market response this time?

Perhaps this meeting will not reveal anything new that will attract attention, especially since it is widely understood that the US authorities will not reduce interest rates this year. Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell underscored the decision in a message in early February by saying that the Federal Reserve would not lower interest rates until it was confident that inflation was approaching its 2% target, with such minutes likely to come from a larger meeting. The recent meeting is unlikely to influence the market too much to quote from FXOpen Blog.

However, considering that the FOMC news is high-impact news, it is worth considering today's trading decisions to anticipate possible volatility risks.

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