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UK Core CPI (YoY)

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UK Core CPI (YoY)  March 24, 2021
Country of release - UK

What does the data mean to the market?
The UK's most important inflation data, it?s the leading central bank's inflation target. Recently the BOE has sighted this data as particularly important, so I think we should see a reaction from it.

Historic Devitations and Their Outcome
Feb 2021, +0.2 on both lines gave a small pop up, but nothing too exciting
See charts here →;i=28912;t=2021-02-17;r=M1

Jan 2021, after the Brexit deal, a +0.1 deviation did manage to get a slight market reaction.
See Charts here -->;i=26398;t=2021-01-20

Today?s Forecasts
High = 1.10
Low = 0.5
Avg = 0.8
Median = 0.8

CPI Core YoY
High = 1.50
Low = 1.10
Avg = 1.35
Median = 1.4

Today?s Trade Plan
If we get a deviation from both lines of 0.3, I think GBP will move in a sustained way. Although it has to be said this is much more of a risky trade, we have very little historical data to go on.

Tradeable Pairs

Trade with Slippage Control - Yes 

Trade without Slippage Control - No

Good Luck James Thatcher

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