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What Kind of Education Is Important In Forex Trading?

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In this post I want to tell you a little about what education looks like in a trading business.
it's okay? Introduce my name is Anwar I am an accounting graduate. I am a beginner in forex trading Yes maybe about 1 year.
As a major in accounting, in general, a major at the Faculty of Economics, I actually don't know much about forex trading when I'm in college, in college the least related thing is about foreign exchange and that's just a Muqaddimah or just the beginning hehehe... .
For me forex trading is something very new to people, so I don't know what major we are, our background, and how much wealth we have.
Even people who never went to school wrote that I was able to follow and run a forex trading business.
but the most valuable thing for someone who has a history of economic education whether it's accounting, management and so on is that we are able to adapt more quickly to fundamental ways, for example about news or economic data. Inflation, for example, is certainly not a foreign thing for someone with economic education, let alone in college, in high school we have been taught about inflation.
we can't make someone's success fully based on their education, because we are in trading. We also have to have good psychology and of course great psychology. Only strong souls have it, whether it starts with patience, never give up and so on.
So, how do you know, education can be a reference for our success? please answer in the comments.

#1 - September 12, 2022, 01:41:14 AM

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many say that the most important thing in forex lessons is the mindset about trading and I think this is what we should learn.
#2 - October 24, 2022, 09:35:24 PM

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The important education in trading is one that instills a mindset first compared to theory and systems
#3 - October 26, 2022, 02:53:58 AM

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Of course education in trading is very important, this is to reduce our losses
#4 - October 27, 2022, 02:00:53 AM

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any education will be good as long as we are able to accept it
#5 - November 05, 2022, 04:36:24 AM

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education that allows us to have the right mindset

#6 - November 05, 2022, 07:38:42 AM

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For me the easiest education is about support and resistance
#7 - November 15, 2022, 07:16:06 AM

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The most important thing is to instill the correct mindset
#8 - November 17, 2022, 07:19:27 AM

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Education is crucial for success in forex trading. Important aspects of education for forex traders include:

Understanding market fundamentals: Traders need to understand the underlying economic, political, and social factors that influence currency prices.

Technical analysis: Traders need to be familiar with technical analysis tools and techniques for analyzing price charts and identifying trading opportunities.

Risk management: Traders need to understand how to manage risk by setting stop-loss orders, using proper position sizing, and implementing other risk management strategies.

Trading psychology: Traders need to be able to manage their emotions and maintain discipline in their trading activities.

Ongoing learning and practice: Successful forex traders never stop learning and practicing. They stay up to date on market developments, experiment with new strategies, and continually refine their skills.

Forex traders can gain education through a variety of sources, including online courses, books, seminars, webinars, and mentorship programs.
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