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TRANSFERING The Success of The REAL System To The World of TRADING

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FOREX trading is not much different, even very similar to the TRADING business. There have been many people who have succeeded in the real sector but failed in the world of Forex Trading. Most of them do not transfer their principles of success into the trading world.
For example, here
The real sector business is satisfied with a net profit of 5-10% per month, it is also obtained after a few months of running the business, by studying and working hard. (every working day 8 hours). BEP is also targeted for 2-3 years.
Turn in the Forex Trading business, want a profit of at least 30% per month, study and work for only 15 minutes in front of the chart and immediately profit. BEP 3-4 months.
Maybe there is a wrong mindset

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Transferring the success of a real system to the world of Forex trading involves adapting the principles and strategies of the system to fit the market. Traders must analyze market trends, develop a solid trading plan based on the system's principles, and continuously monitor and adjust their approach as needed. Risk management is also crucial in transferring success to trading, as it helps to protect profits and limit losses. By applying the lessons learned from a successful system to Forex trading, traders can increase their chances of success and achieve their trading goals.
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