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Steps masters trading strategy expert in Forex Education_xx
Practical Steps to Become a Strategy Trading Expert

The theory alone is not enough, so we need practical steps to build the foundation for becoming a Master Trader. Here are three simple steps that can be followed to strategize the Master Trader:

1. Create or find a reliable trading system.

The trading system is the initial foundation for beginners to execute various Market Orders based on current market conditions. Each individual of course can develop a system according to his trading style and needs. For example if you are a Scalper, arrange a method with a focus on identifying trends and Entry / Exit signals on small Timeframes (M1-M30).
for scalping strategy, use the Take profit ratio and stop lose 1: 2, Lot adjust with a margin of comparison of 1: 1000, for example if you use 1 lot, a minimum margin of 1000 pips.
(scalping strategy is a profit strategy) in the sense that Take profit is more touched.

2. Practice Money Management appropriately.

Every time you open a trading position, actually you also have to be prepared to bear the risk if the price moves beyond expectations, no matter how accurate the trading signal is. That is the main reason why Money Management is needed.

Money Management is very useful to help calculate how much part of capital can be traded. For example, a Day Trader only uses 1% of his total equity. If the price moves beyond expectations, he will not lose more than 1% of his current total capital. But if the signal is right, the benefits can be multiplied.

if you have compiled a trading strategy (target per day) never change or violate the arrangement (although there are still opportunities)
because it can cause psychology to be out of control.

3. Record and evaluate performance with a trading journal.

One of the Master Trader's strategies in increasing profitability is by recording and evaluating performance in a trading journal. The track record of the trading results can show where the advantages and disadvantages of the trading system are in certain Market conditions. So, you can find out exactly when the position should be opened or even out of the market.

if you can be consistent with the rule above, then you will get maximum results.
even you will have a trading strategy that you dream of.

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Steps masters trading strategy expert in Forex Education_xx
to become an advanced trader requires a lot of experience in at least one year
#2 - May 10, 2019, 10:25:46 PM

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Steps masters trading strategy expert in Forex Education_xx
what is mentioned above is correct, that is how to become an expert in trading, we must be able to master the analysis that we use and use the journal as an evaluation of our system
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