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Repeatedly Changing Techniques But Still Losing? Trading Journal!

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Importance of Trading Journal
A trading journal is a trading log for traders after trading. This trading record serves to remind and at the same time become the best trading teacher during our trading. What do you mean?
When we trade, we definitely experience loss or profit. If we trade and we do not have records, then our trading account will not grow or even become an MC (Margin Call). Basically there is no trading technique that can give 100% profit (for sure there is no loss). Trading techniques must have losses. If we can't overcome the loss even though the technique is with a win rate of 80%, our account will still be MC in the end even though the loss is only around 20%.
Why is that?
Journal trading is the answer. When we have such a technique but we have a trading journal, then our account can at least minimize or overcome losses as long as we are trading. This is our best teacher for trading, because this trading journal is formed from our trading journey. Many people say "experience is the best teacher". Experience in trading is also our best teacher in this business.
This trading journal contains our trading records, both loss and win. So when we enter with a trading SOP, whatever the results we will record in the trading journal. At least 1 month to know the progress of our account against certain techniques that we use. Thus, traders can easily evaluate their entries whether there are errors or not and how to minimize these errors. When within a month we have recap all our trading journeys in a trading journal, the next thing the trader does is convert the trading records into an account growth chart.

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This is one of the diseases of every trader, which they will be very difficult to focus on one system
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Just use one technique and don't use another technique until you master the technique
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Making a journal is an important part of trading
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If we always make a good journal then we will be able to succeed easily
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if we experience a lucky loss even though we are already using a valid trading system then our mistake is in ourselves, then improve ourselves don't look for another system
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If a trader is repeatedly changing trading techniques but still experiencing losses, keeping a trading journal can be a valuable tool for identifying patterns and areas for improvement. A trading journal can help traders track their performance, analyze their trades, and identify patterns or recurring mistakes. By reviewing past trades and identifying areas for improvement, traders can adjust their strategy and make more informed trading decisions. Keeping a journal can also help traders maintain discipline, manage emotions, and stay focused on their goals. By committing to regular journaling and using it to guide their trading decisions, traders can increase their chances of success in forex business.
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