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Profit Targets Must be Specific and Measurable

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To achieve good performance in this trading business, we must have clear goals, bro, because if we don't have clear and specific goals then we will not be able to provide the best performance in order to achieve the goals we have set from the start. And a little quote that I read from the book smart traders not gambler and financial revolution is.
If you tell yourself firmly "I will wake up at 4 am!", then without setting an alarm clock you can wake up at 4 am.
it happens because your subconscious is still working even when you are in a state of unconsciousness/sleep. it shows how strong the influence of the subconscious on our conscious bro.
But if you tell yourself, "I will wake up early in the morning", then your subconscious will be confused to respond to unclear messages, you can wake up every hour at night because our subconscious brain responds too seriously or even we can't wake up early because our subconscious doesn't respond / ignore it.
And this kind of thing also happens to our trading activities, bro, where if we don't set specific and clear targets then we will be more inclined to trade carelessly so it will be very difficult to achieve the targets we have set..
I hope this threat helps you guys here to deepen our mindset.

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If we determine the target that is not measurable, the target will not be achieved or difficult to achieve, so instead it makes us bother
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because if everything is measured then we will be very profitable easily
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Therefore we must be rational
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Setting specific and measurable profit targets is crucial in Forex trading. It helps traders to have a clear goal and plan, track their progress, and make informed trading decisions. Profit targets must be based on realistic expectations, market analysis, and risk management strategies. By setting clear profit targets, traders can avoid emotional trading and stick to their trading plan, leading to more consistent and successful trading outcomes.
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