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Is There a Trading System That Doesn't Have to Wait for Entry?

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So this way, most trading systems require us to wait until it is formed or the "X" factor appears first before we are allowed to enter.
For example, for example, using a simple 2 MA crossing strategy, we must wait for the crossing to occur first, then we can entry if we want to follow the rules of the trading system.
Or the supply-demand technique. we have to wait for the price to reach the supply area or demand area first before being allowed to entry. even though when we see prices moving towards supply, we can buy with a target supply area, but why are we required to wait until the price enters the supply area and then we can enter. The entry was against the trend, because the price moved up before, the trend went up, then the entry sold
Hope you understand what i mean....
So the question is, is there a trading technique that doesn't need to wait?
For example, open a chart, analyze 1-2 minutes and then you can immediately entry. no need to wait for this.

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Nothing, all systems will require us to wait, at least I have never found a system that doesn't need to wait
#2 - September 14, 2022, 10:34:08 AM

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in my opinion there is nothing, therefore patience is important
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All systems must have patient to wait
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There is no trading system that doesn't require waiting for entry in the forex business. All trading systems require some form of analysis and planning before entering a trade. However, some traders may use automated systems or set up alerts that notify them when specific market conditions are met, allowing them to enter trades more quickly. It's important to note that trading systems should be tested and refined over time to ensure that they are effective and consistent. Rushing into trades without proper analysis and planning can result in poor outcomes and long-term losses.
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