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What are the most volatile currency pairs in Forex?

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Volatility is an issue that all Forex traders have to face in their trading career. While some currency pairs trade less volatile, all currency pairs can fall victim to large price swings in a short period of time.

The most volatile currency pairs are the most exotic currency pairs. The more volatile half of the currency mix is generally seen in countries with less diversified economies, rather than more stable, less volatile, and larger economies. Low inflation, stable trade, stable government, and predictable monetary policy are all indicators of less currency volatility.

The currency pairs that saw the most price movement in a single trading day were:


USD/Turkish Lira

USD/Brazilian Real

Major currency pairs are much less volatile. Only USD/GBP traded more than 100 pips a day.

In terms of cross rates, the most volatile pairs are:




According to the cross rate, the least volatile pairs are:





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I am currently trading on GBPUSD because I think GBPUSD has very good volatility and is very good to trade.
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