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Iam-Trader $50 No deposit Bonus

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Information about the promotion:

1. When the Client applies for the bonus, he/she confirms that he/she has read and accepted these bonus terms and will not send any claims to the Company regarding terms of bonus use or measures undertaken by the Company in accordance with these terms.

2. The offer is valid from June 30, 2020 to February 28, 2021.

How to receive the Company's Funds to Promotion Account:

3. The offer is available to new clients registered within promotion period. Client can receive the Company's Funds only once.

4. To participate in the Promotion the Client needs to:

4.1. Register with Iam-Trader using this link.

4.2. Open 50 No Deposit Bonus Account in MetaTrader 5 platform.

5. Upon fulfilling all the terms the Client gets the company's funds of 50 USD (hereinafter "the Company's Funds") credited to the account of the Client (hereinafter "Promotion account"), this bonus amount is showing in Credit field and is not withdraw-able. If the Company’s Funds were not credited automatically, email to to claim the bonus. The Client mandatory to upload complete KYC verification.  

Trading terms and Promotion Account use period:

6. All the trading terms of Promotion account (order execution type, leverage, spreads, swaps, etc) correspond to the chosen account type without restrictions.

7. Maximum period of using Company’s funds is 7 calendar days including Saturday and Sunday.

Terms of the Company's Funds use:

8. To save the profit, received at Promotion account, the Client has to fund Promotion account with amount of received profit not later than 7 calendar days after the Company's Funds were credited.

9. In case of the absence of Promotion account funding during 7 calendar days:

9.1. All open trading positions are closed (if any available);

9.2. All pending orders are canceled (if any available);

9.3. The Company's funds are deducted from Credit field;

9.4. Not saved by funding profit at Promotion account will be cancelled, bonuses will be not provided.

10. When the Promotion Account is funded within 7 calendar days, the earned profit is saved in the following order:

10.1. All open trading positions are closed (if any available);

10.2. All pending orders are canceled (if any available);

10.3. The Company's funds are deducted from Credit field;

10.4 The saved profit on Promotion Account is transferred into Credit field (hereinafter “Bonus”) in the amount not exceeding Client deposit amount and 5 000 USD. When the Promotion Account is funded with lesser amount, only the part of profit which is equal to the funding amount will be saved in Bonus field.

Example: During the bonus trading period the profit together with floating losses is 1000 USD. To save all profit you have to fund an account with 1000 USD. When the Promotion Account is funded with 500 USD, only 500 USD will be saved, remaining amount will be deducted.

The terms of Bonus using and withdrawal (profit saved at Promotion account):

11. Bonus (saved promotion profit in Credit field) is fully available for increasing trading volume and for supporting account in time of draw-down.

The Bonus is available for withdrawal provided that no later than 30 calendar days from the date of account funding (crediting Bonus in the “Credit” field) on Promotion account:

11.1 Trading volume is 1 lot closed per each 5 USD of Bonus amount. Partial bonus transfer into balance is not implemented!

11.2 Maximum withdrawal for profit the Client made is 1x of the deposit amount.

11.3 The Bonus wasn't deducted in accordance with the promotion terms and remains active in Credit field.

11.4 Client sent the Bonus transfer into Balance request to the personal manager via Feedback area in Client Area.

Example: The profit made with the Company's Funds is 200 USD. To save profit, the Client has to top up the account with 200 USD in 7 days after the Company's Funds were credited. After funding and saving profit in Bonus, during 30 calendar you have to make a trading volume in amount of 40 standard lots (200 USD / 5 USD = 40 lots) and send a request to the personal manager.

12. The Bonus is deducted from the account:

12.1. In case of any withdrawal from the account including transfer to another account;

12.2. If the account balance is negative and there are no open positions;

12.3. If Promotion was deactivated for the Client;

12.4. In 30 calendar days after the Bonus is credited.

13. For the first-time withdrawal from Promotion Account the Client has to verify personal data in the Client Area.

Other terms:

14. On the expiry of 6 calendar days from the moment when Company's funds were deducted, the Promotion Account not funded by the Client will be transferred to archive beyond recovery.

15. Other promotions and bonuses of the Company are not available at Promotion Account before the Bonus will be deducted or transferred in Balance.

16. Company charges partner’s payment for the clients referred by partners and participating in this promotion only for the volumes made after account funding. Moreover, the amount of payment can be reduced in proportion to the amount of Client’s funds on the account for the reporting month.

17. To prevent fraudulent actions or misuse of the promotion the Company reserves the right without any prior notification at its own discretion at any time to: deduct the credited funds, refuse providing funds or paying profit gained with the use of bonus funds.

18. The Company reserves the right to change conditions and duration of the promotion at any time, relevant conditions are placed on the official website of the Company.

Terms and definitions:

Promotion account is the 50 No Deposit Bonus account in MetaTrader 5 platform, opened upon registration of Client Area at Iam-Trader Company.

Company's Funds are the funds in the amount of 50 USD credited to Promotion account and available for trading during 7 days. The Company's Funds are not available for withdrawal or transfer to another account.

Bonus (saved profit at Promotion account) is the profit, received during 7 days of using the Company's Funds, which saved by funding the Promotion account with the amount of this profit. It is available for trading and withdrawal during 30 calendar days after funding the Promotion account and upon fulfilling terms, specified in this promotion.

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It feels quite heavy to complete the requirements given, with a very large total lot according to me and also only given a very short time. It seems that there won't be many who can successfully complete this condition. There are still many NDBs that have more rational requirements to complete
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Is the $50 bonus still available for new members?
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