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I would like to bring everyone's attention to one of my favorite coins, which is Substratum (SUB).

Substratum is a coin based mainly on internet decentralization. It allows for anyone to publish, participate, and browse the internet. With Substratum, the internet becomes decentralized, unrestricted, and uncensored. It also includes encryption and security without the need for a service like TOR or VPN.

At the time of this post:
Price = $0.28 USD
Market cap. = $107,495,993 USD
BTC = 0.00003782

Some of the reasons it should be considered:

1) It has broke it's long-term downward trend line. This should be the beginning of a huge bullish move. See attachment.

2) China has the largest population on the planet and they also have high internet censorship. If even a small portion of the population from China alone gets involved with Substratum, the coin will increase drastically. There are many other countries that have internet restrictions too.

3) Substratum allows for participants to actually earn coins.

4) Even in countries that have low or no internet restrictions, there is still a lot of demand for services like VPN and TOR.

5) There are millions of websites in existence and many more being added daily. All these websites need their files hosted in order to operate. Substratum offers a new hosting model that will compete with existing hosting services (eg. Amazon Web Services).

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