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Let's create our own token

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I propose to reflect on the topic of creating your own token.
I will write each of my thoughts under a separate number.

1. It doesn?t matter which blockchain to create a token on. Its target coin will never affect the price of token.

2. The name of the token does not matter, the main thing is the benefit that this token can bring.

3. It makes no sense to release 1 billion tokens that will not cost anything. It makes sense to release 100 tokens and reinforce them with 100 dollars. It turns out that 1 token costs 1 dollar. This is not bad, almost like USDT.

4. Due to a small emission, these tokens should be released from 16 zeros to pay not a whole token, but part of this. In any case, the price of token will remain 1 dollar.

5. If there is a need to increase the emission, you can release another 100 token and support them with 100 dollars. The price of token will not change.

6. The current Airdrops, I think not correct.  To get a token, you need to register in all social networks. If a person has no accounts in all social networks, he cannot get token, or he will begin to create missing fake accounts. In this case, he will receive a token, but at what price? Due to fake accounts?

7. Airdrops should be carried out, without compulsory registration in all social networks. One social network in which is a representative office of token is enough.

8. It is not necessary to create a race for referrals, because they can also be not real.

9. How to protect a token with a small emission from the control of one wallet?

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