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FlyGuyz - Introducing a high quality, mainstream, ultimate fighting game

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FlyGuyz - Introducing a high quality, mainstream, ultimate fighting game in Coins & Tokens_banner

FlyGuyz will be introducing a high quality, mainstream, ultimate fighting game to the blockchain. The users who hold $Flyy token are an active part of the FlyGuyz ecosystem and earn rewards in the form of $Flyy Tokens! All mechanics will be creating into one GameFi app. Mint NFT character or rent a virtual one from the in game marketplace. Collect rewards from fighting and winning battles on the Flyy Fighting Grounds.

FlyGuyz is creating a fighting game that will also be ruled and governed by, "The Law of the Fly." Creating a community DAO platform, encourages the community to establish and vote on the most important features and updates of the game. Collectively we will manage and develop ideas for the future of the game.

FlyGuyz integrates gaming with the metaverse and blockchain, providing a completely decentralized experience that gives users and creators direct ownership of their in-game items in our ecosystem. FlyGuyz foundation is built on the same values of the blockchain, which allows a community to create, invest, play, and earn together in an environment of complete transparency.
The ICO start is projected on 10 Oct 2022, so stay connected with FlyGuyz latest updates:

✓ Project Website:
✓ Token Name: FlyGuyz
✓ Token Symbol / Ticker: FLYY
✓ Token Network / Platform: Ethereum/ERC20
✓ Public ICO Start Date: 10-Oct-2022
✓ Public ICO End Date: 10-Nov-2022
✓ Price Per token: $0.05 USD

FlyGuyz Social Accounts Links:  Twitter | Telegram | Discord

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