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Basscoin (BASS) - the world's first meme coin on the Signum blockchain

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Basscoin (BASS) - the world's first meme coin on the Signum blockchain in Coins & Tokens_bass-coin

Basscoin ($BASS) is the first meme-coin on the Signum blockchain.
Total emission: 1,000,000,000 Bass. This is the final supply and will not change, like Dogecoin, for example, which has an unlimited supply.

Why is $BASS better?
There are many meme coins in the world that are supposedly issued for people, but is it really so? Dogecoin has an infinite supply and requires mining hardware. The Dogecoin coin requires electricity and contributes to the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, so the coin cannot be called environmentally friendly. Its endless emission cannot guarantee the future price of the coin at the proper level.
The Shiba Inu meme token has an issue of 10000000000000000 coins, Pepe has 420,690,000,000,000, and FLOKI has 10,000,000,000,000 coins. These tokens are issued on the ERC-20 and in order to buy several of these coins on the DEX exchange, you will have to pay a fee much higher than the price of the coins themselves.
Seeing the injustice of meme coins, Basscoin ($BASS) came to fix the problem. $BASS is devoid of these shortcomings and is maximally accessible to people, as it was created for people. To mine BASS, you do not need to buy specialized equipment and burn electricity. The issuance of $BASS is much lower, allowing it to be worth much more than most existing memecoins.
$BASS is issued on Signum, a green blockchain with a minimal carbon footprint. The speed of transactions in the network at the level of banking networks. All this makes BASS an excellent competitor for the role of the main king of the meme-coin.

Road map
Phase 1:
Listing on DEX exchanges: SignumSwap, BTDEX
Staking reward pool
Phase 2:
Development and testing of smart contract code
Listing on the CEX exchange
Strategic partnership and cooperation
Phase 3:
BASS merch
BAS Academy
Implementing necessary integrations and APIs

Where and how to keep $BASS
Basscoin ($BASS) is a token on the Signum blockchain. To hold it, you need one of the Signum blockchain wallets: Signum XT Wallet, PHOENIX, BTDEX. Any of the wallets can be downloaded from the blockchain website:
After choosing and installing a wallet, you need to create an address in it, remembering to write down the private key in a safe place, from prying eyes.
To display a token in your wallet, you need to integrate its ID into your wallet. This item may vary slightly in different wallets, but in general everything is the same. You need to add the token ID: 461614380002351726
After that, all received $BASS tokens will be displayed in your wallet.
To transfer tokens between addresses, a fee in Signa coin will be required. This blockchain has one of the lowest fees.

Who is the owner of the token?
I, that should be enough. The world's first crypto-coin also does not reveal the team of creators and this does not bother anyone.

Attention! Despite its advantages over existing meme coins, $BASS has no intrinsic value and does not expect financial returns. This coin is intended for entertainment purposes, as a mockery of existing cryptocurrencies, a reminder that most cryptocurrencies are ordinary soap bubbles that lack functionality and usability.

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